Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mack Brazel on the Front Page

Sometimes, as I’m doing research on another aspect of the Roswell case, I stumble onto something that I had forgotten and that now has become important. Remember that Kal Korff, in one of his video rants claimed that I had not looked at the Albuquerque newspapers or I would have known that a picture of Mack Brazel had never appeared on the front page. Overlooking the fact that I made no such claim, and did prove that stories about Brazel did appear on the front page of the Albuquerque Journal, I found something else that is just as important.

To refresh everyone’s memory, here’s the important part of Korff’s rant. "If you check every issue that's ever been published of the Albuquerque Journal or any newspaper in that area of the time of 1947 [emphasis added], you'll find that Mack Brazel's picture didn't appear anywhere in any newspaper at all. It just never happened. And nobody has ever produced a newspaper today that can show that he ever appeared on the front page."

Here is a picture of Mack Brazel from the front page of the Roswell Daily Record on July 10, 1947. The Roswell Daily Record is clearly a newspaper in that area and clearly July 10, 1947 is the right time frame.

Korff once said that if I proved him wrong on any point, he would make the proper correction.

Well, I’m waiting...


cda said...

As I have said, skeptics do often indulge in nit-picking, i.e. focusing on trivia. You have shown that Brazel's picture does indeed appear on the front page of local newspapers.

But how important is this to the whole Roswell picture, as presented decades later? You don't need me to remind you of this far bigger picture, do you? Likewise, Korff is concentrating on too many of the wrong, trivial, matters, instead of looking at the big picture.

I too had never imagined you had written 100 or more books of various kinds. That is quite an achievement, I'll concede.

KRandle said...

The difference here, I believe, is that this was a personal atttack directed at me making a claim that was easy to prove false. It really wasn't about the Roswell case, but about showing that I had done my research and that I could prove that the statements were wrong. Please note the words used by Korff. He said that it never happened and that no one had ever produced a newspaper that had a picture of Brazel on the front page.

I plan to move to other, more important issues now.

Kal is an idiot said...

Bravo, Major/Doctor Randle on your fine shredding of that moron Kalvin K. Korff. SO when will the non-ranking, non-official "colonel" Kalvin step up and make good on his word to correct the mistake?

You are spot on, sir, in assuming that it will never happen. Kalvin won't be making apologies to anyone anytime soon, as this would negatively impact the illusion of his supposed 219 IQ. Quite a joke Kalvin is, quite.

cda said...

Does the fact that Kal K. Korff has the same initials as the Ku Klux Klan have any significance?