Wednesday, February 27, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Christopher Montgomery

My most recent guest was Christopher Montgomery, a self-described “true believer,” whose book, UFO’s: A Scientific Inquiry was the subject of the discussion. You can listen to the abbreviated program here (and learn why it was abbreviated):

The whole point was to discuss some of the claims made in his book about MJ-12, Maury Island, Gerald Anderson, Philip Corso, and a few things that he had said
Christopher Montgomery
about me. I read him the quotes but he didn’t have much to say when I challenged the accuracy of them.

I did press him on the evidence for the existence of MJ-12, but it came down to his discussions with someone who claims to have been a member of that committee. If there is no MJ-12, then, of course, anyone who claimed membership is not being as honest as he could be. The point was that there are no undisputed documents and a “inside source” who isn’t identified is no source at all, especially when talking about MJ-12.

He answered (if answered is the right word here) a number of questions by saying, “No comment.”

The one thing that should be remembered here is that I quoted his own words to him, especially about allegations that he had slung at me, and got no response. Mainly, I wanted to know the source of some of this information, but he refused to provide it, saying, basically, it was his opinion. Granted, it was his opinion, but it is wrong.

Let me say this. Over all the years I have been involved in UFO research, I have heard people claiming that I was a debunker for the Air Force, I worked for Hector Quintanilla who was the last official chief of Project Blue Book (for those interested, for the last months of Blue Book’s operation I was in Vietnam and when the Air Force announced it was closing the project, I’d been back for 60 days), that I was a spy for the CIA, that I spied on APRO for the AFOSI, and I don’t know what all. Here was someone else who had said those types of things about me and when I asked about, I just got “No Comment.” Not a satisfactory answer.

I’m not sure why there are those who believe they can say what they want without any repercussions. I wanted a chance to set that part of the record straight. I wanted it understood that the claims were not true… and while I had a long military career, I did nothing for the military that related to UFOs. I did not debunk, I was not an unwilling “shill” for the Air Force, and I follow the evidence.
For the next show, I hope to interview Calvin Parker of Pascagoula fame.  


RedTornado2008 said...

Good interview, Dr Randle. It's a shame how your guest behaved but it shows us a lot about his research methods.

I hope you are able to interview Mr Parker. They did not use hypnotic regression on him for his account which should be a plus.

cda said...

You do realise that if this Mr Montgomery has had discussions with someone who claims to be a member of MJ-12, it means that this unnamed person is MJ-13 and Mr Montgomery is MJ-14. This makes the very name of MJ-12 a misnomer, since we now know there were at least 14 members and not 12. But since the original 12 were all dead before 1987, let us make the most we possibly can out of the only two known surviving members of that unique committee. It could change the world we live in.

John Steiger said...

cda: You may attempt to ridicule Mr. Montgomery's beliefs -- and that is certainly one approach to take -- but I believe Montgomery is genuinely sincere in his belief that Dr. Randle is being unwittingly used by the military to aid in their UFO deception.

Of course I also believe that Montgomery is seriously wrong in this supposition of his about Dr. Randle.

And fortunately, Montgomery performed an incredibly poor job on the program in attempting to back up his belief.