Thursday, June 19, 2014

MJ-12: The Beginning

My friend, Alejandro Rojas, has posted to the Open Minds YouTube channel an analysis of the beginnings of MJ-12. It is based on some original research he conducted through interviews with some of those involved and on FOIA requests that he has made recently to the U.S. Air Force. The thirty minute program can be found here:

There are two additional points that I think should be made that add some context to this story. First, Stan Friedman told me about twenty years ago when we were in California on a research trip that Bill Moore had said he had run into a wall on his Roswell research. Moore said that he was thinking of creating a “Roswell-type” document to shake things loose. Moore apparently thought that if he had an official looking document it might induce some of the reluctant witnesses to tell all that they knew.

Friedman has since denied that the conversation ever took place. Fortunately this isn’t one of those “he said, he said” situations. There are others who heard a similar tale. Brad Sparks said that Moore had told him much the same thing and he, Sparks, called Friedman, saying that it was a really bad idea. The information about Sparks and his memory of this can be found on the Internet. For more information see:

While I hesitate to mention this, simply because it comes from Philip Klass and will be rejected out of hand by many here is another source:

Those who wish for more information or other corroboration can conduct their own searches. Just remember, that I’m reporting what Friedman said to me and I’m noting that he now denies he said it.

The second point is how the documents were released. Alejandro reported that Timothy Good received the Eisenhower Briefing Document [EBD]before it entered the public arena. But that copy came from Bill Moore and that can be proved as Barry Greenwood demonstrated. The copy of the EBD has a chevron-like artifact on several of the pages. Since it does not appear in the same place on other pages, it means that it is an artifact produced by a specific copier. It floats from page to page.

Okay, you say, but so what?

That chevron-like artifact also appears on the EBD released by Moore, but it is not in the same place as it is on the pages released by Good. In other words, the EBD copies were produced on the same copier and that means there was a single source for them. One person made several Xerox copies and sent one of them to Good.

Since it was Moore who had the original film negatives, it would seem that Moore made copies of them and sent them off. Moore, then, was the source of the copies that Good had. Good simply jumped the gun, revealing the existence of the EBD to the press before Moore had a chance to do so.

It is clear that Moore’s copies were made from the pictures printed from the 35 mm film on which the EBD fell into his hands. If he wanted copies of it, he could run all that he needed… but there is that chevron artifact that appears on his copies as well as those given to Good. Or, in other words, it was Moore (or one of his buddies) who made the Xerox copies from the originals, and that links Moore to the copier and to Good.

So, while it might be said that Good’s copy came from another source, it is clear that his copies came from the same copier that Moore used. There is a single source for all the copies and that is the film sent to Jaime Shandera, Moore’s pal in California.

I thought these two points should be made. But there is the new information revealed by Alejandro that should convince even more people that MJ-12 is a hoax and that not a single document linking the U.S. government to something called MJ-12 has ever been independently found. I can’t FOIA a government agency and receive a series of documents as we can in so many other UFO related matters.

I have said for years that MJ-12 should be relegated to a footnote in the history of UFO studies, but it keeps appearing. I know that Alejandro’s piece will not end the debate, but, at least, it comes from a different perspective.


Kurt Peters said...


Thanks for pulling this all together in one place.

Your consistent efforts to give your best, honest evaluation of information you've uncovered is appreciated by those of us that can reason clearly.

I never expect perfection, but I respect your due diligence.

Frank Stalter said...

Yes, creating fake documents to draw out legitimate information is a horrible idea.

Lance said...

Thanks for posting this, Kevin!


Dave said...


In the PCast, you mentioned a photo of the object over Shag Harbor? I googled for it but could not find it.

Perhaps you still have the link?

KRandle said...

Dave -

No link. A black and white version was published in The Randle Report: UFOs in the 1990s. Chris Styles and Don Ledger (Styles provided the copy I have) probably published in their book as well.

Dave said...


I'll look it up.

eBikesRC said...
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eBikesRC said...

The sad, sad, saga is what happened to Mr. Bennewitz in relation to how these ideas got started with Air Force OSI.

I posted a comment in a review of Dulce Base The Truth and Evidence from the Case Files of Gabe Valdez at Amazon. Btw, it is a 'must read' for UFO and Dulce buffs.

And, my comment post at Amazon caused Robert Collins (Condor from the Aviary) to get in a very long debate over the Bennewitz comments I made. Definitely read the comments under the review titled: Thoughtful Presentation Based On Evidence

SEE Youtube: Falcon and Condor on UFO Cover Up_ Live! (1988) AND read his comments at Amazon.

I think this man has been pushed over the edge with all the evil ET-Alien conspiracies. He's absolutely convinced he has an implant in his hand, and that he is being invaded by ET-Alien abduction attempts all the time. Seriously, read his comments at the Amazon location I gave above.

You know, I think this is very sick what is going on. All this ET-Alien mass psychosis is seriously doing vicious harm to people's sanity. I do not blame a single ET-Alien for all this insanity!

As far as I'm concerned, John Lear and Linda Moulton Howe (Alien Harvest) and others with similar intoxicated ET-Alien revelation agendas are causing SERIOUS SOCIOPATHIC HARM to society at large. Thanks Doty for egging-on both LindaMH and Bennewitz into manipulated patsy-assets. I wonder if Doty was somehow involved with Lear too?

Why doesn't someone investigate the real HUMAN PSYOPS using ET-Alien Black Ops fake-UFO objects & lights that were terrorizing rural communities (children & adults) over this obvious cattle dissection HUMAN harvest for some long-term test purposes? That's a true freaky scarey story that the American people 'need to know'.

I guess it would uncover the stealth helicopters using noise suppression flying techniques and "UFO" lighting effects, and the bizarre nighttime UFO drones flown-off Kirkland (back then) to aid in these PSYOPS missions of creating UFO mania that Bennewitz was onto and photographed. This is Bentwaters all over again using these same type of aerial objects.

This drives Air Force and military veterans insane repeatedly...

I'm a pilot with a couple of thousand hours, and I know how objects can appear so distorted from the ground and air. Our atmosphere is much much worse with haze and optical distortions vs 40+ years ago.

All the ET-Alien UFO sightings at night are worthless including the big triangle craft. Too many tricks are played on our eyesight and optics to really understand what these objects are and their movement at night.

The obvious answer to me is these are Military PSYOPS involving all kinds of lighting and projection methods that have some radar false tracking signature capabilities, with imaging, lighting, and "sky-magic" to trick your eyes into believing the craft are moving when it's just the optical phenomena or "trick-objects" moving and directed at any speed necessary.

There is a magic show that takes place in the sky. Invisible lasers can hit and track target objects and create all kinds of lighting and moving object effects ahead in a directed way. Plenty of R&D has proven this already! It's an amazing weapons system that Hollywood helped create. A lot can be done to trick the eyes at night with unique aerial objects and lighting effects. It's not all lasers or high-tech to do it too.

Who owns the night? The military UFO's do.

ANY UFO sighting near military or industry aircraft facilities is NEVER ET-Aliens. It's always going to be the military. Thanks for all the "productive insanity" guys! Your mass psychosis does wonders for your veterans and Americans and makes trillions more for Hollywood and the Military Industrial Complex.

Do ET-Aliens traveling light years to Earth crash at Roswell or anywhere near Military Operations? That stinks of PSYOPS, UFO Theology, and little ET's that love Strawberry Ice Cream.