Thursday, June 07, 2018

Important Administration Notes

Rich Reynolds over at UFO Conjectures alerted me yesterday to a Blogger problem. Seems that all the comments posted to our blogs are not sent to us via email as they are supposed to be. Some are dumped into an area that tells us they are waiting for us to monitor them. I’m not sure why this is happening because there is no reason for it. Comments by those who visit here regularly are there and who comments are often sent to me via email are, but not all of them. It seems to be hit or miss.

Rich said that he found some 1500 comments. I only found a few hundred but they go back a number of months. The point, I suppose, is if you made a comment and didn’t see it posted, it might have ended up waiting for me to review it in that file.

An updated photo. The military picture
is now, what, 14 years old?
Looking deeper, I found that some comments have ended up in the spam folder… something more than 300. True, most of those comments, in that folder would have been deleted because they are mere advertisements for some other website or some product and many probably aren’t legitimate. Anyway, I need to go through those as well.

I will note that I don’t always post everything. If you have a complaint about me, well, if it is nasty or unjustified, it won’t see the light of day here. If it is a logical extension of the discussion that suggests I have errored in some fashion, then sure, I’ll post it, and sometimes respond.

In the past there have been several interesting comments that have also included nasty and irrelevant remarks about the president and some that included pleasant endorsements of the president that were also irrelevant. I have no desire to get into those discussions which are often ugly, filled with contempt and have nothing to do with the topics I discuss here. Put in a political comment, from any point of the spectrum, and it will disappear faster than a UFO being chased by a fighter or a snowball in July.

The point here, of course, is to let you know that something has changed with blogger (I found a note on blogger telling me they had made some changes) and if your comments weren’t posted, the problem is probably there. Sorry for the inconvenience, but as they say, “It’s not my fault.”


Lorrie Causey said...

.you might have already seen it, but Joe Nickell over at the Skeptical Inquirer website has launched what can only be described as a hatchet job on the navy F/A-18 pilot who saw the "tic-tac" shaped UFO......

djemptyx said...

Hi Lorrie, I think the assessment of Joe and his in-the-know “The Major” of the info behind the Fravor account is,...hogwash. Several times he (or the sources he cites) has taken pieces of Fravor’s story out of the original context. Fravor’s flight experience was a whopping 3500 hour, if I recall. I think a pilot with this much experience knows what he saw that day. A drone does not move the way Fravor described in the interviews. Whereas we still don’t have 100% proof of this encounter, I likewise do not believe Joe and the Major have done a “hatchet job” on the event.