Thursday, October 17, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Jim Penniston

This week I reached out to Jim Penniston of Rendlesham Forest fame. I wanted to get his take on the events there. He was involved in the first night of sightings, but had not been with Colonel Charles Halt on what was apparently the third night
Jim Penniston
when Halt and John Burroughs approached the landed craft.

Penniston said he walked up to it and actually touched in on that first night. You can listen to his story here:

Penniston also provided some information about the aftermath of his sighting, including the fact that there had been a recording of the radio transmissions that had been made during the sighting. He said that a four-star general had retrieved that recording and that it disappeared into the great maw of the Pentagon.

To get a full picture of the Rendlesham Forest events, told by those who participated in them, you can read about my interviews with John Burroughs and Charles Halt and listen to them on the embedded links here:

To help understand the actual timeline of the Rendlesham Forest events, Penniston has written a book about it. The Rendlesham Forest Enigma: Book 1: Time Line is available at Amazon.

Next week I’ll be talking to Robert Charles Cornett about our experiences in UFO research including our trip into the heart of cattle mutilation country in the mid-1970s.

If you have questions for with Bob Cornett or me, ask them in the comment section here, and I’ll attempt to get them answered during the interview.


CommanderCronus said...

Entertaining program. The way Penniston describes the object in terms of color and angularity makes me speculate if it's related to early stealth technology of some kind. Has the US Govt. investigation on this been fully declassified? Who told Penniston to stick to the cover story? If true, the personnel behind the scenes must have had names and ranks and other identifiers, and some of them are almost certainly still alive. That's a thread to pull on, if not by us then by elected officials with the proper security clearance or legal authorizations. I know there are those within in our own government that have a personal interest in disclosure regarding this subject, and digging deeply into incidents such as these might be a way to "Storm area 51" for real.

couldbebetter said...

This event happened at a time when the Soviets were potentially planning to invade Poland.
This base in England was a nuclear weapons storage area and in fact was said to have been
probed by some kind of laser light from a craft. (I believe this was from the recollection
of Col. Halt.) The enlisted personnel involved were drugged by the AF OSI. Someone who
wanted the narrative of the story changed from the nuclear weapons being compromised to
"time travelers from our future" UFO's/aliens have always shown a keen interest in our
nuclear weapons and related facilities.

Paul Young said...

I was looking forward to Kevin torturing Penniston over his 12 pages of "binary code" that he remembered (fortunately) just in time for the 30th anniversary of the event.
My question might have been, "Jim...what surprises have you lined up for the 40th anniversary?"