Friday, January 27, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern
This week I chatted with Nick Redfern about his upcoming book, Secret Societies: The Complete Guide to Histories, Rites, and Rituals, which will appear in March, 2017. As we talked about Hitler and if he survived the fall of Berlin, if there were FEMA camps built and ready to house dissidents, and a couple of other things, I realized that we were dwelling on the negative. The book isn’t actually that negative, it was that these items had caught my attention. There was a lot that was positive in the book, and we did touch on some of that. You can listen to the program here:

We did talk about UFOs and a shadowy organization in England that seemed to pop up periodically to communicate (harass?) UFO researchers there. They sent out letters that did suggest that organization did exist but it wasn’t clear if it was some sort of government operation or something that one or two people did for some unknown reason. The letters were real and the information they mentioned was real but there just might not have been an organization.

For those interested, the book contains some two hundred entries covering a wide range of topics dealing with all sorts of thing, as noted above. Most of it is in neutral language which means that Nick has presented the facts with little editorial commentary. Or, in other words, the reader can make up his or her mind about the various entries.

Next week’s guest: Stan Gordon

Topic: Kecksburg UFO Crash, cryptozoology and the paranormal.


albert said...


I listened with interest to your interview with Nick Redfern. He's one of the folks I find reasonable and objective.

I was surprised at the discussion of Hitler conspiracies. I therefore recommend the History Channel series, Hunting Hitler. It's quite a detailed investigation into the idea that Hitler did make it to South America after the war. While not offering metaphysical certainty, it does show plausibility. Yes, there are problems with some parts, but not nearly as many or as serious as most shows of this genre.

It's quite likely that the Nazis had escape plans, secret to all but a chosen few. They were too thorough not to have had them.

Regarding FEMA. Their absolute failure in dealing with Katrina doesn't mark them as capable of dealing with anything. OTOH, -all- Federal agencies have contingency plans. Most -have- to remain secret, even for 'national security' reasons.

The last election debacle blowback has the government and political parties in the process of the involuntary evacuation of rectangular, baked-clay building materials.

You can bet they're dusting off those 'contingency plans'.

The natives are getting a little -too- restless.

. .. . .. --- ....

starman said...

To my knowledge, no academic historian thinks Hitler escaped. Had that been his intention, he wouldn't have waited as long as late April 1945. All the surviving witnesses concur that he died and was cremated, at least partially. The Soviets found his lower jawbone and upper dental bridge, positively identified as belonging to Hitler by his dentist Dr. Blaschke and dental assistant Kathie Heseurmann.

Paul Young said...

Even if Hitler had escaped to South America...would his ego have allowed him to stay silently out of the limelight?

By chance, this morning's Daily Mail is running an article on the death this week, of Goebbels' secretary Brunhilde Pomsel.

She was in the Berlin bunker till the very end, and after the deaths of Hitler, Gsebbels' and others, the rest of them were basically awaiting the very daunting reality that they were shortly to be at the mercy of the Red Army. If there was another way out of that bunker, you have to presume that Brunhilde Pomsel and her colleagues would have done their best to find it and use it.
I suppose the guy who had entered the bunker three weeks earlier could have been a Hitler body-double...but of course, he would have had to have been extremely convincing in order to fool so many of the other people locked in that bunker who knew Hitler.

albert said...

IIRC, the issue was dealt with in the first or so episode, which I missed. The longer he waited, the better chance of not leaving any doubts behind. Loyal Nazis who stayed behind followed the pre-planed script. The Soviets had a vested interest in a dead Hitler, not an escaped one.

Of course, Hitler was eventually consumed by his own ambition (like Hil'ry!). I believe the world might have been a very different place if he hadn't attack Russia. (Our debt to Russia should not be forgotten.) According to the series "High Hitler", he was wasted on drugs often, and in his later life, all the time. That was a well done and fascinating show, BTW.

A theory pursued by the series was that Hitler was planning a Fourth Reich, to attack the US from South America. They dealt with all the points you made (except Hitlers ego:).

As I said, they demonstrated the -plausibility- of such a scenario, and backed it up every step of the way.

I'm not affiliated with the show, in any way. I just wanted to point out how such shows can be made. It's steps ahead of most of it's ilk, like Oak Island, and especially the UFO ones.

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KRandle said...

All -

Nick DID NOT suggest that Hitler survived the end of the war... merely that some wanted to believe it... Let's not get hung up on the wild theories. Remember his book is about much more than the few paragraphs he devoted to Hitler...

KRandle said...

All -

Nick DID NOT suggest that Hitler survived the end of the war... merely that some wanted to believe it... Let's not get hung up on the wild theories. Remember his book is about much more than the few paragraphs he devoted to Hitler...