Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Curse of Oak Island - Another Bust

Last week they dug another deep pit, this one wide enough for a diver (though Borehole 10X is barely wide enough, the new one is positively spacious), into what they thought of as a chamber or vault that might contain treasure. This chamber was apparently discovered in the late nineteenth century by one of the many other companies and individuals who searched for treasure on Oak Island. With the hole completed, with a metal casing that nearly penetrated that “vault,” they dug out the last few feet of soil, and were ready for a diver. They found two who would make the descent into what I thought of as a death trap.

One of the divers, with his metal detector, found what he thought of as three points where there were substantial hits that suggested metal and there was talk of having found some of the treasure. We got a description that suggested metal bars that the diver was unable to recover, but given the depth, the visibility and his lack of any real tools to extract anything, it wasn’t surprising. We were left with the impression that these metal deposits would be worked, and in the next episode we would see the results of all this activity.

Well, we did, and it was a bust. Another diver descended into what can only be called the murky depths and with his metal detector could find no trace of all this metal. In the hours or days between the dives, the metal had vanished… or more likely, was never there. The first results came from false readings. Attempts to duplicate the results failed. Attempts to extract any metal failed. It seemed that there had not been anything down there, but the water was so full of sediment and debris that the diver couldn’t see much of anything.

Now, we head back to the mainland and to another stone that might be some sort of giant head carved hundreds of years ago and might be some sort of acknowledgement of the Templars… though to me it looked like a weathered stone and they were seeing a face (which I could see as well) because of the shape and shadows on the stone. I’m not sure anyone, other than Mother Nature, carved that stone but never let it be said that they weren’t willing to draw a connection to Oak Island no matter how flimsy the evidence might be. Why the face was looking at Oak Island even if the island couldn’t be seen from that distance.

And it’s back to the War Room where they discuss their dwindling finances and what they should do next. Although they say that only have enough money left in the budget to either dig another great hole or re-explore Bore Hole 10X, they decide they’ll do both. They’ll watch their nickels and dimes and they’ll be careful, but they’ll do both.

Although the previews suggest something is dredged up (air lifted?) from 10X that is startling, why am I dubious? For four seasons we’ve been down this road and while they keep finding old debris, the island has been visited from what, three hundred or more years. They’ve found old English coins, a Spanish coin, other evidence of people on the island, but they have found nothing to suggest a substantial treasure. It is one tease after another and I suspect if they don’t find something soon, they’ll run out of money and viewers… and if the viewers go away, so will History’s cameras and nothing will be found.

I now suspect that there is nothing to be found and some of those who created all those companies are laughing in their graves… Do you want to buy stock into a company to search for buried treasure? How about stock in a gold mine? Or how about some advertising on a television show about a search for buried treasure that never pays off? At some point we’re all going to cease to care.


TheDimov said...

Admit it Kevin, this show gives you wood ;) You HAVE to keep coming back juuuuust in case they do miraculously find something. I'm actually glad they're giving it one more crack at 10x and the Money Pit, and I'd imagine if nothing turns up they would finally give in. Well Marty will anyway as he is Mr Moneybags.

This thing of finding faces in things just annoys me though. Its just plain stupid, you can see faces and heads practically anywhere, the mind can morph practically anything into a face. Try it and see; make it a practice to, one day, try and see a face or head whether its looking at your toast, or in a cloud formation, in your teacup, anywhere, and before too long faces pop up all over the place, once you tell your mind to look for it it will find it, and easily. And then you might find yourself, as I did, keep doing it because you've sort of trained yourself to do it.

Tim M. said...

Also, and I hate to ask this, but perhaps you could do us all a favor and watch Hangar 1? ;)

Gary Rietmann said...

Please check out our Facebook page "Curse of Oak Island Photo Gallery" We
have many frame captures from the dives, seems like they are hiding stuff. It could
be equipment that was from the Money Pit Collapse in 1861 or original? Not sure what it is until there is high resolution pictures or something brought up

KRandle said...

Tim M. -

I have already commented on Hangar 1. See:

Robert said...

Kevin and posters
I do watch Curse of Oak Island with great interest. Really its a tragic story of 100s of years of treasure hunting and finding nothing. What appears to have started the more modern Oak Island Treasure Rush was the below article in readers digest back in the 60s.

That being said, in the final analysis, I don't think they will find a pile of gold or pirate loot. Perhaps bits and pieces but that is it. From the comments about the one land owner that supposedly found a couple of chests of pirate gold it makes one wonder if that really was the treasure and everything else has just been add on by treasure hunters over the years. We still have no proof of stone flood tunnels. If they took out their large digger, they could easily trench across the beach, do down many feet and if they hit a stone tunnel, then they have proof. I saw one theory years ago that the stone flood tunnel was a rationalization floated as to why the pit filled up, as opposed to ground water table...which Rick and Marty bump into every hole.

My guess would be that Rick and Marty will keep at it, until they run out of money then Oak Island will rest until the next batch of serious treasure hunters and explor their theories. Then we will hear from the new treasure hunters, new intepretations, new tales and how Rick and Marty got it all wrong, drilled in the wrong locations etc.

The one thing about Rick and Marty is as they are traveling this path, they seem to explore many of the other different theories that have been pushed/promoted. That is a good thing in my book.