Monday, January 25, 2016

My Interest in Oak Island is Flagging

I was asked over the weekend how the two guys, the Lagina brothers, could afford this on-going semi-investigation into the Oak Island Treasure. I think part of the answer is History (they used to be the History Channel). I think History is footing quite a bit of the bill, paying the guys for hanging around Oak Island, renting the equipment, and bringing in the distractions to keep the Laginas from getting to the bottom of either the Money Pit or the Bore Hole.

Let me explain.

Over the years I have heard about the astronomical payments made to some of the people participating on these alleged reality shows. The people on Jersey Shore seemed to have become millionaires because of their association with that show. I’ve heard that those on Storage Wars made something like thirty to sixty thousand an episode for that program. Dakota Fred from Gold Rush complained that he wasn’t paid the same rate as Todd Hoffman and some of his crew and that Discovery forked out something like twelve million to fund the bungle in the jungle. Hoffman and crew managed to rake in something like two ounces of gold and a couple of thousand in tiny diamonds during that fiasco.

I could go on in that vein, but all you have to do is take a stroll around the Internet and find some of this information. Given how some of this came out… through court documents, arrests, and lawsuits, if the numbers aren’t accurate then they’re pretty close. The people on these shows are getting paid big bucks to appear on them, and the guys on Gold Rush not only get paid for being there, there is the added bonus of all that gold they mine (and for those who think they’re wrecking the environment, well they showed just what they do to reclaim the land… which, on the show looked very impressive).

As for the diversions on The Curse of Oak Island, that is to keep the show going because if it wasn’t for all that running around the world, the show might have ended in the first season. Clearly History is responsible for the diversions which is not to say that they are planting things to be found such as the Spanish coin that was centuries old but that you could buy  on eBay for a few bucks… and they weren’t responsible for the sword that was apparently found in the water off Oak Island whatever that meant. Still, screwing around with the sword that was, what, maybe a hundred years old, took up a great deal of time as did flying to Miami to have the coin evaluated. Too bad there were no coin dealers in Canada or the Northeast who could have told them about it.

We’re again treated to a suggestion that another diving team was going to attempt to get down through the Bore Hole. It just seems to me that this avenue could have been explored long ago and it makes you wonder if they know that there is nothing down there. If there isn’t, then interest falls way off… but if there is, then some of these other activities make sense.

I don’t know about you, but they’re drawn this out to the point where I just don’t care anymore. Oh, sure, if they could up with a huge treasure that would rekindle my interest, but at this point it is flagging rapidly. There had better be some kind of a payoff soon, or I’ll be one of the many tuning out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Randle,

How are you? Are you available to interview for various radio shows, and do you have a email that I can send a request for you to for interview for a top show? Thanks!

TheDimov said...

I dunno, I've followed the mystery for so long that I've become just like Rick; I'm fascinated now even more in the history of the island, and whatever might crop up no matter what. Rick gets excited over almost anything, I don't know whether its a genuine historical interest or just plain romanticism but I feel almost the same way unlike his brother Marty whose patience I imagine has worn thin, and I would take most people might feel the same. But I'd watch it every week, I just love seeing what they uncover.

If of course things are planted, then obviously I wouldn't want to spend a second more watching, but who's to know. I like to think the passion of the brothers and co is real.

Terry the Censor said...

Sounds like you are right, Kevin, that they have no financial incentive to solve the mystery. Perhaps they know there's nothing down there, as you suggest, but I can think of a more cynical explanation: they never believed there was any treasure and so don't care to find out. Maybe all they ever wanted was a premise for a reality show pitch.

I've joked elsewhere about the next wave of paranormal reality shows. My favourite invention was Hangar 18 Storage Wars.

albert said...

I would watch Hangar 18 Storage Wars! As entertainment, not as a documentary:) You should pitch it soon, before someone steals your idea. Sadly, it's just the sort of thing those cable channels might buy into.
Drew Cary said it best: [TV series salaries are] "crazy money".
(see:, then extrapolate down to the mere millionaire presenters.

"Contrived" is a word, that, had it not been defined, would have been coined specifically to describe those 'reality' shows.

Any thoughts on the newly-resuscitated X-Files?

Ah, science fiction, a welcome change from the pseudo-reality stuff we're bombarded with daily. I'll be watching Part 1 tonight.

. .. . .. --- ....

Brian B said...

I have to agree with Kevin on this.

Last evening's show was a massive disappointment clearly designed to keep you coming back each week. It's so painfully obvious now.

As said before, if there was a treasure found we would have heard about it by now. The show is clearly about the history of the island and the treasure hunting efforts and theories - not about actually finding a treasure.

Timm said...

Oh, there was undoubtedly something in that hole at one time. I haven't wasted my time watching that show though. While it would be great if the Laginas found what it is/was, I figure that I would hear about it soon enough.

albert said...

@Brian, @Tim,

I've often thought about this. What if they found treasure, bigfoot, etc.? How do you extend the series, and keep that 'secret' until the end of the season? Don't forget that those shows are 'filmed' months before they are broadcast. Does everyone sign NDAs? Or do they choose subjects with little likelihood of being discovered, explained, or debunked?

Actor: Well, we found that amazing treasure. I'm so excited!

Producer: We got a 3-year contract that we gotta milk out, so I expect everyone to observe their NDAs, and shut up 'til the final episode.

I hate to be so cynical......:)
. .. . .. --- ....

Unknown said...

I agree with all of the above.

Perhaps someone could tell me, or explain to me, why do they bother to still look? I have watched on two occasions where ancestors (three woman) of the original three lads came on the show, and told how three or four treasure chests were carried out of the pit, and divvied up between the original hunters. Why was there never any follow up investigation, or questioning, on this claim or find, or any relics other then a simple gold cross?

Maybe I just missed the episode (s), that offer the answers I seek. Seems to me if three chests were recovered, well.... other then the arch of the covenant, there cant be to much left?

Also has there ever been an explanation of how with out modern equipment such and elaborate system tunnels, vaults, and boo bee traps hundreds of feet below the earth, and sea, in mostly cold weather conditions, were built? Sounds like another pyramid puzzle, an unbelievable undertaking, at a time in history what seems impossible, what with no evidence blue prints, crude drawings, or tools to be found. This must have taken years, and surly more then one person died during this elaborate excavation of land, and sea. No graves, no bodies? Comon guys throw us a bone.

Unknown said...

Rick and crew are getting payed, or what?

Unknown said...

Do Laguna's get a amount per show?

Unknown said...

Agree with you totally. I am getting bored with it all.