Friday, March 08, 2019

Curse of Oak Island - Nearing the Solution? (March 2019)

I believe the mystery of Oak Island has been solved. The Laginas boys have provided many hints that have been overlooked and Joy Steele provided the history that brings it all together. The sad thing is that there is no treasure and there probably never was any treasure, regardless of what the breathless narrator tells us every week and season after season.

Let’s look at some of the evidence.

Several years ago, the Laginas boys wondered if the triangular swamp on the island was nature or manmade. They speculated that it might have been created by linking two small islands separated by a narrow, shallow channel. The evidence they have uncovered recently seems to suggest this is the case.

While “diving” in the swamp, which means using some scuba or other breathing apparatus, they searched the bottom of the swamp that was what, five feet, six feet from the surface. They found things that suggested ships had been there including pieces of planking and iron nails. At one point they wondered if a ship had been scuttled there for some reason. The point is that they were finding the sort of
Joy Steele, the woman who
solved the mystery.
debris that we’d associate with sailing ships.

Joy Steele, in her book, The Oak Island Mystery Solved, suggested that the British Navy had used the island as a repair base in the 18th century. That accounts for the various bits of British material found there, the possibility of a British camp there, and all those coins and other metallic remnants found on the surface that can be traced back to the British. You can read Steele’s theory here:

And, for good measure, you can listen to my interview with her here:

But what has solidified this is what they have discover as they dig up Smith’s Cove. They have found the remains of a dock or a wharf and other structures that suggest that there was a landing place for ships. The more they dig around, the more they are finding that suggests that someone used the island for years but not as a “bank” burying a treasure at an unreasonable depth, but as a port to make necessary repairs to their sailing vessels.

Remember the legend of mysterious lights seen on the island before the boys allegedly dug up the treasure or rather attempted to. Could those have been camp fires, and if so, doesn’t that suggest something more than an overnight party? (Sorry, I got caught up in the narrator’s sentence structure.) I mean, those lights would tell us that someone was on the island for some reason. And given that the lights were reported for years, it suggests something of a semi-permanent camp, which in turn, explains the lights.

We need to also remember that most of the “finds” on the island have been near the surface. Everything that was supposedly hidden deep such as the body and
Dan Blankenship, the man responsible for
Bolehole 10X.
box at the bottom of Borehole Ten X have turned out to be optical illusions. They have found evidence of deep tunnels, and claimed to have touched a vault found during the 19th century. They haven’t located that again. Nothing of real value has been found buried deep (bones, a bit of pottery and some fragments of paper) and all that surface material is not very valuable either. In other words, their excitement is somewhat overplayed.

Now, we are left with the latest exciting discovery. The red dye they tossed into one of their holes seems to have resurfaced at Smith’s Cove. I think with all the digging, all the tunnels, all the shafts that have been sunk over the last two hundred years, not to mention the high-water table and the underground flow of sea water, that it is surprising that the dye hasn’t surfaced in other places.

I have to say, I had hoped when we reached the end of the series (which can’t be all that far off), they would have found the treasure. It would have to be a big one based on the millions they have poured into the search. But I think they know the answer and that is there is no treasure except in the continued production of the TV show.

As long as the audience is huge, as long as we all tune in week after week, and as long as I keep promoting the show here (well, I’m not that much of a factor) they’re going to find a reason to keep digging. When all is said and done, we’ll all know there is no treasure and the real tragedy are those men who lost their lives for a dream that turned into a nightmare.


Unknown said...

Can it possibly be a dry dock and not flood tunnels look up henry vii he made dry docks in 1492.

Joeylee112261 said...

Opinions are like asses everybody has one. The docks in Smith's cove were dated years before even the money pit was discovered. People don't realize all those ship between 1400 and 1800 even pirate ships had some of the smartest men of the time. Builders to sailors and everything in between.they knew how to hide thing and build sophisticated traps even better than 90 percent of the people today can before you fall for this ladys fictional representation of the facts.

dj said...

As a carpenter, construction worker. Yes it is a marina intended for repairs and load relays. The swamp was apparently a drydock of sorts. They brought the ships in and closed a gate. Then they pumped the water out. They may have used the tides to assist bringing the boats in before locking them in. These flood tunnels were to fill in the locked in dry dock when the boat was repaired.

Unknown said...

Cannot understand why they never used magnets down the shafts.they must be onto something or they wouldn't be finding manmade artefacts so deep down.

Dani said...

Well the deeper they dig the more green house effects it causes

lemmi said...

Yeah I started watching the series with some interest but it went so far off that I’m pretty convinced the only “treasure” is the revenue de show generates by getting suckers interested in the story. Once people start mentioning Free Masons, secret codes and the Holy Grail, you know it lost all hope of being objective. Actually I’m pretty convinced that most of the “found” objects are merely put there by the Laginas to keep people interested in their wild goose chase.

Unknown said...

If the oak island treasure is real, I'll put my pet unicorn up for sale

Unknown said...

I had to quit watching. Too much rehash every episode and commercial break. Talk about milk a cow dry!