Thursday, January 28, 2016

Curse of Oak Island - Finally Some Success

I have been complaining about the Curse of Oak Island for a long time now because it doesn’t seem they are making any progress. They keep getting diverted on other tasks that might interest some but they do little to prove there is anything extraordinary about Oak Island. There are those who suggest that what has been found has a natural explanation (though I don’t know how you explain the coconut fiber laid under the sand or the network of tunnels that fill with water which are considered a booby trap). I think that the treasure, if it was ever there, was retrieved a long time ago, before the boys began digging in 1795.

This week we were treated to a Skype conversation and to another diver who could get to the bottom of 10 X. This guy seemed to be confident that he could do it, and said that he would give it a try. But, before we got to that, there was another tour of the island and the like.

To keep this short, I’ll cut to the last few minutes. The diver talked about his plan, we saw an array of equipment and the safety measures. He was lowered into 10 X, and we can hear the progress as he goes deeper. We can’t see much because the water is cloudy but then, he’s in a tube that isn’t very wide so there really isn’t much to see anyway. He got down to the drill bar that was blocking the hole… and that is quite impressive because they keep mentioning that this part of 10 X is only two feet in diameter. I just don’t understand how an adult to get into that hole, not to mention diving in it upside down.

He got hung up by that drill bar but was able to get around it and entered the chamber, the dome, the void that was just beyond it. We learn that he has made it to the bottom. He is now over 200 feet below ground and standing in this chamber that has been sort of the focus for this whole season. After so many attempts, a diver has reached the bottom.

And that’s where it ends, and frankly, I don’t blame them. What a great “cliffhanger” to suck us to the season finale (I think) next week. But then we get a clue for what is to come in the previews for that show. The diver has found a box and it’s heavy. They also seemed to have put a camera down another hole they had drilled in what they think is the original money pit earlier in the episode and claim to see something metallic down there as well.

I’ve been fooled by clever editing of previews on other shows so that when you finally see the whole scene it isn’t what we had been led to believe. (I think of the Snake Island nonsense where they showed the lid of a chest buried in the ground that could contain great wealth only to learn, once they dig it out, that it is only the lid.) This is probably more of the same, but we do have the diver standing on the solid ground at the bottom of 10 X and we do have hints that they found something else as well. Given that, and given I have followed this thing since the beginning, I’ll tune in. Oh, I expect to be disappointed, but the potential is finally there for a big payoff because the diver is standing on solid ground at the bottom of 10 X.


NotRichard said...

I might make a YouTube video of all the interesting discoveries from these past 3 seasons, should be about 10 minutes long and viewers will still be as caught up as those of us who've sat through the whole thing.

KRandle said...

All =

Last night I caught another season finale and it seems that the diver, when asked if the void he's in is man made seemed to suggest that it is natural. At least that was my impression. This is odd, because it seems to give away one of the big secrets that is coming up. Could it be that after all this, Bole Hole 10 X broke into a natural void rather than something built to hold treasure...

And it seemed that the Lagina brothers might be thinking about ending their quest. It has been three seasons and they have nothing to show for it.

albert said...

A 3-season contract? :)
"... once they dig it out, that it is only the lid...."

"It's only a lid" might replace "jump the shark" for these kind of shows.

. .. . .. --- ....

Coalmonkey said...

Seen a clip on daily motion, and the diver says his in a tunnel.

Coalmonkey said...

I have rather enjoyed reading your blog.
think the diver said his in the tunnel, didn't get the impression that it was natural. Guessing will we find out soon.
I hope it's man made, looking forward to some sort answer to the oak island puzzle.
The post at the bottom of 10x gives me reason to believe it's man made.
Fingers crossed for the brothers

KRandle said...

All -

Caught the preview again and there is some confusion here (probably mine). One of the guys, talking about something said it looked man made and one of the others said it looked natural. We'll all know on Tuesday.

Coalmonkey said...

I have only seen the clip from the daily motion site, got a feeling it's not the same one.
The joys of viewing from the uk, and I have to wait till Wednesday to see