Monday, January 07, 2019

Curse of Oak Island - In the Year 2019

Yes, I know that I haven’t written much about the new season of Curse of Oak Island… probably because there isn’t much that is new. They are still chasing that iron cross they believe was created and then dropped by the Knights Templar. Sure, they have an analysis that suggests it was made from iron mined in the Middle Ages but that doesn’t mean that it was dropped on Oak Island at that time.

We have them using seismic detonations to determine what is hidden below the surface of the island. They found a void that seemed to be in the place that a deeply buried underground vault had been located by earlier researchers. Turned out that it was a place filled with sand as opposed to the harder ground around it. There was no vault there.

They’ve installed a coffer dam so that they can dig up a beach looking for proof of the booby trap system created to protect their nonexistent (yes, I said it) treasure. The beach may, in fact, be something of an artificial construct but I think it was to facilitate the repair of British ships in the 18th century and not a clever way to protect a treasure.

Of course, we see that the metallic wall erected to protect the beach is now leaking… not badly, but leaking none-the-less. When the Laginas called the company that erected it, it seemed that their solution was some sort of silicon gel that the Laginas had to apply. I’m wondering why the company didn’t want to get it right the first time, especially when the problem was being broadcast to what is basically an international audience.

I could go on in this vein, but what’s the point. The problems might be new but the solutions are the same. They might be finding more “treasure” on the surface of the island, but it is more like the debris you would find in any area that had been inhabited for hundreds of years. Random losses and not some kind of hidden wealth.

As I have said, I have been interested in Oak Island for decades. I first learned about it in a book I bought in the 1960s. I have followed the expeditions and commentary on it in other books, in magazine articles and television documentaries. I applaud the Laginas for their attempts to find the treasure, but when you bring in a rock that has been squared and used in a leather tanning
Joy Steele... Oak Island Researcher.
process that smoothed it out, only to claim this is THE stone tablet found centuries ago, I lose my patience. Are we really to believe that this stone, that has no writing on it, once held the clue that treasure was hidden below?

I had hoped they would find treasure. I believe they have solved the mystery. The answer does not involve treasure but a very different history that has been exploited for profit for a couple of hundred years. I think Joy Steele is closer to the answer than a claim of pirate treasure. I don’t think the Knights Templar were involved. I think it was a repair facility created in the 18th century. I’m sorry to say that because I really would have rather seen a huge treasure found, even if I don’t get any of it. That would be exciting. Instead we have Al Capone’s Vault (don’t get the reference? Google it.)


Paul Kimball said...

The big news here is that they just announced that show has been renewed for another 30 episodes.

KRandle said...

Thanks, Paul -

But the article is from last October and we're already in the middle of Season Six. I guess what it tells us, is that if the ratings remain high, they'll find more ways to drag this out. I think they've solved the mystery but it would cost too much to say so.

Paul Kimball said...

You’re correct. I have to admit to not really reading it closely, and I don’t follow the show. I just know that the main industry group here, Screen NS, was making a big deal of it this week. Weird. I guess they’re well behind the times! 🙂

Mr. Sweepy! said...

Kevin, I have had my question marks about the show for a long time as well. The one item the team has said is related the iron cross. The one in the dungeon in France and the iron cross on the beach. This seemed odd to me for this reason. The similarity between to two is the bent over fishing hook. (I don't have a better term to use to describe the cross.) That's is my issue. The one thing with the dozens of order of the Knights Templar cross designs over the hundreds of years is the lack of the fish hook. Here is the Wikipedia page about the crosses:

The one version of the cross I could find with a round top design was Greek in origin. Every other one was traditional cross or with a V end to the three upper edges of the cross.

I didn't just look on this one page but many. The consistency in the cross design would have been important I would think very important to the whole faith.

One more point. When you read about the research over many years on the Templars, there might be over 100 books written. The level of detail about the crusades and the different orders are impressive. So to say that the prison or dungeon and the Oak Island version of the cross are not clearly represented elsewhere by other historians leaves one in doubt.

Maybe I am wrong but my question is very valid Christian crosses that the Knights Templar used.

Unknown said...

Deff not a ship repair island. I was born and raised in NS. You can research all you want, but you are deff missing some real life history that did happen all over NS, not just oak island. Example. Track the louisbough treasure from the fortress destroyed by the British:-)

Unknown said...

I have watched all seasons of this show and have completed my own detailed research as well. Unfortunately I’m convinced to believe there is no elaborate booby trap system or magnificent engineering marvel as constructed as the pyramids. This island was used for nothing more than ship repairs, agriculture and military camps over its history. It’s likely that smiths cove was dredged out at one point and those wooden structures were used to repair ships or even possibly used as coffer dams for the creation of shellfish farms. But there has NEVER been anything found below regular grade level that indicates treasure. The allure and theories manifested for years are nothing more than fools gold. Yes the island has been visited by many people throughout history and yes it is possible at some point in time a small treasure chest could have been hidden. But NEVER in the history of treasure hunting has there ever been some elaborate underground marvel designed and engineered to protect something of significant value. Especially on an island in Novia Scotia.