Sunday, September 24, 2017

Curse of Oak Island: The Fifth Season

I was cruising the net, looking for something interesting to read and came across a story entitled, “Michigan Man Unearths 220-Year-Old Hidden Treasure.” Quite naturally I clicked on the story and came to another headline that said, “Have Two
Oak Island
Brothers Cracked the 220-Year-Old Oak Island Mystery?”

Well, looking at the calendar, I could see that winter was coming (thought in Westros, winter has come) and the treasure hunting season in Nova Scotia would be winding down. I hadn’t heard anything, but maybe this was telling me that the Lagina brothers had finally succeeded in penetrating the Money Pit and put their hands on the treasure. In fact, on the first page leading to the second, there was a picture of a chest that seemed to be filled with old coins that suggested they had found more than just the couple of coins that the last several seasons of The Curse of Oak Island had produced. You can read the whole story (all forty pages to click through if you’re so inclined) here:

That is if this incredibly long link still works (and no, I didn’t convert to a tiny.url because this one is more fun... sort of).

To save everyone the aggravation of having to click through 40 pages of limited text and piled high with ads, I’ll point out that the story is mostly about the history of Oak Island from the alleged finding of the Money Pit through the various attempts to defeat the booby traps including those encountered by the Lagina brothers. We all know that story, and we even know some of the variations of it that suggest more legend than fact. Eventually we get to the Laginas and their attempts to get deep into the Money Pit.

I had hoped that the tale would tell us something about what they had found this summer, but, of course, that would wreck the ratings for Season Five… apparently the ratings for Season Four were good enough, in fact the highest of the series run, that there will be a Season Five. But I learned nothing about what they had found, if anything, and since the news of a discovery would be difficult to contain, I’m thinking they had no more suggest this summer than they did last… other than the ratings. And if they had found something, I’d think the ratings would be even higher.

The only thing I know, that some of you might not, is that Season Five will begin airing in November… which is, of course subject to change. But they are beginning the buildup, which I think is the point of the article. They’re letting us know that there will be a new season, and, of course, I’ll watch (and be disappointed). I still hope they’ll find a treasure, but I’m pretty sure that if there ever was any treasure there, it’s long gone… but I don’t think there ever was any treasure to find.


TheDimov said...

I admit I'd be staggered if they found something. Especially after finding the box hinge which, if there was ever any treasure, was likely left behind. But wild horses couldn't stop me watching the next series, hehe, I mean its just fun for me to see what they dig up at all, whatever little trinket.

In the meantime whilst waiting for the next series Ive found out about Doc Noss and the Victorio Peak treasure, and more recently the mysterious Door B and what it may hold at Padmanabhaswamy temple... wouldn't mind seeing some decent series or documentaries on either.

Chria Jensen said...

Doc noss? The blues musician who died in Michigan

KRandle said...

Nope. Different guy. This one was killed in New Mexico.

Joe Demma said...

The thing that gets me to watch is, there is little else worth a darn on TV to watch. That is if like me, you get tired of hearing constant bleepings from people who can't get out a sentence without a cuss word, or the unnecessary sex scene, or plots so predictable you are saying the lines before the actor gets them out and knowing the ending before the half way point. It may not be the very best on TV, but like many things as a kid, finding treasure or the looking, is always a thing I would like to have done.

RogerH said...

Roger said: I wish they would speculate on HOW these treasures were "planted" and the tunnels made, some 200 years ago!!!

RogerH said...

I wish they would do some speculation on HOW these treasures were "planted" so deep and tunnels carved 200 years ago!!

Unknown said...

Roger, no speculation needed. One look at the Egyptian pyramids and it's painfully obvious a treasure could have been hidden in such an intricate way.. the real question is what was it and is it still there. My personal opinion is there probably was a treasure substantial enough to merit hiding it so deep. Now I also believe the treasure has been long since retrieved. Possibly even as little as 50 or so years after it was hidden. Now ask yourself, if you found this treasure, would you tell anyone outside of your immediate family out of fear it may be all seized from you? Or stolen? I would keep that secret! And I would keep on perpetuating the myth that it was still there! That's my take on Oak Island.

Unknown said...

I think when privateers came to the island, they entered from below the shoreline when water levels were much lower. Hid the trasure, made booby traps then filled up there holes and tunnels with logs and dirt. I hope the brothers find rhe bounty, but If not they make for interesting watching..

My Psychic Solutions said...

There’s something odd about this season.. what happened when Rick drove up and said the road was washed away and the season was over??? That was a preview. Now, seems like the show is being reorganized and played as if new. I think they gave fijnd something but they are hiding whatever has been located, for the time being.