Sunday, November 13, 2022

The "Lost" UAP Report of October


Tennessee Republican Congressional Representative Tim Burchett, who won reelection on Tuesday, November 8, said recently that the UAP report that had been scheduled for release on October 31 but was delayed, will be a whitewash. He said that those in charge believe that we’re too stupid to handle the truth about alien visitors.

He said leaks suggested that 366 cases of UFO, I mean UAP, sightings would be explained. He also said that the report makes it clear that these sightings are of terrestrial objects rather than alien visitation. The sightings are the result of foreign drones and weather balloons. While drones are a new wrinkle, the weather balloon explanation has served the government well, used to explain everything from the Roswell crash to Gorman dog fight with a UFO. Of course, the balloon explanation fails for Roswell but that’s another story that will come soon.

Burchett said it was all about power. This is a reason for the continued cover up that I explored in depth in UFOs and the Deep State. Those in power feared their power would be diminished if the truth came out. In Washington, it’s all about the power and the financial rewards of that power.

History has provided us with examples of how that works and while overt conquest in not necessarily the problem, it is the introduction of a superior technology that can result in a shift of power. A rifle is a superior weapon to a bow and arrow, but it takes a manufacturing base to create and a supply system to produce the ammunition. Once the rifle is adopted as the weapon of choice, those who had relied on bows and arrows, which could be made by the individual, were now at the mercy of those who had the ability to manufacture the rifle. Their society was radically altered by that superior technology and the desire to have the latest and the best.

Of course, government officials have said that there are national security implications which are the umbrella used to bury the truth. Some times that is the truth, but more often than not it is a simple excuse for refusing to answer questions.

Republican Marco Rubio, has also called for the release of the information. He said that one of the explanations offered was “airborne clutter” and that investigators found no evidence of extraterrestrial life or, and I stress this, a technological advancement by a foreign foe, meaning Russia or China. Yet, hints in the new report suggest China and others are using drones to surveil our military exercises are a solution, which negates the denial of technological advancement.

But Congressional interest doesn’t translate into governmental action. After a series of sightings in Michigan in 1966, then Congressman Gerald Ford called for a Congressional investigation. The hearings, that lasted for a day, resulted in no known action on the part of the government or the Air Force. In the end, the official conclusion about the sightings by the officers of Project Blue Book was, yes, you remember, “Swamp Gas.”

While swamp gas might have explained a sighting or two, it did not cover the range of sightings by multiple witnesses in multiple locations. The Air Force conclusion of swamp gas remains as the explanation for the sightings. The Congressional influence did nothing to advance the investigation into UFOs, only suggested that there was nothing of importance to be learned and that only the uneducated and the unsophisticated reported UFOs.

What most people are missing here, in this latest round of Congressional interest, is that we had men running for federal office who were advocating research into UFO sightings and suggesting the government has been less than candid without journalist questions about the overall situation. There were no consequences for their opinions about UFOs or for the government lack of candor in answering those questions.

Remember Democrat Dennis Kucinich. He was making a run for the presidential nomination some fifteen years ago. Fox News reported, “Dennis Kucinich’s UFO Comments Prove He’s Nuts.” At least in today’s environment, those suggesting there is something to UFO reports aren’t dismissed as nuts. The news media seems to have softened their view but I fear the outcome will be the same. In other words, there will be some sympathetic press and then everyone will forget about the UFOs, or as they are now called UAPs.

One of the real problems it that they make no plans to review the history of UFOs. There have been many good cases with independent witnesses and multiple chains of evidence. Too often these sightings have been rejected because we all know there is no such thing as alien visitation. The Lubbock Lights from 1951 are rejected as birds, even with witness statements that suggest a craft and four photographs of them. The debunkers are now saying that the pictures are faked, but I talked to the photographer more forty years after the fact. He told me then that he still doesn’t know what he photographed. In so many cases of faked photos, the photographers have eventually come clean and admitted the hoax.

The Lubbock Lights photographs taken by Carl Hart, Jr.

There are the Washington National sightings of July 1952 with multiple pilots, both civilian and military reporting the objects. Radar sightings on multiple radars. And the official conclusion is temperature inversion.

Of course, the Levelland sightings of 1957 that was ball lightning. The Socorro landing of 1964 that some believe was a lunar lander suspended under a helicopter but no record of such a test at nearby White Sands at the proper time. The Michigan sightings, mentioned above that were labeled as swamp gas.

And since the end of “official” investigations, there have been good sightings that were belittled and categorized so that we don’t have to deal with them. Rendlesham Forest and the Cash-Landrum personal injury cases from December 1980 spring to mind here.

And, good reports being made today with calls for investigation but with no one wanting to review UFO history. These new investigators will be condemned to making the same mistakes because they won’t know what happened in the past. And in some cases, are refusing to even consider past sightings for reasons that are not viable.

The only upside for all this is that those calling for renewed investigations in the world today are not ridiculed as “nuts.” We do have some serious people who want serious investigation, but given the history, some of it briefly outlined here, I have little hope that we’ll have either an unbiased or scientific investigation. I believe that we are doomed to more of the same given the missed deadlines and the leaked information that we have seen recently.


  1. Kevin,
    You don't need a weatherman.
    Abduction is the key to understanding the disclosure resistance.
    We share the planet with creatures who look like the creature in the Alien Autopsy,
    VIA convergent evolution.
    Our governments (world) cannot allow this type of speculation. Sanderson called them invisible residents. There are no aliens, only advanced (35 million years) monotremes.

  2. I follow several blogs on this topic
    The chief writer for the liberation Times⁹ proclaims that Congress is all over the matter and will be taking a more hardlined approach in conducting more inquiries both public and also behind closed doors.... including whistle blowers who will come forward under oath the stipulation of immunity
    I will have to re-read your book on the power plays involving the deep state..The is no accountability from the DOD and no point of contact "go to" person, except for Susan Gough who parrots the Pentagon's positions which are scripted well in advance
    Sadly I wish I could disagree on your opinion...but I can't

  3. As an addendum..Sorta begs the question:Is our elected officials in charge of overseeing subjects like this??.
    or is it to left to our military who "knows whats best for mankind" ?
    is it that the DOD doesnt take Congress seriously?
    and conceals its collective opinion on the elected body with contempt.

  4. I agree with your assessment. I have the same amount of hope, which is to say none.