Thursday, October 13, 2016

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Don Ecker

Don Ecker
This week’s show featured Don Ecker who has been around the UFO scene nearly as long as I have. Don was the Director of Research for UFO magazine for nearly two decades and reported on some of the most important incidents of the last twenty or thirty years. He is a trained investigator, having worked with a number of police agencies, but has, sort of retired from the UFO field. Although I had planned to talk with him about his exit from the field, and we did touch on that, we explored the cattle mutilations which were big last century (though they continue today) and what he thought of as human mutilations. You can hear our discussion here:

Going off topic here, sort of, those interested in the ebook version of Roswell in the 21st Century, I am told it will be available on the morning of October 14 at both Amazon Kindle and Nook, and is currently available at the iBookstore for $9.99 at:

And for those who have not had enough election discussion (at least in this country) I point out that X-Zone Broadcast Network is conducting a poll concerning the popularity of the various hosts. You can vote at:

Yes, you can vote for me and to quote Bluto (John Belushi in Animal House), “It don’t cost nothing…”

Next Week’s guest: Keith Chester

Topic: Foo Fighters (or as I think of it, the first modern wave of UFO sightings).


Wayne Patterson said...

Thank you for doing one of the only shows that cover unknown phenomenon with balance, and without the political topic infusion whether elections, climate madness, or social and personal issues. I have had to stop listening to one that I had listened to after getting the message from the hosts regular statements indicating the contempt they had for people who didn't share their views.....You are always fair, thorough, and stay out of those things......and don ecker is always interesting to listen to....and I know both of you have done police/ vampire sci-fi, and I enjoyed both books...good show

John Steiger said...

Finally a vote worth casting!

P.S. Appears you are currently in second place behind only X-Zone site host Rob McConnell, and it may not be best politic to outpoll him!

Craig McDaniel said...


Good show with Don. I do have a open question about Don's comments on the cattle mutilations. (not touching the human cases) Don and yourself mentioned ideas about cattle mutilations, neither of you come up any final thoughts why they were happening and for a very long time?

We had stories here in Oklahoma and the Satanic group(s) were pointed to. Trouble was, not one speck of evidence, including foot prints, tire impressions, nothing. There were cattle thief rings but they were stealing for the money and not to mutilate.

I have a theory about the why and what, but wanted to hear your and maybe Don's.