Thursday, April 06, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Alex Tsakiris

This week, my friends at Anomalist Books put me in touch with Alex Tsakiris who wrote, Why Science is Wrong … about Almost Everything. The book wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be. It was about things that would be more normally found in the world of the paranormal but with a scientific slant to it. While we began talking about consciousness, or rather the nature of it, we evolved quickly into a discussion of Darwin and evolution (yes, I did that on purpose), past lives and eventually Near Death Experiences. I pressed him on the scientific research and publication in peer-reviewed journals, and to learn who were the scientists who are studying these phenomena. He provided answers that included the names and universities and corporations that sponsored some of the research. You can listen to the program here:

Because some of the topics were complicated and we couldn’t do justice to them in the hour we had, I asked for some links to articles and he provided the following:


And for those who might be interested, I did a book on Near Death Experiences some twenty or so years ago, so it might be slightly out of date and when talking about past lives, and I did a book, Conversations, several years ago that has a unique twist on all this. You can find it on Amazon, of course.

Next week’s guest: John Burroughs

Topic: Rendlesham Forest, quite naturally… if you have questions, let me know.


Paul Young said...

I look forward to your interview with John Burroughs.
I suppose the obvious questions would be his opinions on Pennistone's (new improved) binary code story.
His opinion on the discrepancy between Halt and Adrian Bustinza concerning Warren being present, or not, on the "Halt Night".

Sorry Kevin, I know you must be bored rigid with me keep nagging away at the Warren problem...I know he's a loose cannon but...Halt's, over the top, criticism of Warren and Bustinza's, (who has nothing to gain by lying) endorsement of him, really throws a spanner in the works !!!

Paul Young said...

Oh...and please. If you could ask Burroughs what he remembers about the de-brief/interrogation that they went through.