Friday, July 03, 2009

The Published Words of Kevin D. Randle

From time to time I find, buried on the Internet, challenges to some of the things I have said, or have been said about me. What annoys me most about these is that anyone who has access to the Internet would be able to learn the truth. A little research from such diverse sources as the Library of Congress to would have killed one of the latest rumors.

Some guy, who I have apparently offended at some point, has been saying that he didn’t believe I had written as many books as I said. He claimed that he had researched this at the Library of Congress site and could only find references to 25 titles. He suggested the others might be self-published or might be articles in magazines. He found it difficult to believe that I could have written more than a hundred books... I guess he never heard that Isaac Asimov had written more than 400 and the record for published books was something over 700. My claim is small compared to those.

This guy wanted to see a list of my published books, include the ISBN for them. Well, I’m not going to take the time to look up that for each of the books but I do have a list of my published works, complete with the date and the publisher. Many can be found listed at So, he can look that up himself, or he can learn how to use the Library of Congress properly.

Following is a list of my books, by series and type, including the pen name I used for them. This should end this part of the discussion and I’ll wait, patiently, for that man to apologize for his mistake. I don’t expect it, but I’ll wait just the same.


1. Body Count* Pinnacle Books 1984
2. The Nhu Ky Sting* Pinnacle Books 1984
3. Chopper Command Pinnacle Books 1985
4. River Raid* Pinnacle Books 1985

*with Robert Charles Cornett


5. Vietnam: Ground Zero Gold Eagle Books 1985
6. POW* Gold Eagle Books 1986
7. Unconfirmed Kill Gold Eagle Books 1986
8. The Fall of Camp A-555* Gold Eagle Books 1986
9. Soldiers Medal Gold Eagle Books 1987
10. The Kit Carson Scout* Gold Eagle Books 1987
11. The Hobo Woods Gold Eagle Books 1987
12. Guidelines Gold Eagle Books 1987
13. The Ville Gold Eagle Books 1987
14. Incident at Plei Soi Gold Eagle Books 1988
15. TET Gold Eagle Books 1988
16. The Iron Triangle Gold Eagle Books 1988
17. Hamlet Gold Eagle Books 1988
(Please note here that I could say I wrote, "Hamlet," but have not.)
18. Dragon's Jaw Gold Eagle Books 1989
19. Payback Gold Eagle Books 1989
20. MACV Gold Eagle Books 1989
21. Tan Son Nhut Gold Eagle Books 1989
22. Puppet Soldiers Gold Eagle Books 1989
23. Gunfighter Gold Eagle Books 1990
24. Warrior Gold Eagle Books 1990
25. Target Gold Eagle Books 1990

*with Robert Charles Cornett


26. The Raid Gold Eagle Books 1988
27. Shifting Fires Gold Eagle Books 1989
28. Strike Gold Eagle Books 1989
29. Empire Gold Eagle Books 1990


30. Seeds of War* Ace Science Fiction 1986
31. The Aldebaran Campaign* Ace Science Fiction 1988
32. The Aquarian Attack Ace Science Fiction 1989

*with Robert Charles Cornett


33. Remember the Alamo* Charter Books 1986
34. Remember Gettysburg Charter Books 1988
35. Remember the Little Bighorn Charter Books 1990

*with Robert Charles Cornett

THE NAVY SEALS (by Steve MacKenzie)

36. Ambush Avon Books 1987
37. Blackbird Avon Books 1987
38. Rescue Avon Books 1987
39. Target Avon Books 1987
40. Breakout Avon Books 1988
41. Desert Raid Avon Books 1988
42. Recon Avon Books 1988
43. Infiltrate Avon Books 1988
44. Assault Avon Books 1988
45. Sniper Avon Books 1988
46. Attack Avon Books 1989
47. Stronghold Avon Books 1989
48. Crisis Avon Books 1989
49. Treasure Avon Books 1989

WINGS OVER NAM (by Cat Branigan)

50. Chopper Pilot Popular Library 1989
51. The Wild Weasels Popular Library 1989
52. Linebacker Popular Library 1989
53. Carrier War Popular Library 1990
54. Bird Dog Popular Library 1990
55. Eagle Eye Popular Library 1990


56. The Galactic Silver Star Ace Science Fiction 1990
57. The Price of Command Ace Science Fiction 1990
58. The Lost Colony Ace Science Fiction 1991
59. The January Platoon Ace Science Fiction 1991
60. Death of a Regiment Ace Science Fiction 1991
61. Chain of Command Ace Science Fiction 1992


62. Dawn of Conflict Bantam Books 1991
(Or as I call it, "Donna Conflict")
63. Border Winds Bantam Books 1992


64. Star Precinct* Ace Science Fiction 1992
65. Mind Slayer* Ace Science Fiction 1992
66. Inside Job* Ace Science Fiction 1992

*with Richard Driscoll


67. Galactic MI Ace Science Fiction 1993
68. The Rat Trap Ace Science Fiction 1993
69. The Citadel Ace Science Fiction 1994


70. Death Before Dishonor (Randle)+ Avon Books 1987
71. Once Upon A Murder* (Randle) TSR 1987
72. Warrior's Revenge (Mack Bolan) Gold Eagle Books 1988
73. Spanish Gold (Randle) M. Evans & Co. 1990

*with Robert Randisi
+Movie Tie-in

74. Signals Ace Science Fiction 2003
75. Generation Ship Ace Science Fiction 2003
76. FTL Ace Science Fiction 2004
77. The Gate Ace Science Fiction 2004


78. The UFO Casebook Warner Books 1989
79. The October Scenario Berkley Books 1989
80. UFO Crash at Roswell*+ Avon Books 1991
81. The Truth about the UFO Crash at
Roswell* M. Evans & Co. 1994
82. To Touch the Light Pinnacle Books 1994
83. History of UFO Crashes Avon Books 1995
84. Lost Gold and Buried Treasure M. Evans & Co. 1995
85. Roswell UFO Crash Update Global Communications 1995
86. The Randle Report: M. Evans & Co. 1997
87. Conspiracy of Silence Avon Books 1997
88. Project Blue Book - Exposed Marlowe & Co. 1997
89. Faces of the Visitors** Simon & Schuster 1997
90. Project Moon Dust Avon Books 1998
91. The Abduction Enigma Tor/Forge 1999
92. Scientific Ufology Avon Books 1999
93. Roswell Encyclopedia Avon Books 2000
94. Spaceships of the Visitors** Simon & Schuster 2000
95. Washington UFO Invasion Avon 2001
96. Operation Roswell Tor 2002
97. Case MJ-12 Avon 2002

*with Donald R. Schmitt
+Made into the ShowTime movie: Roswell
**with Russ Estes


98. The October Scenario Middle Coast Pub 1988
99. Vietnam: Ground Zero Omnibus Gold Eagle Britain 1988
100. Vietnam: Ground Zero Omnibus #2 Gold Eagle Britain 1989
101. Vietnam: Ground Zero Omnibus #3 Gold Eagle Britain 1990
102. Special Forces Tuttle-Mori Tokyo 1991
103. Havarie UFO U Roswellu ETNA, CR 1996
104 Havarie UFO u Roswellu 2 ETNA, CR 1996
105. Der UFO-Abstruz Bei Roswell KOPP, Germany 1996
106. Roswellske UFO Nejnovejsi Poznatky ETNA, CR 1996
107. Katastrofy UFO Slovensky Publishers, Slovak 1996
108. Incidentul Roswell Zona, Romania 1996
109. Remember the Alamo! G.K. Hall & Co. 1998
110. Die Wahrehiet uber den Ufo-Absturz Bei
Roswell K OPP, Germany 1998
111. Accidental Contact Tuttle-Mori Tokyo 2000
(Some of these seem to mean that I am an "international" author. Many of the Gold Eagle books were also published in the Phillippines, Finland and Japan.)
And for the purists who say will, you didn't quite get to 100, let me add...
Roswell Revisited Galde 2007
Trial To be published in 2010
UFO Crashes To be published in 2010


cda said...

Pretty impressive Kevin. I give you due credit for all that. It is certainly news to me.

Regarding Hamlet, you did realise there is a school of thought that claims Shakespeare did not write most of his plays?

KRandle said...


Of course... and the Roger Bacon manuscripts are buried at the bottom of Oak Island, not the pirate gold that most believe.

cda said...

Kevin: Methinks you are confusing Roger Bacon (13th century) with Francis Bacon. But never mind, I am still very impressed with your literary output, whether SF or non-fiction. I had absolutely no idea you had written and produced so much. Nor did I know you had written under a nom-de-plume.

KRandle said...

I knew better, of course. I don't know why I said Roger... but that doesn't change the fact that the manuscripts are buried on Oak Island rather than pirate treasure, or Aztec gold, or the secrets of Atlantis.

Ed V. said...

I mostly check out the UFO stuff but nonetheless very impressive work Mr Randle.

Lungfish said...

Hi Kevin,
Had no idea you had so many books under your belt.
Of course, I have been aware of the UFO titles and have several of them in my own library.
If you are ever feeling social, contact me via my email
I am the Executive Director of Dr. Haines research program, and would love to chat sometime. I do have some questions that I would like to engage.
All the best,

RRRGroup said...


Quite an oeuvre. Nice and worthy of many kudos.


Gaz said...

I never knew you wrote that many books Kevin.

I remember reading "The October Scenario" when I was a kid in the early nineties.

I'll have to check some of your other books out.