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John Greenewald's Thoughts on the Recent AATIP Article

(Blogger’s note: The article is reprinted with the permission of John Greenewald, he of the Black Vault fame. The following has to do with Tom DeLonge and his project that is related to disclosure. I have written about this a couple of times and you can read about that here:

and here:

And while the next link doesn’t deal specifically with the topic at hand, it does provide something about the knowledge being published. It might provide some insight. You can read it here:

What sparked John’s comments was an article about Britain’s Roswell which is, of course, the new name for the Rendlesham Forest encounter. Not to leave any of you hanging, you can read that article here:

Following is John’s take on all this.)

I love how the story is getting bigger and better every time it’s told.

Now, AATIP was a “massive” project – can I ask where this article
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actually bases that off of?  $22 million over 5 years is not “massive” and the whole point that Mr. Elizondo claims he retired was because the DoD wasn’t taking it seriously.

Second, yet again, the name is published with the wrong title. I stand by the fact that the actual name is “Advanced AVIATION Threat Identification program” and not “Aerospace” which is often published and even said in interviews by Mr. Elizondo himself.  I also have this IN WRITING from the Pentagon as proof.

That is not semantics, but rather goes to accuracy of reporting on the project, along with truly defining the SCOPE of the project.  There is a big difference between Aviation and Aerospace, but I just can’t quite understand why no one is asking about the discrepancy, even since the one who ran the program seemingly has it wrong as well.

As this gets blown bigger and more out of proportion as the media fills in the blanks, I fear this lack of real reporting, the disregard of actual facts, and the reality no one is truly asking questions other than the softball ones asked over and over, it will come back and bite us.  I have tried now for more than THREE MONTHS to do an interview with Mr. Elizondo to get his side. Not to be confrontational, but rather, be ACCURATE in my writing. I have been asked now many times to comment on radio, print and television, and have turned some down because it isn’t right for me to comment without getting responses from Mr. Elizondo.   

However, after speaking many times with the PR agent from TTSA and she kept saying she was “trying” – I gave up.  I feel more than THREE MONTHS, along with the offer to do it in whatever medium he wanted (live/in person, online video chat, recorded phone call or even in writing via email) is more than enough time. I am not Tucker Carlson from FoxNews, I get that, but you’d like they may want to address some of this to resources that can continue to give them positive coverage. 

Others are now writing about FOIA extensions (which are perfectly normal and standard) and somehow reading into this as proof there is a massive cover-up.  At the end of the day, there very well may be, but some are claiming and alleging a cover-up with zero evidence (but rather, citing standard FOIA response protocols as proof) and as each day passes when we have no updates from TTSA or real answers (yet) from multiple FOIA requests still open, the media (and SOME UFO researchers/bloggers) are just filling in the blanks with whatever assumption they’d like.

We need to get beyond that, and work together to find answers, not just make up the middle because we don’t have answers yet.

For those interested in a large, and growing, article profiling quite a few FOIA responses I have received along with addressing with detail some of these erroneous facts, I invite you to:

There are my two cents…  


Zak MacKracken said...

" I have tried now for more than THREE MONTHS to do an interview with Mr. Elizondo to get his side. Not to be confrontational, but rather, be ACCURATE in my writing. I have been asked now many times to comment on radio, print and television, and have turned some down because it isn’t right for me to comment without getting responses from Mr. Elizondo. "

To be fair: Lou had a surgery and "was out " a couple of weeks and Tom delonges company was into some legal things like the SEC fillings. They were advised not to give interviews by their legal advisers, because if they said something which was not in SEC fiilings, that would cause some problems.
I wrote Mr. Elizondo a mail a couple of weeks and I got an answer almost immediatly. He told me that the "To the stars academy" were busy atm , because there were working with the highest level of the US goverment. This seemed to be confirmed by a statement Tom delonge gave yesterday

"To The Stars Academy has proudly been working behind the scenes for weeks briefing hi-level staff in the US Gov to help inform new National Security Policy dealing with the UFO subject and also move the ball down the field for us all. "

As far as I know TdL and Mr. Elizondo are guests at a UFO event in porto allegre at the end of next month.

BlackVault said...

I received many responses to my requests for an interview, as I wanted to go through the proper channels (their PR representative) to respectfully request the interview.

For the record, I was aware of a surgery he had, and never once was that used to explain why the interview was delayed or would/would not take place. I was only told she was trying to make it happen... and then crickets.

I will keep trying, but I think despite having a surgery, if that was the case, I would've heard by now that was the excuse. Rather, I was told she really was trying to get the interview to take place, but I took from the last message she was advocating for it to happen, but most likely, would not.

purrlgurrl said...

I choose to ignore DeLonge and the entire To The Stars circus. It seems very much like a big con meant to fleece easily taken in UFO devotees. Just because former government staff are involved doesn't make any of TTSA's claims credible. If they're in it for the money (which seems highly likely), former government staff, no matter how high they were when in the government, can lie and scam their hearts out after they enter the private sector. Government service, or military service for that matter, don't automatically convey honest, ethical, forthright behavior after leaving for the "civilian" world.

Somebody, please wake me up if TTSA has anything substantive to report that hasn't already been claimed dozens of times before and that non-UFO believers actually take seriously. Sorry, but the media don't count because they'll use just about any nonsense to fill holes in today's 24/7 news cycle.

cda said...


I agree 100 per cent with your comments. There are always people "at the highest level of the US government" who are supposedly working on the UFO enigma, and co-operating with interested but very selected, civilians. It has been going on since the Keyhoe days. It used to, allegedly, happen in the UK, and maybe still does.

One day we shall probably hear that Mr Trump (bless him) holds the key, just like some earlier presidents, and their advisers, did. With luck he will reveal all to reporters while on the golf course, or, more likely by a 'tweet' to his zillion or so followers.

Then the media can have a real feast.

Christopher O'Brien said...

Many of us saw right through this from day one: My comment from Dec 19, 2017 "This whole thing is downwind of that Danish fish market. Footage is clearly not from the Nimitz event; too many people knew some big announcement was forthcoming; the so-called revelation about Bigelow's hanger 18 if true, would violate classified need-to-know information; the pilot was too pumped, primed and ready to trot out for the networks—talking points in hand; the PR campaign around the story is too well timed and slick; the MSM has uniformly reacted in lockstep w/ almost uniform acceptance and tone; there has been absolutely no push back from the DoD which indicates complete official approval ahead of time. This whole thing smacks of a well-orchestrated PR move that is tied into a working relationship between TTSA, Bigelow, the alphabet agencies and certain members of the UFO community. It's way too contrived for my tastes and [the public] ha[s] every right to be cautious." Now, with questionable disinfo around the very name of the program being suggested, this indicates several potential scenarios all seemingly at cross purposes w/ one another. When the gov-controlled left hand is not in sync w/ the right hand of public ufo disclosure, the message should be loud and clear!

Zak MacKracken said...

@ Mr Greenewald: Thanks for clarification.

Btw. there will be an Interview with Lou Elizondo in the next MUFON -journal_

Anonymous said...

Nice to see people asking serious questions of those claiming to be on the inside track.

I suspect that if the aliens abscond with the loot at light speed, or to another dimension, that those that have invested will soon discover the ulterior motives of the aliens visiting earth.

Zak MacKracken said...

It seems that the AATIP was part of a bigger programm called "AAWSAP"
that may be the reason the FOIArequest remained empty:

BlackVault said...

@Zak MacKracken: With respect to Mr. Dean, that AAWSAP thing is getting a bit blown out of proportion, and actually does not explain the FOIA requests being "empty."

I wrote a long explanation addressing this, and although I tried to comment it here, I am getting errors it is "too long" -- when I try to cut it down - it still isn't working, and if I cut more, it will be out of context :) So, I hope my dear friend Kevin Randle doesn't mind me posting the link, but for a full version of what I wrote, you can find it here:

Look for this section:

Comment: Around the end of April 2018, researchers brought forth the name AATIP was wrong, and it was actually the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program (AAWSAP). That is why the AATIP FOIA requests brought up nothing.
The Black Vault’s Answer:

Unknown said...

AAWSA officially confirmed, but rest at ease, AATIP still apply. But did the program really investigate the UFO phenomenon? Yes it did! The Pentagon has now officially confirmed that too.

Zak MacKracken said...

Here is Lou Elizondo Resignation letter: