Thursday, April 29, 2010

UFO Crashes Survey Results

The results of the UFO crash poll weren’t all that surprising. Almost half of those responding, that is 48%, said that the best of the UFO crashes was Roswell. The most has certainly been written about Roswell, it has been the subject of many documentaries and TV investigations and inspires the most discussion when the topic is brought up here.

Nineteen percent of those responding believed that none of the crashes on the short list was the best and I take that to mean that they don’t think that any UFO crashes are worth further research. Given the number of skeptics who visit here, that too is not a surprise... although I was expecting a number little higher.

Shag Harbour came next with 16% and that isn’t much of a surprise either. Chris Styles and Don Ledger have done a marvelous job of tracking down both witnesses and documentation. On the document front, they are way ahead of the Roswell proponents. They have found many very interesting documents that show something fell into Shag Harbour and they have some very impressive witnesses as well.

Kecksburg got only 8% which is a little surprising, given the job Stan Gordon has done in his research. Maybe those visiting here are persuaded by the alternative solution which suggests a bolide.

Finally the two sort of surprises. I knew that Scott Ramsey was about to publish a book about the Aztec UFO crash and that he had new information. I have not seen that information and don’t know the form it takes. Stan Friedman chastised me a few weeks back for suggesting Aztec was a hoax. He seems to be on board with Ramsey. As I say, I don’t know what he might have found, but for the moment, I still reside in the hoax camp.

And I put Del Rio on the list because I have been doing some work on the case and wanted to see if anyone thought it as a solid report. The whole case swings on a single witness and a suggestion in the Eisenhower Briefing Document. I suppose some might suggest that since it is mentioned in this MJ-12 document, it has added validity. I’d respond by simply saying that the document features much more information about Roswell which should have overpowered the single paragraph about Del Rio.

As I say, no real surprises here. Most responded believed there have been UFO crashes. A few skeptics believe there have been none. Personally, I think there have been a couple, but nothing like the numbers suggested... and given what I have learn in the past, that number is shrinking. But, until we can find some documents that have a provenance, we have a government announcement about a crash, or we have full access to any hidden records or wreckage, this will always be a matter for debate.


starman said...

The bulk of reported crashes may be phony but I think more than a couple are real i.e. more than one besides Roswell. Besides Shag Harbor and Kecksburg, there are the Ubatuba and April 1962 affairs (even if technically they weren't crashes but explosions). Someone in Arizona told me a while ago about research indicating Aztec was real.

cda said...

Strange that Starman thinks Ubatuba is real. The Condon guys did a pretty good demolition job on it. There are no known witnesses, no date and no location. So what is so suggestive of an ET origin to it?

KRandle said...


Actually, the Condon results are also in dispute. Their testing was not as careful as it might have been.

The real problem for the Ubatuba sample is that there is no way to connect the metal received in the United States to the beach in Brazil and the alleged explosion of the craft. In fact, in today's world, the remaining samples can't even be connected to the columnist in Brazil who alerted Dr. Fontes to the material.

The chain of custody is broken in several places, conclusions drawn during the testing in various locations is not necessarily accurate, and the findings of the latest tests don't reveal anything suggestive of the extraterrestrial.

This might once have been a very good case, but the samples have been mishandled by nearly everyone until Dr. Sturrock got into the picture but he arrived too late.

I wouldn't quote the Condon Committee on this but instead Sturrock's report. I think everyone would be on board with it.

BoyintheMachine said...

I voted Shag Harbor, and I'm suprised that more people didn't...considering it's the only case where governments admitted an unknown object came down.

Randel Smith said...

Hi Kevin,

May I suggest a discussion about Kecksburg? I would like to hear from you and others about that event.

Randel Smith

Friendswood, Texas

Anonymous said...

Kevin - just wondering if you think Kingman has any credibility.