Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Final Curtain for the Roswell Slides

(Blogger's Note: Shepherd Johnson has sent this update - But any way, I've seen people say that the photo is from 1896 but if you look, the photo is dated on the back with 8-1-39 which of course would be August 1, 1939.)

In what I hope will truly be the end of the Roswell Slides nonsense, a picture of the mummy, during excavation in 1897 has been located in documents supplied by the National Park Service. Shepherd Johnson filed a FOIA request and according to an email, “The National Park Service just released to me 186 pages of documents concerning the Montezuma Castle / Mesa Verde child mummy. Thought you might be interested in these. The photo of the child mummy is on page 176.”

The 1939 photo found in the documents recovered by Shepherd Johnson from the National Park Service.

Johnson also wrote that the entire 186 page document concerning the mummy can be seen here:

The document outlines everything that those who found the mummy did, their on site observations, and the history of the mummy. This should end the claims that this poor, unfortunate child is an alien, or even a deformed human. It provides precise descriptions that are based, not on guesswork on a slide, but by those who handled the remains in 1897 and documents about its history.

This should end the useless debate that has raged since the May 5th fiasco and the claims that somehow the new photos have been altered in some fashion. The trail has been found and followed. It took several weeks, but only because the requests had to work their way through the bureaucracy that is government work (not to mention that those at the National Park Service do have many other duties).

This also shows what can happen when we all work together as opposed to working against one another in secrecy. Johnson deserves a round of applause from all of us for his efforts.


Curt Collins said...

Bravo, Shepherd, and I know this was just one of your many avenues of investigation into documents and records.
Well done!

KRandle said...

Yes, Shepherd deserves all the credit for this find.

Unknown said...

Congratulations !!!!!!!!

Lance said...

Thanks for posting, Kevin. And thanks to Shepherd for filing the FOIA and giving us all such definitive ending to the story.

The hucksters will likely continue to try to lie and puff their way out of this. Knowing the rather sad capacity for willful belief, it is even likely that these guys will still appear with books and at UFO conferences (like Doofuses in the Desert) without being shouted off stage. The UFO Community gets exactly what it demands and so richly deserves.

The hucksters are trying to make a case that they were fooled by Adam Dew. That doesn't appear to be true. Their own silly statements make it painfully clear that they were only fooled by their own stupidity, incompetence, childish pride, and lack of critical thinking skills.

"You can count on one thing though...when they are shown to be in error, they will never apologize...It's not in their makeup."
-Tom Carey March 22,2015


Jack Brewer said...
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Jack Brewer said...

Oh, how far we have now journeyed from the days of speculations put forth about a geologist in 1947 New Mexico who, while conducting field work, happened upon a most unusual site, fortunately toting a camera during his travels. The will of the imagination, indeed.

I also recall Mr. Carey making some remarks about having performed due diligence, as well as stating he took offense to suggestions to the contrary. He apparently doesn't use the same dictionary as the rest of us.

As for throwing Mr. Dew under the bus, I would say that is what got some of the sliders into their current states of disarray: lack of accountability in the first place. It would seem the rest of us could figure out to be highly suspicious of such a story, and at the very least await verifiable evidence and documentation available for public review, but somehow we are supposed to think those in Mr. Dew's circles could not be expected to practice such procedures. They'd like us to sympathize with the hands they were dealt. Such a pity.

I'll give Adam Dew this much: Sliders should have opted to err on the side of silence post-RSRG disclosure, and after Dew took a shot at climbing on board the ill conceived 'the RSRG placard was photoshopped' train, he kept more quiet than most. Suffice it to say most of them piled a whole lot more debris on the already substantial effort they had achieved of making asses of themselves.

Tim Hebert said...

Outstanding work by Shepherd. I await the seismic echo from Maussan and the others who have attempted to force feed this tripe from the get go. Again, great job by Shepherd!

TheDimov said...

Just looks like another damn PAINTING to me!! Dreadful effort!

;) hehe

TheDimov said...

Gonna count the ribs and check for opposable thumbs now? LOL, absolutely ridiculous.

Wonderful work by Shepherd.

cda said...

So when is another writer on this blog, a Mr George Wingfield, going to apologise to the Brits he insisted were behind the slides hoax (as he called it)? He should now admit he got it totally wrong. Perhaps he should stick to crop circles (and likely get those wrong as well).

Tom said...

Well, that's it then, right? It's over.

Oh, what's that you're saying Jaime? The NPS is a wing of the CIA? That Shepherd, the RSRG, and the many others who have either done actual research or published the findings of said research on this fiasco are all government disinformation agents?

Oh, Mr. Schmitt is chiming in too. You're sending a new apology statement to Mr. Randle's blog, but it will be after your next 27 scheduled speaking events and the filming of Mirage Men is completed?

One doesn't need to be a remote viewer to predict this.

As I said in Kevin's previous article, amateur hour is over.

On June 9, 1954, the 30th day of the Congressional Army–McCarthy hearings, Joseph Nye Welch famously said this to the infamous commie-hunter Senator Joe McCarthy -

"Senator, may we not drop this? You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

"Mr. McCarthy, I will not discuss this further with you. And if there is a God in Heaven it will do neither you nor your cause any good. I will not discuss it further. You, Mr. Chairman, may, if you will, call the next witness."

And with that, a career was over, as well as a national nightmare.

It's probably too much to hope that the same fate will befall the Sliders.

Chardman said...

"..In what I hope will truly be the end of the Roswell Slides nonsense.."

Good luck with that.
There are still those who believe the Billy Meier, George Adamski, crop circle nonsense.

Unknown said...

Some relevant yet off-topic thoughts:

1. This photo from 1897 is 118 years (old!) yet detailed and informative. Very cool. Not unlike the even older astounding photographic record of the War Between the States.
And here we all are 118 years later almost instantaneously via electrons sharing the mummy image. Some what quicker than the 1860s era telegraph...

Please reflect upon what amazing times we live in.

2. SO... this old photo is from 1897????

Allow me to offer a 'spin' concept for the "honest" investigators Carey, Schmitt, Rudiak, Bragaglia and of course Maussan:

Rather than a 'Roswell Crash' alien, the NPS has now authenticated that the 'alien' is from a likely crash of one of the famous 1897 Airships!!!!!
SO they were correct all along that it was a 'crashed alien body'!!!

(See how easy it is to be part of the 'Roswell Dream Team'?)

And as concrete proof of their newfound explanation, and as a nod to Milwaukee Magazine's favorite UFO researching homeboy, Don Schmitt, here is some backup information:

Scott Hamilton said...

Did you people not see that the first page of material in that FOI material is dated July 7, 1947? it's all part of the conspiracy! The MIB are taunting us!

Paul Kimball said...

Well done by all involved. While the slides episode is an indictment against Bragalia, Dew, Schmitt et al, on a meta level it's actually a positive story of how quickly a scam will fall apart in the new open-source world in which we live.

Daniel Transit said...

cda said...

'So when is another writer on this blog, a Mr George Wingfield, going to apologise to the Brits he insisted were behind the slides hoax (as he called it)? He should now admit he got it totally wrong. Perhaps he should stick to crop circles (and likely get those wrong as well).'


I looked on YT and found the info below. I always sensed that the Skinwalker Ranch thing was complete baloney and didn't waste any time on it. Just a gut feeling, no more, no less.

Published on 6 May 2015

Conflict Paracast - April 5, 2015 Skinwalker Ranch & Military Intelligence Operations

With guest co-host Curt Collins, we feature the irrepressible George Wingfield. In his working life, he had a brief stint as an astronomer at the Royal Greenwich Observatory studying stellar spectra and the earth’s magnetic field. Subsequently, he joined IBM UK and engaged in a variety of jobs in Systems Engineering, Marketing, and in Computer Education. George’s experience and knowledge covers a wide spectrum of the UFO filed from the Skinwalker Ranch, military intelligence operations, the Cash-Landrum Incident, Rendlesham Forest Abductions and much more.

John's Space said...

I hope this put an end to this episode. I never though a whole lot of the slide issue because even if Roswell is real the military would never have let an a civilian take the pictures. Hopefully we can move on to other UFO evidence that at least has some probability of getting us somewhere.

Kevin have you ever looked into the Hudson valley UFO cases from the 1980s?

Anthony Mugan said...

Once again my sincere thanks to all those involved in so thoroughly documenting to true nature and origins of the poor child in the slides, and the history of the remains.

This must now class as one of the most thoroughly documented solutions to a hoax and as such you have, I think, created something very positive out of what was a terrible situation.

Hopefully the idiotic attempts to argue to argue that the slide shows anything other than the remains of a child will cease in the face of such overwhelming evidence.

Perhaps we can get on with exploring avenues of enquirey that appear to offer more substance than the slides ever did.

Thanks again

JC said...

Jaime Maussan has announced on twitter he will react on the events of this week concerning the mummy pics in his tv show tonight. I hope someone will report on this cause I'm in Europe and my Spanish isn't that good anyway. And also if he's is going to reward somebody on the finding of the mummy pic or keep the money to himself. Cause he seems to say on twitter he also has a photograph of some sort. I'm curious what his response will be. One can subscribe to his tv show tercer milenio tv on internet but I don't want to pay for that. Maybe someone puts it up on YouTube with English subtitles.

Thanks JC

JC said...

With the new info in the released documentation the journey of the 'mesa verde mummy' can be traced back. That in itself could be the subject of an interesting tv docu.

Daniel Transit said...

Doesn't look at all like it's the final curtain. What's going on here?

Jaime Maussan ‏@jaimemaussan1 6 minutes ago  Cuajimalpa de Morelos, Distrito Federal

Después de analizar la nueva imagen de la Momia existen diferencias importantes como el tamaño lA momia mide 73 cms el ser de bewitness 120

After analyzing the new image of the Mummy there are important differences like size Mummy measures 73 cms being bewitness 120

KRandle said...

Let's see... measurements based on those who actually handled the mummy and those based on estimates of size based on measurements made on the slides, based on guesses about sizes... which is more accurate?

Gilles Fernandez said...
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Gilles Fernandez said...


The new "expertise" is as the previous ones: Zero. Why?

Again, the new "expert" used the Lady leg width as referential for the Body in the slide, decided it is "10 cm" width, and doesn't realize the body and the lady are NOT in the same plane, perspective...
BTW or "more" the so called expert find 96 cm for the "mummy" despite it is 73,6cm (converting inch) as stated in the MOCA paper "exhumed by Sheperd.



JC said...

At the end of his show tonight he will explain all JM says on twitter.

Gurkenstein said...

Roswell Slides....zzzzzzzz............

TheDimov said...

I think something far more interesting, and disturbing no less, is the functioning of Jaime Maussan's mind. I mean, who needs UFO's??

They used to keep kids in school like him back to repeat years - sometimes multiple times.

zoamchomsky said...

"But the unraveling of the real truths are yet to come."

Would that include the truth that they all knew from the get-go that it was nothing but an image of a child mummy? I think it must, because there's no way they could not have known. Does it matter? I think it should make a great deal of difference to those who want to see the complete and final resolution of this pathetic hoax.

I've been saying this for a long time elsewhere and again in the past few days here. Are they a group of inept deluded bunglers--who didn't know a picture of a mummy when they saw it--or a group of carnival-sideshow hoaxsters only in it for the money, and who will say anything, no matter how stupid, irrational and dumb it makes them appear just to slide through this mess for another day until it's finally over?

Only when they admit it was hoax all along will it really be over. But there's not a chance of that happening.

And then they'll do it again in some other way. Maussan contracts dumbos to make phony "UFO" videos regularly. This was no different, just greater hype (always a tell) piled up in advance of a vacuously mundane reveal--the reveal of nothing.

It was all an act--a long hyped show and then nothing. It's just dawning on some.

And that's the definition of hoax: a fantastic story paired with phony "evidence."

Daniel Transit said...

zoamchomsky said '..or a group of carnival-sideshow hoaxsters only in it for the money, and who will say anything, no matter how stupid, irrational and dumb it makes them appear just to slide through this mess for another day until it's finally over?.....'

So, do you include Edgar Mitchell as one of the carnival-sideshow hoaxsters? Or, could he not tell the difference between a Mummy and an alien?

Rusty L. said...

Edgar Mitchell is an ETH and Roswell believer. As has been stated about the co-conspirators (vice the hoaxers) he may have seen what he wanted to see. While a great American, he is no more expert than any of the rest of the parade of fools.

Gilles Fernandez said...


For those maybe interested (even if it becomes Zzzzz), add-ons in one my recent article (In French) adressing Dr Zalce Benitez "expertise" and intervention during May the 5th. The whole article link at the end of this reply (Google Translation tool - bad working - top-left my blog):

"A good methodology to measure the size of the body. Credit Alejandro Franz N. :

Another Maussan Expert, Rios Lopez used again the bad methodology. Notice how he found 96 cm for the "mummy" despite the papers exhumed via FOIA states 73,6 cm (29 inches):

Bonus: A video made by Fin Handley:

Source and whole article:



Rusty L. said...

Edgar Mitchell is an ETH and Roswell believer. As has been stated about the co-conspirators (vice the hoaxers) he may have seen what he wanted to see. While a great American, he is no more expert than any of the rest of the parade of fools.

zoamchomsky said...


Mitchell knows enough to always express his extraordinary claims in an oblique manner. So on seeing the slides he said, "They're certainly not human--looks like what the little greys look like." As if he knows what imaginary visiting ET looks like. He Doesen't! And as Rusty said, being an astronaut--Ed's only claim to authority--doesn't include being an expert on imaginary aliens.

JC said...

It appears that the Picasa album with the Arizona pics has been removed -or only visible for close relatives?- Anyone seen the Jaime Maussan show? What did it reveal? He said he had another pic or new revelations. And who won the $5000? Or will that be donated to some charity maybe to the clinic of one of his 'experts'??
What's the best place to follow the further developments other than twitter? Or is everyone tired of this story and moving on..?

Gilles Fernandez said...

The recent Maussan social network show and new appeals for "experts" (Festinger if you assisted of this Saga, enjoy!) demonstrate only they have a Major (among many more) problem with a simple term called "PERSPECTIVE" when they are facing a photograph and pretending to offer "expertise" about size and scalling.
Despite many things already noticed here or by RSRG individual medias, they continue to not realize that the "body" and the "Lady" are NOT in the same plane, and continue to use this methodology using the "lady" as an "yardstick" (Her leg, fist).

Well that's forensic ufological expertises, after all.


Unknown said...

Too All,
What makes all of you think that the creature is a human. We have five different photos and all of them show a creature with no hair, no teeth, and from the last black and white, six toes.
How can you prove these photos show a two-year old, human child? Don't you think it's important that this creature has no hair? No teeth? There are thousands of images of various dead humans on the web and all seem to have hair and teeth.
If you're not interested, don't join the discussion. But knowing the provenance helps.
Seeing those wide eyes peering back at us from the ledge, touched me.

KRandle said...

Ed -

Really? This is the stand you wish to take... even given the documentation from those who recovered the remains, photos of it on site, and complete descriptions of it on the record? Have you looked at other photos of mummies? Does this actually advance the discussion? Seriously?

Brian B said...

@Ed -

I guess that makes every Egyptian mummy an alien too. By the way, if you want more child mummy photos just to claim they are aliens, take a gander at Ebay. Several there that look similar - even a tiny one in a glass case - and yes they are bald, have sunken eyes, and no teeth. And they are HUMAN. I think you may be lost in alien fantasy land....

Unknown said...

What makes this creature human? We assume that it's human, so there should be some characteristic that distinguishes it as human. A two year old child would have teeth that we should be able to see. An Native American child should have hair on its head. And I count six toes. Egyptian mummies had shaved heads and even then some grew hair after death. Show me the links to the similar looking mummies.

The experts who were hired by the Slides team must have had some reason to believe that the creature they examined was unusual and not human. They may have been mistaken, but why? I'm not an expert, but I think its a mistake to jump to conclusions. Take time to count the toes.
Also, it seems to me that this entire situation is not a hoax but a series of mistakes. The vindictive rants were uncalled for and petty.

CommanderCronus said...

People see what they want to see. Some see the tiny, desiccated body of a child, and will believe it's an alien. Others see a a bunch of tinfoil, rubber, and sticks scattered among the tumbleweeds, and believe it's an alien saucer. The truth hurts.

Unknown said...

Ed -

For all you know the child had alopecia and polydactylism. The photos aren't the best and you can't say teeth are missing no more than you can say it's an alien. It's a photo, nothing more.

Besides, it's a 2 year old boy. Fact. Move on. 99% of everyone else has

Unknown said...

You'll have a hard job proving it's a boy. And it would be impossible
to determine its age. It could be an old man, with big head and spindly arms and legs. Or an old woman or young girl or ant person. Feel free to move on if you think the mystery of the creature has been solved, but the 99% have been wrong before.

KRandle said...

Ed -

I'm not sure that you understand physical anthropology or biology or a couple of other disciplines. It certainly is possible to determine gender based on the bone structure of the pelvis and other features... age can be determined based on close examination of what remains. And while you say there is only a photo, there is, in fact, a long report based on the observations of the mummy... and more often than not, the 99% have been correct when their opinions and conclusions were based on an examination of the evidence and not the wishful thinking of the few.

Unknown said...

Ed -

Do you disagree with the age and sex of every mummy found? why do you think the people that found the mummy, physically handled and studied it are wrong compared to someone looking at a picture of it?

TheDimov said...

Ed - saying as you did "the mystery of the *creature* has to be solved" suggests you still feel it may be alien, and to me this clearly shows either some from of retardation on your behalf or a complete unwillingness to accept reality when shown it, in full colour, up close to your face, in stereo. It blows my mind that anyone could still, after all that has happened, believe the mummy to be a "creature".

But then again clowns like Maussan make bucketloads of money doing this very same thing, so perhaps I'm the fool, no?

marea roja said...

La Momia de Palmer-Wetherrill, 1896.

Diferentes momias y ninguna al espécimen no humano de be witness.

marea roja said...
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