Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Curse of Oak Island - We've Seen All This Before

Yes, it has been a while since I mentioned The Curse of Oak Island. There is a good reason for that. Nothing new is really going on. We’ve seen everything before. We’ve seen them drilling down. We’ve seen them use cameras to search the bottom of their various boreholes. We’ve seen them find structures and coins and artifacts on the surface. And we’ve seen them consult with experts only to cherry pick the responses and make huge leaps in logic.

So, they’ve found structures at Smith’s Cove where they have dug up the beach after erecting a somewhat impressive coffer dam. It seems as if these structures could have been built a couple of hundred years ago and they could have been used for ship repair as Joy Steele suggested. There is nothing there to suggest a complex system to protect a treasure.

They found a concrete or cement structure and for some reason mention that the Romans had created a form of cement. I don’t why they would want to bring the Romans into this when we’ve spent years hearing about the Knights Templar and that iron cross they found last year. It would seem that they could test that cement for its composition and that could provide a clue as to when that particular structure was build. Oh, it’s all very interesting, but it is not getting us any closer to that nonexistent treasure.

We were teased with another coin that was found and for a time I thought that it was something they had pulled up from one of the many deep holes they have dug on the island. But no, it was something else found on the surface. All these things they have found on the surface suggest human habitation but not a treasure. They have found very little actual, expensive artifacts. Everything they have is the kind of thing you’d find using a metal detector in an area where humans have lived for a couple of hundred years.

The attempts to dig down, deeper into the island, are impressive, but what they are pulling up is not; like all that wood that had been used by all those others attempting to get to the treasure. All those tunnels and shafts and other structures that suggest the island has been occupied but nothing to prove there is a treasure. I sometimes wonder if the whole island isn’t propped up by those timbers and removing them will cause Oak Island to sink beneath the waves.

The point here is that each exciting find is on the surface. The point is that they are doing a wonderful job of digging down, reaching to the very bedrock of the island, answering questions from the past, but producing nothing to tell us the treasure is still there if it ever was. So much breathless excitement over a find that is no more impressive than me finding a quarter in the parking lot at Target.

Dan Blankenship
Take bore hole 10X. We were shown those pictures made in the 1970s by Dan Blankenship that seemed to indicate a body, a tool, and a possible box at the bottom. But when they got down there, they found… nothing. Shapes in the soil that seemed to look like a body and a rock that had a square shape. We hear nothing about this any more but I have to admit it was a mystery solved.

So, we see the same things. We jump to same big conclusions. We find more structures that were built by those who were looking for the treasure. And we have evidence that ship repair was at one time the reason for human occupation on the island. But we have no indications that there is any treasure still there which is the big disappointment. I was really hoping they would find some. I do think they have solved the mystery, however.

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edithkeeler said...

Everything they keep finding points more and more to a boat harbor where boat repair was performed. L-shaped structures, U-shaped structures, concrete walls, ramps, metal-spearing objects Even the latest rubber piping stuck in the concrete wall could have been used to help drain water away from a boat-slip compartment so that a boat could be dried out for repair. As could the still-missing concrete box drains that were discovered years ago.