Thursday, March 02, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Barry Greenwood

Barry Greenwood
Barry Greenwood was the guest on this week’s program. Barry is one of the UFO field’s historians, preserving the documentation that has been accumulated over the years, including the periodicals that were professionally produced (magazines) and the newsletters and other printed material from the civilian UFO organizations. You can find the interview here:

(A side note … this is the American Talk Network rather than the YouTube site… all the programs are stored here in chronological order so that you can access the older programs more easily than you could on YouTube.)

Given what Colonel Halt had said last week, and since Barry with his partner Larry Fawcett were the ones who brought the Rendlesham Forest case into focus in the U.S., we did talk about that, learning a little more about Larry Warren’s role in it and some of the things that Warren had done and said in the past. This included the controversial picture he circulated not all that long ago that showed an Air Force A-10 attack jet with a UFO over it at the Bendwaters base. According to Barry, the picture had been manipulated because in an older version of that picture, there was no UFO in it.

I did ask if there were some UFO cases that he thought of as interesting and he mentioned the Levelland UFO landings from November 1957. While the Air Force attempted, at one time to suggest the sightings were the result of ball lightning, it is clear that the answer is inadequate given the number of reports from independent sources.

For those interested, the following photographs were taken in the Levelland area at the sites where the UFO was reported to have landed.

Pedro Saucido landing site.
FM 1490, the scene of the Clem and Long sightings.
Highway 114, the scene of the Wheeler and Wright sightings.

On the edge of Levelland, Texas. All photographs of the area are
copyright of Kevin Randle.

Next week’s guest: Brenda Mcclurkin, UTA Special Collections

Topic: The Ramey Memo and the University of Texas at Arlington’s role in the latest attempt to read it.


BF said...

Great interview L.t. Col (Rte) Kevin Randle and Mr Barry Greenwood,

Also enjoyed the Col Halt's (Rte) interview which blends in with this one. Enjoyed the frank discussion with Barry Greenwood's plus uses footnotes in his work. Also the great work of the late Police officer L.t. Larry Fawcett and UFO Researcher. These United States historical researchers have left a catch of amazing interviews within their work and agree in any line of work vetting has its risks.

Getting back to the Dr Randle interview with Mr Barry Greenwood in the book 'The UFO Cover Up' (Clear Intent) 1984. On (page 210,Greenwood & Fawcett, 1984) you discuss the unidentified objects over military base did you have report of this on the European mainland near the Soviet Border and did hear any unknowns activities at Chinese/ Israeli/French nuclear military installations at that same time in 1975?

Regarding the "Bentwaters Case" Col Halt's seemed to have come across genuine and frank about the events that occurred in 1980. The fact his is a former USAF Col and commanded such a military facility should raise alarm bells!! for those who actually been on military bases (not civilians researchers with none experience) and agree something very strange occur but not only bentwaters during that time. Who was or what will never know and do not think it was some odd (BS) made event (Not ignoring the security implications of intrusion on military bases during that period in history during the Cold War and events on British Mainland. Not forgetting the Iranian Crisis in 1979 and the effects on Iranian embassy in 1980 at that time and other events. The authorities would not be playing about with covert games against its own troops or allies especially at nuclear bases). There were sighting prior to the event and after on other military bases. Not ignoring civilian aircraft sightings . Was it Soviet/Chinese/ Israeli or ? not ignoring late Major Keyhole (211-212, Greenwood & Fawcett, 1984).

Furthermore, L.t. (Rte) Kevin Randle what's you thoughts on Mr Bob Lazar and Mr Nick Cook theories on experimental aircraft? and their alleged eyewitness accounts? Also the serious implications of ongoing security relationship to UFOs and nuclear facilities (228,Greenwood & Fawcett, 1984) by eyewitness testimonies??

Fendrich said...

Hi Kevin, thanks for your huge contributions to the field. I've been enjoying the podcasts immensely. I've got a suggestion for next weekend's interview with the folks from Arlington. Is there a chance that they could benefit from this new neural net approach to deblurring of astronomical images?

Paul Young said...

Once more, a really good interview.
There's so much more that I would have liked to have heard from Barry Greenwood...mainly over his experiences with the British ufologists and in which way he felt they were undermining his (and others) attempts to fathom this case...And also, his thoughts on why they might do that. (though I expect he is far too polite to go into detail.)
I've often wondered why Jenny Randles made such a U-turn on the case and went along with all that bollocks spouted by Ian Ridpath.
So where does this leave us as far as the "whistle-blower" is concerned? Sorry for keep banging on about this but it still bugs me that everything about the RI is as clear as mud, right down to who was the original "leak".
Halt, in his interview with KR, insists the story would have broke without Warren because some phantom called Engles (alias Roberts)just happened to bump into a ufologist/author called Brenda Butler,down the pub, and blabbed the story that seemingly (nowadays) is associated to the 3rd night experiences of Adrian Bustinza.
I seem to be the only person who finds it baffling that the only person who doesn't seem to want to get in on the Bentwaters the person we should thank for bringing the story to the world in the first place.
I'm thinking aloud here, but is "Engles" actually Bustinza?

For me, Greenwood is one of the clearest thinkers out of the people who have tried to investigate the RI, and it's a travesty that other Ufologists should have tried to hamper him.
It's bad enough that Governments/Militarys try to cover the situation up, without fellow investigators adding to the mis-information mine field.
I'm hoping Kevin Randle can get Greenwood back for another interview in the near future.