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Coast to Coast - American Airlines Sighting and Cigar-Shaped Craft


There is more information about the American Airlines flight and their UFO sighting, though the information is very fluid. Fran Ridge has been working on the case and on Monday suggested that the object seen by the flight crew was a Lear Jet flying 5000 feet above the airliner. But then, on Wednesday, he reported that it couldn’t have been the Lear because the Lear’s transponder was on and it would have been seen on the airliner’s TCAS system, not to mention the jet would have been visible to the airline pilots.

He also reported that it wasn’t a missile test from White Sands because the FAA is notified about all missile tests. That left a black project that had gone off course or a UFO. I’ll stay on this until we have some sort of a solution. There are still numerous FOIA requests out there, including a search for the Lear Jet crew to learn if they had seen anything unusual. More information on the sighting can be found here:

In this time frame, meaning since the beginning of the year, there have been other sightings of cigar-shaped or unusual craft in that area. On Feb 21, 2021, near Albuquerque, an object appeared directly over the witness. The UFO was described as a dull silver disk with a greenish-gold dome. It disappeared at a high speed and the witness managed to take three photographs.

On Feb 22, 2021, the witness on Hwy 285 between Artesia and Roswell, NM, saw two UFOs. One was missile shaped or cigar shaped and the other was reported as round. Both appeared to be on fire or glowing. The colors were said to be silver, pink and orange. They flew toward each other, then changed directions and left together. The witness said he had two pictures and claimed to have a video.

On January 9, a cigar-shaped craft was seen near Albuquerque. The object appeared in the east sky, above the silhouette of the mountains. There was a string of white lights, approximately 5 -10 lights, running horizontally. The object then quickly moved southward in an irregular zigzag pattern, and then rotated, causing the lights to shift from running horizontally to vertically. The lights remained in the vertical pattern. The object moved to a point slightly south from where the witness was standing and stopped. The object remained there for approximately a minute. The event lasted between 1 to 2 minutes and there was no sound coming from the UFO.

On January 12, 2021, the witness was turning on to Bookout Road south of Tularosa and noticed a bright star in the east over the Sacramento mountains. It was blinking and very large, and at first the witness thought it was a planet. The witness saw an orange orb slightly smaller than the bright star emerge from the star. It flew perfectly horizontally north of the bright blinking star. It paused, then a duplicate range light appeared from it and went in alignment with the star and the orange light. The final orange light emerged from the second orange light/orb, and they held a straight line for several minutes. The witness tried to get a picture but couldn’t because there was a car approaching. The orange orbs separated an equal distance from each other and the bright star. They moved in sequence further apart from each other and started to go bright and dim. All the orange lights but the bright star-like light began breaking formation.

Also, on January 12, and to show that these reports are from around the country, a man in Manhattan, NY, who described himself as sober, reported an object that had no lights. It was white and seemed to be reflecting the streetlights. He said it was moving too quickly to be a bird or a plane and was shaped like a butterknife.

Finally, on January 3, near the Buckley Space Force Base near Aurora, Colorado, and yes, the base has been redesignated as a Space Force Base, the witness and son were driving late in the afternoon. They spotted a cigar-shaped object that seemed to be hovering. They tried to take video of the object but failed. They wondered if it might be an airplane but were puzzled because it didn’t move. They also said that it was too long and was even from end to end making it more of a cylinder rather than a cigar suggesting that it wasn’t an airplane. They lost sight of it when they had to make a turn.

For those interested, an airline crew filmed a cigar-shaped craft over Utah in September, 2019. You can watch the video and learn more about the sighting here:

This is just one of many examples that are available of cigar-shaped craft. It was reported to MUFON.

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Has anyone checked these sightings against listed test range operations in that frame for WSMR, Kirtland AFB, and Holloman AFB?