Wednesday, October 28, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Lee Spiegel and The Phenomenon

 This week I talked with Lee Spiegel about the James Fox film, The Phenomenon. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that Lee had a big role in producing the film and was involved from the beginning. You can listen to that conversation here:

Lee Spiegel

We touched on a number of UFO cases. I did mention the Socorro UFO landing because, frankly, I believe it to be a good UFO case. James Fox was able to speak with and interview the widow of Lonnie Zamora and was granted access to his papers and letters. There were some interesting things that developed from that including a letter from a small boy who had asked some interesting questions.

Lee mentioned the sighting by then Major (later Colonel) William Coleman and his UFO sighting in July 1955. Coleman and his crew saw a silver object that was so close to the ground that its wake stirred up parallel lines of dust. Coleman said that he reported it to Project Blue Book, but when he became the press officer for Blue Book, he could not find his report. Lee wrote an article about it and you can read that here:

We did talk about the Zimbabwe UFO landing that was seen by some 110 children, who, according to Lee, reported or drew, basically, the same thing. You can read about it, and Dr. John Mack’s take on the case, here:

Student drawing of the incident

There are those who have dismissed this as a case of mass hysteria, suggesting that the children suffered from a common delusion. This was embedded in an article that appeared Malawi Medical Journal. Though it doesn’t seem that this case fits into the overall theory, you can read the article here to decide for yourself:

We also, at the end, talked about the Roswell case, since that is a large part of the UFO history today. Lee mentioned his interviews with Major Jesse Marcel, in the late 1970s. What was interesting was Marcel saying that both he and Brigadier General Roger Ramey knew that the stuff in Ramey’s office was not the material he had brought from Roswell. I pressed that point with him because it is one of the critical bits of information about the Roswell case.

Next week, I’ll be talking with Ben Moss about his book about the Socorro UFO landing. As you all know, I too, have written about Socorro in Encounter in the Desert. I promise that we won’t get too deep into the correct symbol that Lonnie Zamora described.

And, the following week, if everything goes according to plan, I will be talking with Colonel Richard Weaver about the Air Force investigation into the Roswell case. You can find his book here:

Given our backgrounds, I think the conversation will be interesting.

If you have questions for either of these guests, put them in the comments section and I’ll get to them. Just mark it private and it won’t be posted.


Louis Nicholson said...

Lee Spiegel is always interesting.

Can't wait to hear you and Richard Weaver debate the Air Force report about the Roswell case. Is there anyway you can make it a two or three part show? I think you two would need A LOT more time than just one show!:)

TheDimov said...

Love the Roswell stuff! Loved it all but still a big fan of the Roswell case and still hope that some day they reveal the truth about it all.

There's no question Marcel held back though, after reading the book he did a long interview in, cant remember the title just now. There was stuff he knew but didnt divulge.

...and that stuff drives me mental. :)

TheDimov said...

Ahh.. For The Sake Of My Country, thats the title, just heard you say it :)

Joe P. said...

The Spiegal interview was interesting, especially the portion relating to a military pilot, named Bill Moore, who while in the course of flying a B 25 bomber, witneseed a circular UFO leaving a shadow over an Alabama field in 1955. There is another link referencing that Moore and a select group of others were scheduled to appear at a 2012 symposium at the National Atomic Bomb Museum where Moore was intending to disclose military secrets regarding the UAP phenomena.A Google search provided no information on the minutes or outcome of Moore's promised revelations. Lee also stated that he was provided with the entire film of the 1978 UN speech which was found by James Fox sister, Kelly ( Kelley) Fox but did not indicate if the same was being prepared for public release. As is often the case nowdays writers are no longer using emails as opposed to other platforms like Twitter or FB.Lee does not use FB and I am averse to using twitter.Would you be able to communicate my questions to Spiegal.

KRandle said...

Joe P.

It was William Coleman who was the B-25 pilot. Bill Moore wrote The Roswell Incident and is probably one of those behind the notorious MJ-12 documents.

KRandle said...

Louis -

The show is scheduled for two hours. The only thing that might change here is if Colonel Weaver, through family commitments has to reschedule. We had a very long conversation on Saturday to set all this up.

Shane said...

G'day Kevin. Shane Ryan from Canberra here. Great to hear your chat with Lee Spiegel.

In your interview (at about the 41'30" mark) you briefly talked with Lee about the April 1966 Westall Flying Saucer Incident in Melbourne. You asked Lee if there were any ground traces associated with this incident.

As Lee said, the answer is yes. At the location where the UFO was seen to have descended behind a grove of pine trees near the secondary and primary schools in Westall at the centre of this event, a large circular-shaped area of flattened grass was found and seen by many people at the time and in the hours following. Reports from some witnesses would suggest that there was more than one such circle in that area seen that day. The witness reports describe the circle or circles as being perfectly formed, with a definite edge that appeared to be discoloured or singed in some way, giving the distinct impression that an object had either come down onto the grass, or hovered directly above the grass.

One witness, a 33-year-old maintenance engineer, who lived locally and whose child attended the primary school, described the circle he saw (on the afternoon of the sighting) in this way:

"Flattened grass, with scorch marks and bleaching of the flattened grass; it had the appearance of
compressed grass, that is to say it was very tightly wound around in
an anti-clockwise direction, and had a typical saucer shape with a raised
mound in the centre, also tightly wound, and about 7 to 8 metres
across. The centre of the grass circle would have been touching the ground
and the edges were raised up, as you would expect of something that
was made by a curved object, not entirely flat. There were small rectangular scorch or burn marks evenly spaced around the edge of the circle, approximately a dozen or so. The colour of the grass
was nearly uniform, a pale brown to yellow. There did not appear to
be any layering that I can remember. The grass growing in the general area at the time could be described
as a soft variety, similar to that used for grass hay, for those
familiar with stock feed."

So far, 174 witness have been in contact with me to say they saw the circle or circles that day, or soon after, at Westall. 123 witnesses saw the flying saucer (or saucers - as some say they saw 3 and not just one), and 71 lucky witnesses saw both! Whatever it was that caused these circles, offical interest in them was very strong at the time, as members of both the Royal Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force were seen by many witnesses at the "landing place" later that day, and over following days.

For more information see the 2010 documentary about the Westall Incident, "Westall '66: A Suburban UFO Mystery": Also, see the Westall Flying Saucer Incident Facebook page:

Kind regards, Shane.

Joe P. said...

Yikes..My senior moments are increasing on a daily basis