Thursday, May 21, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Bermuda Triangle Wrap Up

This week I wrapped up the information about Flight 19 specifically and the Bermuda Triangle generally. This all began when I noticed that a couple of TV programs were dealing with the topics and I wondered if they would actually do some research or just fall into the old trap of regurgitating the nonsense that had been spewed before. I was pleasantly surprised. You can listen to my recap here:

I looked at the mystery as it has been reported in the past without critical comment. Just the “facts” as they have been told in dozens of books and articles. Planes and ships that have disappeared without warning and with no trace of debris. Some other thoughts on this can be seen here:

One of the things that I discussed was my “first-hand” experiences with one of the aircraft disappearances. Given that I was a member of the Air Force unit that lost a plane, I was able to gather a little bit of information that might have been missed by many of those other writers. You can read about this case here:

After discussing the other disappearances, I did point out some of the problems with the stories as they were being told. In the last few weeks, I have gone into a little more depth in some of these cases and you can read about them here:

One of the stories that I followed up on was the possibility that one of the Marines who flew with Flight 19 had survived and contacted the family. This I thought strange because there was a headstone for him in the Arlington National Cemetery. You can follow that investigation here:

Finally, I talked about Flight 19 and what happened to it. I had interviewed both Douglas Westfall and Andy Marocco about their research and their theories. If you missed those programs, you can listen to them here:

This, I believe, brings all the Bermuda Triangle lore up to date. Some of the ships and planes that were thought to have vanished completely have been found in the last few years. More information about some of the disappearances has been uncovered providing some solutions. I had engaged in a search for the truth, but as I mentioned at the top of the program, and stealing the line from Head Office, “There is no truth. There are only stories.”

Next up is Nick Redfern talking about his new book and the information that came from John Burroughs of Rendlesham Forest fame. If you have questions, let me know in the comments section.

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