Thursday, May 23, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Dr. Dan Farcas and Hyper-Civilizations

This week I talked to Dr. Dan Farcas, about his book Hyper-Civilization: An Answer to ET Contact on Earth. But before I got to that, I mentioned a story that had appeared just minutes before I started the program (or rather I found just minutes before... it had been posted to a news site about six hours earlier).  This involved a
Dr, Dan Farcas
Pentagon announcement finally admitting the possible existence of UFOs, which they now term “unidentified aerial phenomena (UAO),” and that they investigate reports of them.

The New York Post reported that the DoD spokesman, Christopher Sherwood, said that the secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, did research into UAOs, which are claimed sightings of alien spacecraft. This is something a little different than their standard hoaxes, illusions, delusions and misidentifications nonsense.

Sherwood said, “The Department of Defense is always concerned about maintaining positive identification of all aircraft in our operating environment, as well as identifying any foreign capability that may be a threat to the homeland.”
The military will also continue to investigate reports of UAOs encountered by US military pilots… which is something that I’ve said for years. They are obligated to investigate these, well, UFOs. It’s their mission… the protection of US airspace.

Finished with that, we started the interview with a definition of Hyper-Civilization, which is not something found on Earth, but on other planets were the intelligent life developed hundreds of thousands if not millions of years before that on Earth. Given their head start, they would have developed modes of transport to cross not only interstellar space, but also intergalactic space. And yes, we did get to the point of mentioning that the nearest galaxy is 2.5 million light years away. You can listen to the interview here:

We also discussed the possibility of that those involved in abducting our fellows are artificial constructs designed for the purpose of interacting with we flesh and blood humans. Dan seemed to be of the opinion that there is very little intelligent life in the universe and therefore it is extremely rare in our galaxy. Something on the order of maybe ten intelligent species in the Milky Way. If scattered about in a proper distribution would mean that they would be tens of thousands of light years from us.

Next week, I bother Dr. Bruce Maccabee. In our emails about the show, he provided a long list of interesting topics and we certainly won’t be able to get to them all. However, to complicate all this, if you have a question or two for Bruce, post them to the comments and I’ll try to get to them.


Bryan Sentes said...

If we could remove our anthropocentric (let alone Abramic, ontotheological) blinkers for a second, we'd see there are more than ten intelligent species on earth!

A primer on the matter:

Lorna Hunter said...
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Matt Wiser said...
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Moonman said...

Question to Dr Maccabee:

What is the possibility that some unknown aerial phenomena are holographic projections? This would explain lack of sonic booms and ridiculous accelerations, etc. IR signature might be due to projection at IR wavelengths. IR might help generate radar reflections. A public document has a section about a Airborne Holographic Projector back in 1996. Sounded like just a concept, but such an ability could have opponents running in circles around each other and likely be demoralized and bewildered.

Rene Remington said...

I will investigate when I come to Romania.