Thursday, February 16, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Paul Kimball (Oak Island and More)

This week I talked with Paul Kimball about a variety of topics that included Oak Island, reality TV, and some of the best UFO sightings. You can listen to the program here:

For those interested, since Paul lives in Nova Scotia, the scene of the Oak Island program, and since they have teased us with the idea that treasure has been
Paul Kimball
found, I asked if he had heard anything about that. He said that he hadn’t, but that he didn’t pay close attention to the newspaper reports and he wasn’t overly interested in Oak Island anyway. I wondered if the gold coin they found, according to the tease, and that had been brought up during their latest dig, might have been planted. But, of course, he had no idea if that happened or not. We just speculated that it might have happened and I mentioned an Air Force button allegedly found on the Brazel (Foster) ranch in New Mexico during one of these reality shows had obviously been planted there. The Air Force didn’t exist in 1947 and even if it had, no one would have been wearing a Class “A” uniform out to the remote ranch to lose a button.

Back in January of this year, at, they reported that no treasure had been found on Oak Island. They noted the same thing that I suggested, which is if the treasure had been found, the information would have leaked into the mainstream. The news would have been huge and too big to contain. Or, in other words, no treasure was found and they suggested there is none to find.

We did talk about some of the best UFO cases, and how he had determined which ones to use in his documentary. He’s still interested in Shag Harbour and mentioned that he had talked with people who were involved in the case. Like Roswell, everyone agrees that something fell, it’s just not clear what it was. He thought the idea of a cover-up had not been proved, though there was certainly some government secrecy.

Interestingly, he talked with a crew man who had once been involved in the same sort of radar and training flights as had been the crew of the RB-47, which was a radar and visual sighting case in 1957. He mentioned that Brad Sparks had provided him with some of the analysis and that he had challenged Tim Printy, who writes and publishes the SUNlite skeptical newsletter, to come up with a solution. Printy spent on issue of his newsletter on analysis and Paul said that the analysis was interesting. What I noticed was that the man Paul talked to, who had been flying the same sort of mission as those on the RB-47 that had the first sighting, reported a similar incident. Asked what it was, the crewman said, “A UFO.” Sometimes it just comes down to where you sit on the no alien – alien visitation continuum.

Next week’s guest: Colonel Charles Halt

Topic: Rendlesham and Left at East Gate


RRRGroup said...

I made it through the podcast opening – that paranormal meme of a distorted voice speaking into a toilet – and was delighted to hear Paul Kimball’s mellifluous voice.

Then we listeners were sidetracked by too much time spent on the Curse of Oak Island and Shag Harbor, which Don Ledger has been flogging for a few decades now, and few care: it’s a non-interesting thing that fell into the water, maybe even just a dying pelican.

Paul has a vista view of UFOs and the paranormal. More time should have been spent on that. I hope you get him back on, sooner than later. He’s interesting and erudite.


Paul Young said...

Concerning next weeks show;
When Halt goes into his obligatory character assassination of Larry Warren (which is as certain as the sun rising here in Manchester in about an hour), I hope KR asks him how long he thinks the story could have been kept away from public consumption without Warren's whistle-blowing.

Also... why does he give Jim Penniston a comparatively free pass (in comparison to his criticism of Warren) concerning his binary code story, which seemed to be dramatically embellished as a certain anniversary approached...(which, in my humble opinion, is as damaging to the Rendlesham Incident's credibility as anything Warren has come out with...)

NotRichard said...

The Lagina brothers were on Colbert earlier this week with some coconut matting and a pair of scissors. I suspect the scissors are the subject of the 2h special, because they were 17th C IIRC.

KRandle said...

Paul Young -

I have a tape of a conversation between Warren and Halt which is quite interesting. For example, Halt asks if Warren had ever taken a polygraph and Warren said that he had done a voice stress analysis. It had been conducted by Larry Fawcett but I spoke with Fawcett on May 28, 1996, and Fawcett said that he had never done a VSA with Warren. He said, "I never voice-stress analyzed him."

In that same conversation, Halt asked, "Where did the little green men come from?"

Warren said, "They weren't green."

So the problems with Warren's tale is that it fails to match with that of those who were there and that aspects of Warren's story seems to be more confabulation than reality.

The difference between Penniston and Warren is that Penniston was actually, physically there and Warren doesn't seem to have been.

KRandle said...

Rich -

Oak Island is something that interests a great number of people. It is something that I'm interested in, though at this point, my interest is rapidly fading. Paul lives in Nova Scotia, has been to Oak Island, and provides an interesting perspective on what may be but probably isn't buried there.

Of course, Paul will return to the program... and while ghost hunting isn't an particular interest of mine, it will be one of the topics covered.

RRRGroup said...


I know that Oak Island fascinates you and you have to get it out of your system.

I just wanted to hear more from Paul about UFOS, a topic he has put on his back burner, sadly.

The ghost thing bores me too, but we all have interests we like to share.


purrlgurrl said...

Some of us think Shag Harbour is still a fascinating event that's never been satisfactorily explained, even as being purely mundane (which it most likely was). Unlike Roswell or even Socorro, at least there were multiple eyewitnesses to whatever went into the water.

Americans are too xenophopic when it comes to interesting UFO cases. If it didn't happen in the US of A, it either didn't happen for them or they don't care about it. No wonder the study of UFOs has been dead in the water for 70-plus years.

Terry the Censor said...

Kevin's show is hosted by a Canadian network that, no doubt, is required by Canadian law to broadcast Canadian content. He's done well to our statutes by discussing Shag Harbour and Oak Island with various Canadian UFO celebrities (a category I have just invented).

But there is a downside Rich is not considering. When will Kevin be obliged, when running out of other candidates, to interview Paul Hellyer or Stanton Friedman?

Surely I -- a lifelong Canadian! -- will be interviewed before those two!

KRandle said...

Terry the Censor -

There is no Canadian law that requires the show to contain Canadian content. I am solely responsible for booking the guests. The only criterion I use is that the guest be interesting, which is not to say they must be rational. The interesting programs seem to be those in which the guest has some sort of outrageous theory that we can explore.

There are literally hundreds of people who can be interviewed about the various topics that fit the category of the show, which, of course, is what I want it to be with no outside influence.

Terry the Censor said...

> which is not to say they must be rational


Be sure to include "rational" or "irrational" tags on future show announcements!

Brian B said...

I've listened to most of Kevin's shows and it's quite clear that he is booking people (as he states above), who have interesting theories both rational and irrational. Kevin doesn't opine on air about their theories, he just facilitates a discussion that largely lets them share their viewpoints. There are some interviews where we know Kevin disagrees with something, but he doesn't redirect the guest on purpose.

I don't know if this is the right approach or not, but the interviews have been interesting.

I could do without the repetitive junk ads, but that's to be expected and not under Kevin's control.

I do wish the shows were longer though, because the discussion never gets deep enough...not enough time.