Thursday, January 20, 2022

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - Curt Collins


This week’s guest on A Different Perspective was Curt Collins, he of and I had invited him on to talk about the series he writes about the more obscure but no less interesting stories about flying saucers. You can listen to the show here:

We began by talking about some of the things he had found in his searches. He mentioned my chasing footnotes as an example of looking for the primary sources of information. This might include speaking to the main witnesses when they could be

Curt Collins

found, or the original articles that appeared in newspapers or magazines. We both have found times when the information being circulated today doesn’t resemble accurately the information as it was originally presented. I thought specifically of a metal vessel blow out of solid rock in Massachusetts in the 19th century. For those interested in this analysis, see:

Curt mentioned a story that seemed to reflect on the abduction phenomenon as written today, called The Outer Limit (and as he said, not to be confused with the old TV show, The Outer Limits). This program had to do with atomic testing causing damage to the Earth, something that is in the news today.

We also talked, briefly about Carroll Wayne Watts, who, in 1967, claimed that he had an encounter that was sort of a cross between a contact and an abduction. It was an admitted hoax. Watts ended up divorces and in prison. He blamed it on something that had happened to him that he didn’t understand. You can read the whole tale here:

I did ask about hoaxes, since he had mentioned them. He drew a distinction between actual hoaxes and stories in which the witnesses might have been fooled by some natural phenomenon or some terrestrially based technology seen under unusual circumstances. This led to a brief discussion of MJ-12 and the alien autopsy both of which were hoaxes designed with specific intents.

We did touch on the Roswell Slides and how that fiasco seems to have slipped from the public mind. Several years ago it was a hot topic but it crashed within, literally hours, after the Mexico City presentation when the museum setting was recognized and the card on the display was read.

We did talk about Roswell and Aztec. The Aztec crash seems to be a hoax (though I know Scott Ramsey would disagree). You can read more about the Aztec Crash here:

All these cases and reports cloud the issue of UFOs as extraterrestrial craft. With Roswell, everyone agrees that something fell, it’s just a question of what it was. I’m of the opinion that all terrestrial explanations have been eliminated and did mention the Air Force helped with that. They ruled out everything but the Project Mogul arrays.

During the show we did talk about the Ramey Memo and how AI might be the only way we’re going to learn anything more. We also touched on Jesse Marcel’s diary and the research done with that.

In the end, we ran out of time. Those looking for more information can visit Curt’s websites mention at the top of the article. They make for some very interesting reading.

Next week, if all works out and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be talking with Robert Sheaffer about his take on UFOs and from what he said, my take on UFO’s and the Deep State. We’ll probably delve into the current interest in UFOs by Congress and by extension, the military.


  1. Kevin wrote: This led to a brief discussion of MJ-12 and the alien autopsy both of which were hoaxes designed with specific intents.
    This is not true. The Alien Autopsy is a SNAFU, created by the Army carelessness, not a hoax.
    Spyros is not a reliable witness. You have not done your normal research. If you ever do, you'll find the answers to your questions. And you really, really! can't trust a single word uttered by Spyros. Ed

  2. Kevin: Thank you very much for another fine interview. I too wish that you had had Mr. Collins scheduled for a second hour, the first having proven such worthwhile listening.

    Also, I am very pleased to learn that you are writing yet another book, Understanding Roswell about the most famous case in UFO history, which you have contributed to - and continue to contribute to - so richly. I only hope that the tone of this forthcoming work is not so dispiriting as Roswell in the 21st Century turned out to be ... at least from my perspective.

  3. Ed -

    No, the alien autopsy is a hoax designed to make money. I can't believe that you refuse to believe those who participated in the hoax. Even Ray Santini has admitted to the hoax, at least in part, claiming that a small segment of the footage is real and was inserted into the longer "recreated footage." How anyone can believe that is beyond me. Maybe you should find a new hobby.


  4. In the beginning Ray confirms the reality of the footage and some information on the cameraman. I have the name of the cameraman. The AA isn't my hobby, fishing is.
    "Here's a little tip I would like to relate,
    Many fish bite if you've got good bait"

    "As for the footage in his hands, Santilli said it was of good quality and consisted of 17 three-minute, black-and-white reels of 16mm original film – for a total of more than 50 minutes. I was shocked when he confirmed that the images depicted the autopsies performed on the bodies of two recovered non-human beings, the site of the crash, the military involved, as well as President Harry Truman being present at the impact site.
    However, Santilli stated that the technical processing of the footage from film print to video would create certain challenges. Therefore, he didn’t know when the first public showing of the footage would take place in London. I asked him about the reliability of his source – an 85-year-old man that he called “Jack Barnett” who reportedly took the original film footage and had it preserved in his house for all those years. Santilli said he checked “Barnett’s” identity and believed he was the real deal. Nevertheless, Santilli wouldn’t give me the man’s real name. He would only say the footage was real and came from the U.S. military."
    Maurizio Baiata

  5. Kevin, I really hate those j*s who are trying to discredit you. You're the man! Thomas

  6. Kevin,

    Another fine and very interesting interview!

  7. "had it preserved in his house for all those years..."

    Maybe the footage would be more believable if the actors were wearing MJ12 badges.