Friday, October 26, 2018

Treasure Quest, Season Four, Speculation

I have been asked, a number of times, about the last episode of Treasure Quest. Though I would prefer to deal mainly with UFOs and other paranormal topics right now, I have reached a few conclusions about that show. If I have worked out the timeline correctly, the season just completed was filmed during our summer months in the northern hemisphere of 2017. That means that what we saw in those last episodes broadcast, ended with the beginning of the rainy season in November 2017.

That means, that while we were watching what happened about a year earlier, those guys were back
Quime, Bolivia
in Bolivia, digging and diving in the tunnel they had found last year. People wondered about them broadcasting information about the find before they had the chance to exploit it. But, if I have the timeline right, they had not released and broadcast the information until they were already back on the site.

We also know that the site isn’t quite the secret nor quite as remote a place as they would like us all to believe. The hints were in the show as they brought in heavy equipment using a “secret” road. When they were forced to leave as the rainy season, 2017, began, they packed their gear into a pickup truck that we’d never seen. Where did it come from and didn’t its very existence prove that there was at least one road into the Sacambaya valley?

The point of this short post is that while we were watching what happened last year, they were in the Sacambaya valley already. I can find nothing that suggests they have had a major success. Given that we all know what they found last year, and that they were back this year, had there been a huge success, I suspect that there would have been some sort of an announcement about it.  Had they found two billion dollars in gold and silver, that story would have leaked. They were too close to Quime and La Paz, and used too much equipment and were in contact with too many people from those areas for the story not to have slipped out.

I have been wrong before, but I don’t believe they have had a major strike. I don’t know what they found, nor how much what they found was worth, but I’d be surprised if it was more than the few silver coins displayed, and possibly a couple of gold bars that seemed to be indicated in that video taken for the last show.

Given that the rainy season begins in November, I would bet that they have already begun to leave the area this year. At best, they have just a few days left there. That means they’ve finished the second season (fourth if you count the original Snake Island version) and are on their way home. Post production and other work will begin shortly, and we’ll be treated to the show next summer (here in the northern hemisphere). As I say, I don’t think they’ve found a huge pile of gold and silver. The real money is in production of the show and not in the Sacambaya valley.

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dbuck said...

As I mentioned on another thread, a well-informed friend of mine who is an anthropologist in Cochabamba, not far from Quime, told me he has never heard of the documentary, the quest, whatever. Dan