Thursday, November 21, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Colonel Charles Halt

Charles Halt, of Bentwaters fame, was the guest this week. The discussion was about the events of December 1980, what he personally saw, and the reaction of the senior officers of the Air Force to those events. He mentioned interrogations of the enlisted personnel that including hypnosis and chemical regression. His
Colonel Charles Halt
suspicion was that outsiders were responsible for these interrogations and that it was the CIA who conducted them. You can listen to the interview here:

During the discussion, we touched on exactly what he had seen and who had been with him on that night. We learned that John Burroughs was involved on both the first night and on the third night, clearing up a problem I had seen in the testimony by Jim Penniston, who was interview on this program a couple of weeks earlier. You can listen to that interview here:

One of the things that caught my attention was Halt saying that there were more sightings than just the three nights that everyone talks about. He provided some
Jim Penniston. Photo
copyright by Kevin Randle
examples, including those in which the security force at the weapons facility had engaged intruders, suggesting that the intruders weren’t human.

There was a lot of information packed into the hour. Because his answers were short, we were able to get into several other events around the sightings. Halt confirmed that there were radar tracks of the UFO at the time of the sighting, but that someone, or rather a group of someones, had removed the tapes of the radar screens. Someone also took the various log books and police blotters that covered those nights in December. In other words, Halt was saying there was a cover up that extended up the chain of command and beyond, going all the way to Washington, D.C.

Next week, for a change of pace, I’ll be talking with Michael Shermer of Skeptic magazine. The discussion should be interesting. If you have questions for him, send a note to the comments section and I’ll ask him during the show.


Wm. said...

Does it seem like Col. Halt seems a little angry?

Byron Weber said...

Yes Wm, I got the same impression which prompted me to consider exactly what Col. Halt was feeling. This is not a question usually considered by UFO researchers, but for real experiencers like the Col., it is not uncommon. The problem seems to be the unknown nature of the experience, an experience that triggers the limbic system (lower brain) to resolve issues of cognitive dissonance. A natural response by most all humans. So, I went online and found a recent youtube spot (2015) "Return to Rendlesham Forest" featuring Col. Halt. It had the same feel as Kevin's interview, but the Col. said he thought the debriefing and interrogation of witnesses was done by a military contractor. He told Kevin he thought it was done by a three lettered agency starting with the letter "C." Kevin immediately caught his meaning and said, "and ends with A." Anyway, what that tells me is Col. Halt is still desperately searching for answers and yes, he seems angry and he will try any explanation to resolve the dissonance he feels, even to say he believes the lights witnessed were alien. Yet, he was unable to give Kevin an answer as to why he believed that.

Matt Wiser said...

If the security police did engage nonhuman intruders, that opens up a whole new avenue to the case. It would also explain why a three-letter agency would be very interested in the events.

As for Michael Shermer: Why do so many skeptics leap to "explanations" without talking to witnesses or looking at data (Physical traces, photos/video, radar tracking data, etc.)? If they're stuck in the "It can't be, therefore it isn't" mentality, then it does their cause no favors, just as those in the UFO community who automatically assume every unknown is an ET vehicle do the same for that cause. Second, are there cases that even Skeptics admit are unexplained, whether photographic, radar-visual, physical trace, etc.?

Clarence said...

There are other, perhaps less nefarious, reasons why Col. Halt may "seem a little angry"; maybe he's just old, worn out and tired of defending himself against the skeptics. I have to admit, were I in Col. Halt's shoes and certain beyond a reasonable doubt about what I experienced, I'd be a little angry also.....

couldbebetter said...

Perhaps Col. Halt was angry about some of his men being given chemicals and shown films
to scramble their recollection of events. A good officer like Col. Halt would never have
agreed for his men to be abused the way they were. Keep in mind this base had stored
nuclear weapons at a time in history when the USSR was feared to be invading Poland.
From a previous interview Halt explained that a pencil thin laser light had come down
from an object onto the NWSF, and later the munition was removed and replaced. One
important facet of UFO activity is "their" interest in nuclear weapons and related
technology. Perhaps there is concern on "their" part that we might actually use these
weapons and create a real hellish situation on Earth. If whatever "they" are allow
our world to go its own way, sooner or later we may do irreparable damage to this planet.