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Larry Warren, Rendlesham Forest and an Audio Tape

In 1995, I wrote a book, Project Moon Dust, in which I discussed the events at Rendlesham Forest in December 1980. It was an analysis that was based on the research that I done up to that point. For those who don’t know, back then, the case was quite confusing. Just who all was involved? How many days did the event last? Did anyone actually get close to an object or was it just lights in the forest? Lots of questions and only a few good answers.

John Burroughs
To expand on this, I had spent some time in California with Russ Estes, a documentarian who was involved in the UFO community. According to him, Larry Warren had stayed with him for several months, and Estes, as a documentarian, sat him down in front of his camera, asking him about the activities at Bentwaters. Warren, to prove his credentials, provided the evidence, including photographs and paperwork that he was, in fact, a former member of the Air Force security force at Bentwaters. And, as we all now know, his presence at the base has been confirmed by Colonel Charles Halt, John Burroughs and Jim Penniston. All of them were clearly there as well.

So, what is the problem? Wasn’t it Warren who first told the story to Barry Greenwood and Larry Fawcett? Without Warren, telling the story as Art Wallace, providing the first of the details, the story might have remained buried forever. Warren sparked the interest that lead to the breaking of the cover up or so it seemed.

According to a couple of paragraphs posted online by Philip Mantle, Warren had told Linda Moulton Howe that he hadn’t been directly involved, which changes the whole scenario. Mantle asked if any of us knew anything more about this:

Thanks to Rendlesham researcher Ronnie Dugdale for the information.
Warren admitted to Linda Moulton Howe and Benton Jamieson in an interview recorded by them both on May the 18th 1986 that he was re-telling Adrian Bustinzas story as if it had happened to him.
As recently as a couple of years ago Gary Heseltine was a guest on phenomenon radio. I was disappointed by his lack of knowledge but shocked and amazed that Gary Heseltine who claimed to be one of Britains leading researchers on the Rendlesham Forest Incident was unaware of the Howe/ Jamieson interview.
Directly after the show I sent a full transcript of the interview to Gary Heseltine so he knows the truth but chooses to ignore the evidence.!
Here is a link to my drop box for anyone who cares about the truth to read the full transcript:
And, according to Halt, the story was already known in England before Warren had said anything about it. Bentwaters was being discussed in some circles, so even if Warren hadn’t talked to Greenwood and Fawcett, the story would have gotten out. Warren wasn’t all that important to the reporting of the story. Halt is the one who told me that when I interviewed him on the radio version of A Different Perspective. You can listen to that here:

and here:

Back then, in 1995 as I worked on Project Moon Dust, there was something of a controversy about the number of days that transpired. Some thought it was two and others thought it was three. I asked John Burroughs about it and he told me that he thought it was two but Penniston thought that it was three… or maybe it was the other way around. Warren said that he had been involved on the third day but if there was no third day, then Warren’s tale failed.

Peter Robbins
During a conversation held on February 16, 1993, among Halt, Warren and Peter Robbins, Halt told Warren that “You have events from the first night in the second or third night rather intertwined together.”

I think that I have finally solved this portion of the problem. According to what Charles Halt told me, there were three days. One day that involved several members of the security force and a second day that began early in the morning of December 27, that involved different set of witnesses. One of them, Lt. Bonnie Tamplin, who drove out into the woods, had suffered a vehicle failure, and was so freaked out by the experience that she was sent home.

It was that same day, but now late at night, just before midnight and into the morning of December 28, that Halt and the others were involved. In this respect, this is the third day. While I think this explains the problem with the number of days, meaning that everyone was right about the number of days depending on how you looked at it, it really does nothing to validate Warren’s tales. Events in the early morning of the 27th are counted as one and those happening twenty or some hours later, late at night on the 27th, account for the confusion. This is the point into which Warren attempted to insert himself.

Russ Estes. All photographs copyright
by Kevin Randle
In the video tape that Estes recorded, Warren seemed to hint that he hadn’t been around for two of the days because he had been on leave in Germany at the time. I mentioned that to Halt during the radio show and he was quite certain that Warren was in England, but not involved in the events in Rendlesham Forest.

There were differing accounts of who was where and who was involved on the critical day.  Halt was there, and according to him, no one was in front of him other than Burroughs and one other airman. Halt told Warren, “There are two nights there that are intertwined. Are you aware of that?”

Warren said that he didn’t and Halt continued. ““You have events from the first night in the second or in the third night rather intertwined together. It’s very puzzling.”

Later in the conversation, Warren said, “I am not married to anything I say. All I have done, or tried to do through the years…” Then as if to alibi his tale said that he had told his mother, who he said could tell whether or not he was lying. From what he said, his mother believed him.

Halt interrupted to ask, “Do you remember two separate, distinct nights, or were you involved on one night?”

Warren replied, “One. But I remember on that night… I can remember people with me and that whole bit.” And then he said the thing that seems to confirm the information that Howe and Benton Jamieson reported. He said, “Whether that is real or created or God Knows now… The strange story with me where your can put a finger on it and say God, something happened with this guy is in the paperwork… What my hopes are is that this is what my mind’s eye says.”

Warren talked about what he had seen or not seen. He said, “…whether I saw a thing explode or didn’t see a bright source of light…”

But Halt interrupted and said, “You couldn’t have been in front of us. There were no people in front of us… You had to be well behind that, at least a hundred, two hundred yards…”

With that, Warren diverted the conversation again. He talked of his eye problems, blaming them on the thing in the forest. Rather than dealing with the discrepancies in his story, he began to talk about other elements of the case.

But rather than take my word for it even though I can provide information about the interview, you can listen to it here:

The point here, however, is that everything I quoted here is on the tape made in 1993. I would suspect that Warren has a copy of the tape and knows what is on it. I suspect he knows what Halt has said about him and he knows that he wasn’t involved in the sightings but was at Bentwaters in 1980. All this seems to verify what Howe and Jamieson reported. Warren sinks his own tale with his own words and I have no reason to suspect that the interview with Warren in 1986 is not accurate.


  1. Sacha Christie posted this to an older post. I have moved it here, where it is more relevant, and more current.

    Hi Kevin, sorry for ressurecting this thread but it was Chuck DeCaro who had a Voice Stress Test performed on Warren, Warren failed. Phil Klass offered to pay for Warren to do a polygraph but Check DeCaro turned the offer down on the basis he had failed the VSA. As far as his Fred Max regression is concerned, Warren admitted that he had faked it. This is covered in You Can't Tell The People, Georgina Bruni. He claims he was told by whoever paid for the session that "He'd better be good" and so he pretended to be under. He then spoke of aliens for the first time which makes the first time he mentions aliens was when he was faking being hypnotised.

    Since this time Adrian Bustinza has gone on record stating that he doesn't remember warren being there, he remembers telling Warren everything and also said that he thought Warren had recorded him talking because he can remember far too much of what was said.

    I have found evidence to suggest that Warren did not even pass weapons training and therefore he wouldn't have been on duty. He stated in 1994 durning a lecture that one of his documents stated he was discharged due to a congentital issue in his wrist, one has to wonder how a wrist injury might reveal itself. Steve LaPlume has stated publicly that hge clearly remembvers seeing Warren on lakenheath in February and that Warren had been to see an orthapeadic surgeon with regards to his wrist. This documenatation is now tippexed and says OPTI/RET Burn and we are supposed to believe an Orthopeadic Dr, not an Opthalmic Dr has examined Warren's eyes. Interestingly, during the CNN documentary made by Chuck DeCaro, Warren states that the phenomena did not hurt them.

    There are far too many issues like this for Warren to be taken seriously about anything other than he was temporarily at Bentwatetrs but was kicked out as undesirable and unsuitable in the best interests of the USAF and Mr Warren himself. I can proivide the letter written by Phil Klass to Walt Andreas with regards to Chuck Decaro putting Warren forward for a polygraph and his refusal with reasons stated.

    I am interested to know if there is a transcript of the videos Russ Este showed you, you mention them in Project Moondust in chapter 10.

    My blog Left Out At East Gate which includes screenshots of the comments I mention made by Adrian Bustinza.

    July 29, 2019 at 9:36 AM

  2. The whole problem with the Rendlesham Incident is that ALL the witnesses have been all over the place with their various recollections. I include Halt here. If that muppet had not have gotten the date so hopelessly wrong in his original report to the MOD, then the early investigators wouldn't have been so hampered in trying to thread the details together.

    As for Warren, he's certainly bat mad...and I totally go along with the suggestion that he heard Adrian Bustinza's experience and ran with it himself.
    My guess, however, is that Bustinza was quite HAPPY for Warren to supplant himself into his own story...Bustinza not willing to "leak" it himself, putting his USAF career in jeopardy.

    So, the question now shouldn't be whether Warren was present on the night in question,(I think that's been put to bed) but if Adrian Bustinza WAS!
    And...was Bustinza telling the truth when he was telling it to Warren.

    1. I have this video regards to the explanation of rendlesham UFO video and lodged accounts. Very uncanny. Here's the link to just one of my own recordings

  3. Warren is also notorious in the world of music memorabilia. Notorious for selling fake items for fortunes, that is. Then there's the fake photo of him and John Lennon....

  4. b"h

    For anyone interested, here is a link to a 2015 interview of Adrian Bustinza, conducted by John Burroughs / LMH, for their KGRA show.

    Bustinza sounds credible as regards his personal experience. Warren shows up in the show at about 1.14.40. Warren and Bustinza seem to agree.

  5. I like to form personal views on UFO claims SOLELY on the reports that were made soon after the alleged incident.
    I can grow upon stories and have added to them, I can confabulate stuff, I'm as guilty as any of them or any of you.