Friday, March 04, 2016

My Last Word on the Bermuda Triangle

I was reading a story on the Internet about some mystery that had been solved and the writer felt the urge to mention that some mysteries might never be solved. He suggested as one of those the Bermuda Triangle,

I will not go into the reasons that I believe the mystery there has been solved, but will supply a list of my postings that explain the point in detail. If any of you feel the need to revisit this, here is what I have said in the past:

Maybe someday we can leave this nonsense behind us. I thought that Lawrence Kusche in his book, The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Solved, provided a wealth of information that pretty much explained everything in rational terms, but there are always those who wish to hang on to everything…

And before anyone asks how five aircraft can disappear at once, I will say that the did it on orders from the flight leader who said that when the first aircraft was down to ten gallons of fuel they would all ditch together.

This, I hope is the last word on this non mystery.


cda said...

Do you know who first used the term 'Bermuda Triangle'? And why was it a triangle anyway? Better still, what are the side lengths of the supposed triangle? Answer: they can be as long or as short as you wish, according to viewpoint.

But I digress. At least I think I digress!

KRandle said...


I was under the impression that it was Vincent Gaddis who suggested the name in an Argosy magazine article... It was supposed to go from Bermuda to Puerto Rico to Miami. Since that fist article the area covered has expanded quite a bit... not that it matters. We have a logical and rational explanation.

Paul Young said...

Concerning the first link, I still think it's conceivable that "yeti" type creatures could stay hidden in some of the worlds vast wastelands like the American Pacific Rim, Northern Russia, Himalayas...and...errm The Cairngorms. (Yep, we've got a yeti here in UK too...The Grey man of Ben Macdui.)

KRandle said...

Paul Young -

I would argue that the evidence for a bigfoot, yeti-type creature is very thin at best... and the evidence for the Bermuda Triangle as anything other than a geographic definition is nonexistent. And this was really about the Bermuda Triangle anyway.

Unknown said...

This is really an unsolved mystery, thanks for the information, i want to add some info about Bermuda Triangle that this mystery can never be solved