Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Curse of Oak Island and the Knights Templar Cross

I now understand why the Laginas boys are chasing the Knights Templar again. It has nothing to do with that lead cross recovered during one of the recent metal detector sweeps. I believe it has to do with the upcoming programs on History about the Knights Templar. It is known as cross (forgive the unintentional pun) pollination.

But first, I journey into the past. Remember that old program, Chasing UFOs? They went to Roswell, camped out on the debris field (or so they said) and found a button off an Air Force uniform that some said proved the Air Force had been there… but all it really proved was that someone didn’t know his or her history. In July 1947, when it is said the UFO crashed, the Air Force didn’t exist as a separate branch, and if a button from a Class A uniform was found that had any relevance, it would have been from an Army uniform. It was clear to me that someone had planted that button out there for those camping to find. Someone who didn’t know the history of the military and someone who didn’t know that the debris field had been searched many times by many people using a variety of methods and the button had escaped detection. For more information on this, see:

So now we move to the Curse of Oak Island, and it had seemed that they had abandoned the Knights Templar connection a couple of seasons ago. Now they were back following those leads, which took them again to Europe, particularly France, where they found a Templar cross carved into the stone of a dungeon. It was a strange looking cross, with the left arm longer than the right and a bit of a loop, or maybe an “eye” at the top. They point this out to us, calling it a Templar cross… But you can find the images for the Knights Templar cross here:

And none of them look like the cross on Oak Island or the one carved into the wall of that dungeon which is seen here.

And then, coincidentally, a cross made of lead, was found on Oak Island that bears a striking resemblance to the cross craved in the dungeon. Extraordinary coincidence, or maybe something a little bit sinister?

It seemed to me, as mentioned on the program, that the cross was in very good condition, and had it been hiding there on the island all these years, you would expect it to be somewhat degraded… but not it was buried and they had unearthed it during all their boring around on the island. It wouldn’t have been exposed to the elements they way it would have been on the surface.

I’m not sure that I buy that because even if buried, it would have been exposed to chemicals in the soil and to the water that seems to be so close to the surface. To me it looked too pristine.  But hey, just my opinion…

Until I saw the promo for the upcoming programs about the Knights Templar. Now it seems to be cross promotion and a way to spin off a new series because it is becoming clear that the Laginas aren’t going to find any treasure. They’ve played around on the island for years, brought in amazing technology, dug down to the bedrock in what they said was the original money pit and they have no treasure. The string has just about played out.


Mr. Sweepy! said...

The real connection is this is on the History Channel. They have turn this show more about the history of the island and the people who looked for the treasury. The Templar story line is just a bonus to the network.

Earth Dust said...

The cross doesn't seem to be lead to me. There are interesting features on the cross if you enlarge and possibly darken the image. I can't see scratches and dents that would normally be on lead. The head seems to be a cross section of a "head".

Unknown said...

I was thinking the cross was planted as well and Im glad to see this is being discussed. Its odd that after seeing the templar cross on the prison wall that a week later they find the cross on the beach.In ten inches of soil for 800 years on beach that should have been swept over countless times. Oh and then to top it all off the very next commercial is for Marty Lagina's new Cival War Gold show. Im going to finish out this season of Oak Island just to see but after that Im done.

Michael Givens said...

I agree with you that it seemed very convenient that Rick and his nephews went to Domme, saw the cross image on the prison wall and then found a lead cross on the beach of Oak Island that does at least bear a resemblance to the wall carving. Sinister? I would hope not, but you never know what shows will do for ratings. I've watched almost every episode of this show and always find myself disappointed at the end of every season because there are usually more questions than answers. So it was great to see them actually find something albeit even if it wasn't in the money pit. I hope the cross wasn't falsely planted or anything like that.

I do think they mention your point about the lead cross/Domme carving not quite matching a traditional Templar cross though. I could be mistaken, but I think they attribute the shape of this particular cross to a much older symbol than that traditional Christian cross - something that has to do with a female deity from the middle east region. According to the show, this was an image that the Templars began to revere from their time in the Middle East during the crusades. I'm not an expert on the matter, but just thought I'd mention that.

Unknown said...

If the old man dug that part 50 years ago the cross would be pulled up to the top and not found. If this is the knight temples? If you find it. It's like painting a bullseye on your back because everybody is going to fight over it and world war three will start just leave it be.