Thursday, June 13, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Bruce Fenton

This week I spoke with Bruce Fenton, who, with his wife Danielle, wrote Hybrid Humans: Scientific Evidence of Our 800,000 Year-Old Alien Legacy. The suggestion being that alien creatures from the Pleiades manipulated the genetic material of our pre-homo sapiens ancestors with an eye to developing our intelligence. You can listen to the interview here:

What bothered me was that the information that he was attempting to validate
Bruce Fenton
about this theory was developed, according to him, from an aboriginal artifact that had communicated with an Australian woman, Valerie Burrow. I wasn’t really on board with this idea, but got wrapped up in the validation that Bruce had discovered. I wasn’t really clear on how that this information transfer had worked and it seemed to me that there might be natural solutions for these validations, which, of course would invalidate this evidence.

But what this came down to was information that had been developed by a woman in telepathic or psychic communication with an artifact rather than some sort of intelligence… as I say, I wasn’t clear on exactly how this worked. I never did get it clarified but that was probably my fault rather than anything said by Bruce. But, since he had mentioned Valerie Burrow, I thought I would see what she said. You can find her website here:

I’m no longer sure how much of the information was developed by her communication with the artifact, but did find another explanation on how she learned of the crash of a Pleiadean spacecraft all those millennia ago. According to the information on her website:

When she visited the hieroglyph rock carvings in Kariong NSW [New South Wales] she had a vivid past life memory reliving the moment that she was on board of a Star ship that crashed into the Earth [emphasis added), coming here to bring more light to the Earth. The many people that started coming to Valerie after this experience wanting a regression, all were part of this event and had a piece of the puzzle of what really happened all this time ago.
At this point, I believed all the credibility was sucked out of the story, and wondered if the validations that Bruce had offered were little more than misinterpretations of the evidence. Maybe there were solutions for all this with which I was unfamiliar.

The other thing that bothered me was his continued harping on this information he was using to support her had not been discovered until after her book was published. I thought that argument was weak, and had I known about this “past life” revelation, I would have been a little more forceful in my questioning him. I certainly would have asked about it and if that didn’t cause a little consternation.

Too be fair, it did seem that he had a fair grasp of the science that he used to validate these claims, and did suggest places where we all could read the about these facts. I wasn’t sure how they validated the tale, but did add a note of interest to them.

Frankly, this was just another of those tales, such as the time traveling teenager who was abducted from his bed, fought a war on Mars for 20 years and was returned to his bed only fifteen minutes after he was taken. I just can’t get behind it, and wasn’t thrilled to learn that Burrow had been on a Pleiadean spacecraft.

Next week, I’ll try to return to UFOs in this century. I’ll be chatting with Steven Bassett about his thoughts on Disclosure, given what has been happening lately and the new UFO series on History. If you have questions, append them to the comments section, and I’ll do my best to get them answered during the program.

And, take a look at the Roswell UFO Festival website. I’ll be attempting to interview some of the guest there, so let me know which guests you’d like to hear from and the questions you’d like answered.


David From AU said...

IMHO just more New Age malarkey. Some other links in a similar vein are and

I haven't actually visited the Gosford site myself (about 60km from where I live in Sydney), but have seen photos online and by friends who had camped nearby. Believe what you will . . .

Bryan Sentes said...

...not to mention that the moment someone mentions the Pleiades, the jig is up: the constellation is a group or cluster of stars only from the perspective of the earth, i.e., their being a constellation is virtual, not spatially real. (And I will refrain from remarking the anthropocentrism that underwrites talk of ET spaceships and the talk of "intelligence" that goes along with it...).