Friday, March 20, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Radio Network - Curt Collins

This week I talked with Curt Collins about research that he and others have been
Curt Colllins
conducting into the AATIP program and the relation between MUFON, Bigelow Aerospace, and research into UFOs. It seems to be a rather complicated relation and I fear that we might not have been able to cover it was well as possible given that complexity. You can listen to the interview here:

And, you can read the first part of the report on how the money flowed from the government to Bigelow Aerospace to MUFON. As I said, repeatedly in the program, there was nothing nefarious in this, it just seemed to be a little too sneaky for me. In the world where we keep calling for transparency, not much of this was public while the program was in operation. You can read the first part of the story here:

Although the show was made up of trying to understand all these links and what they meant, we did speak, briefly, about the Cash-Landrum UFO sighting and the relation to that in Rendlesham Forest at the same time. Both incidents resulted in what seem to be injuries to the parties involved. It is important to note that John Burroughs, one of the Air Force personnel involved at Rendlesham, was awarded full medical disability by the government because of his injuries.

By coincidence, next week, I’ll be speaking with Jan Harzan, the executive director of MUFON. We’ll talk a little bit about the revelations that Curt provided, but the program will reach into other arenas as well.


Curt Collins said...

Kevin, thanks for having me on the show. Talking with you made me realize how to better present this complex story, and the 2nd article will open with a reader-friendly recap before presenting further details. By the way, the points you made about the BAASS contract possibly violating MUFON's non-profit status is something that certainly should be explored.

Incredible timing the Mr. Harzan will be your next guest. That should be interesting!

I don't mean to hijack your blog, but if readers/listeners have questions about what we discussed, Roger or I would be glad to respond.

Unknown said...

Just something I've never seen addressed before, colonel, but has any direct effort to search for documents from the batelle institute angle been attempted? From reading older books, it would appear they may have been deeply involved with the usaf. I know the institute exists , but whether it is the same or just using the name I do not know.
Thank you

Curt Collins said...

Kevin, the 2nd part is now out:
“Breaking the Silence: AATIP's Secret Partner Speaks” by Glassel and Collins is the story of the Pentagon-Bigelow-MUFON contracts, a UFO conspiracy that wasn’t just a theory.

Paul Young said...

Glad to see the link to your website Curt. I'm enjoying reading through it.