Friday, March 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel

Yesterday (March 24) I accidentally caught Hillary Clinton on Jimmy Kimmel Live and normally I would have turned it off at that point but she had said something about Area 51 and UFOs. She was talking about how she would delve into the UFO question to get answers that she believed that we all deserved (as long as it didn’t violate national security). Her husband, Bill, had apparently tried that and got nowhere because had he gotten the answers, there would be no reason for Hillary to explore it further. It also suggests that the answers given to Bill were inadequate and suggest there is something more to it.

A UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon
Photo copyright: USAF
Normally I would have ignored this, figuring it for more rhetoric that has no real relevance. But then Kimmel said something about UFOs and Hillary corrected him saying the new term was UAP for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. We can easily trace the term to 1980 which is more than three decades ago. Dr. Richard Haines provided this definition then:

An Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, UAP, is the visual stimulus that provokes a sighting report of an object or light seen in the sky, the appearance and/or flight dynamics of which do not suggest a logical, conventional flying object and which remains unidentified after close scrutiny of all available evidence by persons who are technically capable of making both a technical identification as well as a common sense identification, if one is possible.
Michael Shermer, writing in the Scientific American used the term on April 1, 2011, in his debunking article, “UFOs, UAPs and CRAPs.” He said, “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena offer a lesson on the residue problem in science.”

Lee Speigel has regularly used the term in his columns in The Huffington Post since 2011. Just check it out and see, if not in the headlines, is certainly in the labels at the end of the articles.

There’s really not much of a point here other than to suggest that UFOs, or UAPs, are so unimportant in the mainstream that someone who appears interested in them does not know the actual history. It’s not so much an indictment of Hillary as it is in the level of interest outside the small UFO community. Once in a while something here makes national news but most of the time it is a “fluff” piece that doesn’t advance the search for answers. And the problem here is that a Clinton already, supposedly, looked into this and was either told there was nothing to it, or given information that suggested there was something important to it… Given Hillary’s response, I would suggest it was the former because if it was the latter Bill wouldn’t be quite so flip about it when he’s asked and Hillary wouldn’t be talking about it on national television now.

(And just to be clear this is neither an endorsement for nor an attempt to malign Clinton for any political purpose. It is merely an observation about the status of UFOs out in the mainstream world.)


Brian B said...

It doesn't surprise me that Hillary would make such a comment given Bill made the same type of inquiry while President. I think the common denominator here is John Podesta who is currently running her campaign. As former White House Chief of Staff under Bill, he was tasked with making the inquiries Bill promised and he also played a principle role in the 2002 Disclosure media event.

Given that the number of knowledgable UFO ET believers is rather small nationwide, one can hardly conclude Hillary is pandering a specific group of people for garnering votes. Americans in general? Yes, but not UFO buffs.

It's more likely she is conveying that she supports transparent government like her husband. Podestra has probably advised her that mentioning it wouldn't hurt.

She did play a roll in the Rockefeller petition to investigate UFO's when her husband was President. However if Bill did actually uncover anything beyond what he claims, regardless of earthly or alien explanation, I doubt she would have been told the truth due to national security reasons even when First Lady.

If someone knows anything at all, regardless of what the explanation is, it's Dick Cheney. Having been Chief of Staff for President Ford, and Secretary of Defense for President George H. Bush, and Vice President for George W. Bush, Cheney would be the man.

Many Presidential hopefuls make these sort of nonsensical UFO promises, as did George W. Bush when he stated Cheney would be tasked with the burden as his first order of business. Of course nothing happened.

When asked Cheney's response was a little odd:

"Well, if I had been briefed on it, I'm sure it was probably classified and I couldn't talk about it."

John's Space said...

This is interesting in the John Podesta who is a major figure (campaign manager?) in the Hillary Clinton campaign has been speaking out on this for years. He also wrote a forward to Leslie Kean's book on UFOs. I believe the is also evidence that Hillary was involved in the so-called Rockefeller initiative. So I believe that her interest is sincere.
Of course given the liberal accretion of every "fringe" interest in their constituency, why not appeal to UFO believers. There is certainly a lot more of
them than say transgender people. So it could be a pure political move but I really doubt that.

What is also interesting if the "story" is to be believed is that a president looked into this subject and came back at a loss.

Don Maor said...

I have read the article by Schermer about the residue in science. In his article Schermer concluded with this paragraph:

In all fields of science there is a residue of anomalies unexplained by the dominant theory. That does not mean the prevailing theory is wrong or that alternative theories are right. It just means that more work needs to be done to bring those anomalies into the accepted paradigm. In the meantime, it is okay to live with the uncertainty that not everything has an explanation.

Schermer misrepresents the overall scientific endeavour. My view is that modern science is actually realizing that there is much more to learn about nature; That there are a great lot of anomalies and unexplained things in EVERY scientific field. Not just mere "residues". Seems clear to me that Schermer is NOT a real scientist struggling to understand the nature.

Paul Young said...

I'm not too well up on US politics, but why would anyone believe that she would have more clout than Bill had when he tried and, allegedly, failed to get the low down?
Sounds more of an attempt to scoop up any floating voters who have an interest in "disclosure" above anything else.

As to the main gist of KR's post, the big problem is that the mainstream media is owned (therefore controlled) by only a very few people.
So if someone, like Murdoch, has a blasé opinion on the phenomenon,(or worse still, is "in on the act"...I say at the risk of being labelled a conspiracy nut) then the lightweight reporting of the subject is all we've got to look forward to.

Daro said...

She's pandering to the IT crowd. A counter-strike to the revelations she's taken over $3Million in donations from serial outsource abusers Tata and Infosys. Voters for Hillary will have PLENTY of free time to research UFO cases in their own time after they've finished training their grinning replacement.

Brian B said...

John said:

"What is also interesting if the "story" is to be believed is that a president looked into this subject and came back at a loss."

I think it worthy to point out Hillary actually made the same comment about uncovering the UFO truth back in April 2015 in New Hampshire, so this really isn't anything new.

Regarding Bill's efforts, he's on record for saying the following in 2005:

"I did try to find out if there were any secret documents that reveal things, and if there were, they were concealed from me too. I wouldn’t be the first president that underlings have lied to, or that career bureaucrats have waited out. But there may be some career person sitting around somewhere hiding these dark secrets even from elected presidents, but if so, they successfully alluded me, and I am almost embarrassed to tell you I did try to find out."

See recorded interview @:

I'm surprised the pro-ET crowd here isn't jumping for joy at her proclimation. Regardless of politics, aren't you all wanting official alien "disclosure" so you can finally set the record straight with the skeptics?

KRandle said...

Don -

I wasn't endorsing the Shermer article, only noting that he had used the term UAP years ago and nothing more.

All -

Let's try to avoid the political overtones here. Yes, I sort of opened the door, but the point was to show that Clinton was talking about UAPs but didn't know the history of the term, and that she was saying the same sorts of things that her husband had said. We all know that didn't work out well.

While we are pointing to John Podesta as the possible source for this interest, and Cheney for his inside connections we seem to have forgotten that George Bush the First had been DCI under Reagan.

And finally, Brian -

Maybe the ET crowd isn't jumping for joy because they had heard the same thing for decades. Disclosure is just around the corner. The Government is going to come clean. When I get to the White House I'm going to get answers and this goes back to at least Jimmy Carter... I don't remember Nixon saying anything like this. Ford had advocated Congressional hearings to learn what was going on... so maybe the ET crowd has had enough of the promises and is waiting for results.

cda said...

Congressional hearings? Not that again, please. We had all this decades ago when NICAP and Keyhoe were at the helm. End result, after a lot of dilly dally, was the setting up of the Condon Committee which in due course produced a report saying 'there aint anything to UFOs'.

Does anyone seriously believe that, if congress held hearings again, the result would be any different? Goddammit, there is not even an official AF investigation going on and hasn't been since 1969 (closed down after Condon reported negative).

Never mind, maybe some other country (UK perhaps?) will launch their own investigations and 'produce the goods', so to speak. I did say 'perhaps'.

KRandle said...


While this is certainly going to take us off the rails, I can't let your nonsense pass without comment.

First, it was Ford IN THE 1970S who was advocating for Congressional Hearings. They wouldn't do any good no matter what they found because 50% of the people would reject the conclusions out of hand.

Second, the Condon Committee was not an outgrowth of Congressional Hearings but a documented attempt by the Air Force to get rid of the public end of UFO investigation. I suggest you take a look at the letter written to Condon by Lieutenant Colonel Robert Hippler, spelling out what conclusions the Air Force wanted and Robert Low of the committee agreeing that it could be done. Condon was not an independent, scientific research project but was a public relations ploy that allowed the Air Force to end the investigation. So, Condon having been told by the Air Force to find that there is no such thing found that there was no such thing. I would think that the skeptics would be embarrassed by that "research."

Oh, and the Air Force continued to investigate UFOs after 1969, they just didn't have to tell anyone they were doing it.

Brian B said...

Kevin -

"Maybe the ET crowd isn't jumping for joy because they had heard the same thing for decades."

Yes, but if you look back the ET proponents have made more promises of "disclosure" than politicians. I have to agree with CDA - hearings of any sort, Congressional or otherwise, won't reveal anything.

If there's anything to discover at all it's in the hands of big money government contractors who are well outside the scope of any real inquiry.

KRandle said...

Brian -

The point was that disclosure has been promised for decades and it has not happened and will not... if there is alien visitation, at this moment, there is no motivation for the government to reveal it.

And take a look at my previous comment about Congressional hearings...

cda said...


Your knowledge of UFO history has a few holes in it.

Keyhoe most definitely, as head of NICAP, was campaigning for Congressional hearings from c.1960 onwards. See some old NICAP newsletters if in doubt (I no longer possess them but I know Keyhoe was obsessed by the thought of having congress debate AF secrecy). See also Keyhoe's 1960 book "Flying Saucers, Top Secret" and Richard Hall/Charles A.Maney's "Challenge of the UFOs". There were hearings of a sort eventually in July 1968, by the Committee on Science & Astronautics.

Yes we are off track, but you called my last posting nonsense. Have a look at UFO history and take your remarks back, please.

cda said...


I omitted that NICAP sent EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS a free copy of the first edition of "UFO Evidence" (1964). Yes every one. Make of that what you will.

KRandle said...


Didn't say that NICAP and Keyhoe didn't lobby for Congressional hearings. I did mention those of high office, presidents and presidental candidates had called for such hearings. Wasn't calling for hearings myself, just mentioned that the hearings, at the highest levels of the US government, had been discussed and some had actually been held.

Did suggest that your connection of the Condon Committee and Congressional hearings was nonsense. The Condon Committee was an outgrowth of the Air Force desire to end its UFO investigations and suggested that Hippler and Low had discussed the process. Had nothing to do with Congressional hearings. Also suggest that Condon's results were nonsense... my favorite? A sighting explained as a natural phenomenon so rare it had never seen before or since...

So, I take back nothing, merely clarify my remarks.

And Paul Davids sent EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS a copy of UFO Crash at Roswell which might have been a tactical mistake... or maybe strategic mistake given what we now know.

MUFOB said...

Do you think maybe the reason Congressional Investigations don't some up with anything might be because there's nothing for them to come up with?

just saying

KRandle said...


Of course, but the actions of the Air Force and the government suggest that something is going on. It is clear from a review of the Project Blue Book files that they are either hiding something or they were incompetent. Then there is the Bolender memo that suggests cases affecting national security were not part of the Blue Book system, there was the classified project known as Moon Dust that had a UFO component but when a United States Senator asked about it, he was told that no such project existed. When he provided documentation about it, secured through FOIA requests of the State Department, the Air Force changed the statement to it existed but was never deployed. Documentation proves that was untrue as well... And I have found four documents labeled Moon Dust in the Blue Book files.

The conclusion then is that while it is possible Congress found nothing because there was nothing to find, it is more likely that the data were manipulated so that they could find nothing.

John's Space said...

It seems to me that for a Congressional investigation to have any hope of getting the facts it out have to be highly cleared group such as the intelligence committee. Otherwise they could get the information they would need. However, if a president did try to get the information and found nothing either the government doesn't know or the cover up is so deep that it gets in dangerous areas.

There seems to be a lot of suggestive evidence that the Air Force OSI is has a group that is deeply involved in this. It would seem the other services would have similar groups. There is a lot of suggestions the CIA and NSA are have groups as well. Is it possible that this is happening without proper legal authority? The conspiracy theory people believe this sort of thing but I have trouble going there.

If it is a cover up working within presidential authority, then we have the problem that every administration from Truman to Obama has supported this policy regardless of what they say publically and of their policy differences of other issues. This then begs the question of what they know or believe about the subject that has caused that unity of purpose.

couldbebetter said...

Any information on UFO's that affects national security is exempt from disclosure. This is why disclosure by our military or powers that be will not happen. No president will ever disclose because they are not allowed to do so for national security reasons. They are allowed to lie about it (seems politicians will lie about anything) in order to protect national security. Do you think our established news media is controlled by the CIA? If you do not see it then something is wrong with you. If any legitamate information comes out that suggest alien reality it will be squelched. For example any PBS NOVA program on topics from JFK,911, and UFO's will always support the official government story. Why? Because these outlets are used to feed us propaganda. Anyone who believes that H.C. would actually begin disclosure is delusional. Having been Sec. of State, of course she already knows the real story as she is an insider. Of course the powers that be know she will not disclose anything.

Brian B said...

"Is this happening without proper legal authority?"

My venture is to say "yes", mainly because our government (and others) have been caught doing illegal things before, as well as elected politicians. There is strong testimony that funds are "laundered" through HUD, and these funds escape review and are added to the approved black budgets as excess.

Now, what they are hiding is up for debate. Some say proof of alien contact, but my preference would be for what Eisenhower and Kennedy referred to, meaning essentially an internal coalition of big money, military, and and politics that each benefit by getting what they want without having to go through regular channels.

Black budgets exist for real, as do USAPs (unacknowledged special access programs). Unfortunately their black nature was made legal by congress, but they have no project related congressional oversight. Therefore, it is reasonable to conjecture a given president may or may not be in the know of specific details of whatever is going on. Given George H. Bush's prior role as CIA head then president, I'm sure he knows something. Of course this is where people claim there is a secret government, but I believe it's more akin to a secret pact.

Unknown said...


Just a minor historical aside, but allow me to point out here that then-Rep. Ford pushed for UFO hearings most likely because Swamp Gas sightings/Hynek statements/Hillsdale UFO occurred IN his Congressional District...

cda said...

Couldbebetter (or worse):

Unfortunately I simply do NOT see that the established US News media is controlled by the CIA, or by any other similar body. Therefore is there something wrong with me, as you suggest?

I also say that the national news media of the great majority of other countries is NOT controlled by their governments. There may be a few exceptions, of course.

You need to change your mindset. After all, there is no threat to 'national security', since the aliens (if they exist) give the appearance of being friendly towards us, not hostile.

Unless you know differently.

KRandle said...


In the world of national security, the reason for classifying information does not necessarily mean hostile intent. Revealing some information might compromise collection methods, for example. UFO reporting might, as the Air Force once claimed, clog communications channels at the time they are needed for other operations... So, you point is without foundation.

cda said...


I was merely pointing out that 'couldbe better's comments are worthless in the UFO context.

He writes: "For example any PBS NOVA program on topics from JFK,911, and UFO's will always support the official government story."

JFK and 911 were domestic affairs, or at least terrestrial affairs. UFOs are extraterrestrial events (according to yourself, 'couldbe better' and countless others). He is wrong anyway as there were documentaries in both the US and UK which expressly promoted the EXACT OPPOSITE of the official line on these.

I would just LOVE to see how the CIA, NSA etc could, or would even try to, suppress a genuine ET discovery, if such a thing really occurred. And how it could stop a national news or TV network from telling the world.

KRandle said...


He pointed out that NOVA, a program produced by Public Television here always takes the side of the government on these topics, not that there are other programs that take the opposite side. Unfortunately for everyone, many of these programs are so far out in left field that they are no longer in the stadium. I mean we had one, discussed here, that suggested a 17-year-old was abducted, fought a war with our alien allies, served for twenty years and was returned to his bed just 15 minutes after he was abducted. No one on the program seemed to question this preposterous statement... everyone in the studio when it was filled, the director, producer, camera operator should have been laughing their asses off...

And I won't even mention the play that MJ-12 still gets after almost every serious researcher has condemned as hoaxes.

David Rudiak said...

couldbebetter said:
"Anyone who believes that H.C. would actually begin disclosure is delusional. Having been Sec. of State, of course she already knows the real story as she is an insider. Of course the powers that be know she will not disclose anything."

It is not a matter of being an insider or not, or wanting to disclose or not. It's more a matter of means, not intent.

One problem any President (or any other high government official) would have would be providing proof. Various Bill Clinton officials have also made incriminating statements, such as former Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, John Podestra, Pres. Clinton's Chief of Staff and advisor to Hillary, and Webster Hubbell, asst. Attorney General. Richardson and Podestra have made statements that the government should open up its UFO files. Richardson said that as a N.M. Congressman looking into Roswell, he was told by Los Alamos and the Pentagon that the matter was classified. (or drop dead)

Without the classified documentation to back them up, or a prop like an alien body or crashed saucer, in today's political climate any President who made a simple statement that UFOs were real, Roswell really was a crashed saucer with alien bodies recovered, etc., would be crucified.

It is pretty clear that various Presidents have had an interest in UFOs, going back to Truman, more recently Jimmy Carter (who had a UFO sighting and promised while campaigning for President to tell the American people what the government knew about UFOs) and Ronald Reagan (Reagan, besides having a UFO sighting while California governor also making a number of statements while President about how the nations of the world would unite against an alien threat).

Webster Hubbell revealed that Bill Clinton's initial instructions to him as President were to get to the bottom of the Kennedy assassination and UFOs. (And Hillary Clinton was involved in the 1993 Laurence Rockeller UFO Initiative for UFO disclosure. Hillary has a long-standing interest in the topic and has nothing to gain politically from her recent statements that as President she would open up the UFO files.)

Sarah McClendon, senior White House correspondent, revealed she asked Bill Clinton privately why he wasn’t doing anything about UFO disclosure, to which Clinton allegedly replied, "Sarah, there’s a government inside the government, and I don’t control it."

If that's true, modern-day Presidents may be given basic UFO briefings but do not have access to the data that would prove it. Without proof they are very restricted in what they can say or do publicly. We never heard from Jimmy Carter again about UFOs after becoming President, though we hear rumors that he did pursue the topic only to be told to drop dead, he had no need-to-know.

Thus even if Hillary wanted to do a big reveal, there is a big question in my mind whether she would be capable of pulling it off. Husband Bill once said that being President is a lot like walking through a graveyard. You're on top of everybody but nobody is listening. If the UFO information is indeed mostly controlled these days outside of the government, how is she going to get at it? (It may be a surprise to outsiders like CDA, but U.S. Presidents do NOT have an automatic security clearance on absolutely everything.)

Paul Young said...

David Rudiak... !"We never heard from Jimmy Carter again about UFOs after becoming President, though we hear rumors that he did pursue the topic only to be told to drop dead, he had no need-to-know."

I've heard this said before and I find it staggering that a head of state could be told by an underling that he has "no need to know."
At the end of the day, isn't the "Prez" in charge of all defence matters? You'd think the man who has the power to drop a nuclear bomb somewhere would have to have a "need to know" about anything he wanted to know about, in order to make policy.
If the Commander in chief hasn't got a need to know, then who has?

Paul Young said...

Kevin Randle... "I mean we had one, discussed here, that suggested a 17-year-old was abducted, fought a war with our alien allies, served for twenty years and was returned to his bed just 15 minutes after he was abducted."

Chuckle. Sounds feasible to me! :-)

(I'm sure there was a Star Trek episode that featured a storyline like this.)

KRandle said...

Paul -

Those government employees who serve at the pleasure of the president would seem to be vulnerable to being fired... I would think that the president could ask a question and if that person said that the president had no need to know, I as president would say, "You're fired." I would pose the question to the next in line. In other words, given the power of the president, I can't actually think of a situation that the president couldn't find out what he wanted to know. Those in all the top jobs were "hired" (well, appointed) by the president. To me, this idea that the president was told he had no need to know is ridiculous.

On the other hand, I know that there are projects and investigations that are on-going and the president has no knowledge of them. He's not informed about them because he doesn't need to know about them in his day-to-day job. If the situation changes, then he is immediately informed. Operation Solo is the perfect example. Here we had a spy at the highest levels of the Soviet Union and presidents weren't told. Just after Ford took office, he was told because he was about to meet with the Soviet leadership and the information the FBI had was necessary for the president.

The bottom line is that the president can learn whatever he wants to know as long as he asks the questions. Once he has the answers, he is under no obligation to share those answers with the public which might explain why Bill Clinton never said much about it. National security.

cda said...

Paul Young:

Yes I am sure you are 100 per cent right and that Jimmy Carter was never told to drop dead, mind his own business or anything else by the supposed UFO guys 'in the know'.

We can dismiss this as twaddle. After all, DR says it was only a 'rumor'. Just like so much else in this UFO conspiracy fantasy.

Brian B said...

Since we are on the topic of US Presidents and what they can reveal, it's worthy to note the following more recent Kimmel interviews (and their analysis) with both Bill Clinton and Obama.

It's been decades since a president has been asked this question live and I think the analysis done by Ben Hansen is pretty balanced. Take a gander:


Bill Clinton:

I agree with Kevin that any president who asks would be given this information, or in part a summary of the overall issue, and that each president is not left in the dark on any matters of national security.

As for these men, I have no idea what they may be hiding relative to this subject, but it appears whatever it is they are prevented from discussing it whether that be proof of alien contact, ongoing covert study, or some matter of hidden military technology part of a larger national security agenda.

couldbebetter said...

Many excellent comments on this topic. What about Special Access Programs or SAPS. If a corporation sets up SAP that limits access to just certain select people, not even the President can gain access as that is controlled at the corporate level. Perhaps the powers that be decided long ago to place the most sensitive information into a corporate SAP. Look at how many retired former NSA directors have gone to work in the corporate world. If aliens from other worlds are engaged with our world, what would be the highest priority of our government? 1. Figure out who they are, what they want, and determine how best to exploit the situation to our best advantage. 2. Determine the most secure way to communicte with the alien(s). What scares me is I do not know if the people in charge of all this can be trusted. When one considers how badly Bush/Cheney wanted the Iraq war and their motivation for such I would hope to God that they would not be involved with Aliens and our relations with them.

jim bender said...

Mr John Podesta is the driver behind Hillary, Bill and Barack Obama, pushing for the real answers regarding UAP.
Mr. Podesta is brilliant and fully understands that intelligent life exists outside planet earth and Mr. Podesta has already concluded that we have been visited.
The fact that we have been visited is not a surprise as a majority of the world population already suspect UAP's are real and that many are under intelligent control.
Will the real facts ever be released? Do you think the shadow government has told us the truth regarding the JFK assissination?
My prediction, it will take another Phoenix lights (first event, 830pm) to blow the doors down

John's Space said...

The Obama interview if taken literally could explain the secrecy. He states in a joking matter that it is the aliens who are maintaining strict control. When Kimmel mentions that Clinton had said that he'd looked into the UFO matter and found nothing, Obama's reply is "that's what they tell us to say." What if he is telling the truth but making a joke about it so that it won't be believed?

I'm just joking here!

Seriously, the president does have ultimate classification authority. The real question is why have all presidents maintained UFO secrarcy? We as interested citizens want to know. That doesn't mean that disclosure would be a good thing. One must consider what it is that the government might know. If even a small part of the abduction events are real for example, presidential admission of that could lead to all sorts of problems. Also, it wouldn't do much for the governments prestige to admit that there is nothing the government can do about it.

cda said...

John's Space:

"Also, it wouldn't do much for the governments prestige to admit that there is nothing the government can do about it."

But would be even worse for the government's prestige if they suppressed the truth about ET visits and abductions, and thereby risked some other country announcing it first.

Paul Young said...

Thanks Kevin. That's an excellent summary of my own thoughts on a president being told that he had "no need to know".
I'd reckon that EVERY president from Truman onward would have been curious enough about this flying saucer business (whether they were sceptics or not) that they would be asking the question within a week of their feet getting under the oval office table.

The scenario in my mind goes along the lines of the president eventually gets told the basic situation as it stands.
The President then understands why the people can't know and agrees that full disclosure would be disasterous...and, obviously, semi-disclosure not an option.
The President then tells the public that there is nothing to the UFO story.
The President agrees to let the elite team of insiders wrestle with the problem and carries on kissing babies heads and having dinners with other world leaders for the next 8 years...till the next Prez comes around and asks for the same info.

Paul Young said...

"...I have no idea what they may be hiding relative to this subject, but it appears whatever it is they are prevented from discussing it whether that be proof of alien contact, ongoing covert study, or some matter of hidden military technology part of a larger national security agenda."

...or if we're really living in "the matrix"! :-)

Brian B said...

Johns Space and CDA -

I don't know. Think about it. While I don't believe they are hiding alien technology (I could be wrong), let's suppose they are.

A president would have to state some obvious things which bring into play technological, scientific, budgetary, commerce, defense, and legal issues from laws being broken. Is a president going to follow up their disclosure announcement with these kind of comments, all of which people claim are probably true?

1) We've been lying to all of you and the world for decades because we don't trust your reaction and fear a massive crash of our global economy and the end of democratic government as we know it.

2) Over the decades we have exploited this alien technology to the hilt, and while most of what we discovered could benefit mankind, we chose to hide it from you and use it just for military purposes against our enemies and also our allies.

3) We broke numerous national and international laws in keeping this secret from you. This includes illegal surveillance, murder, pretending to honor international agreements when we weren't, confiscating evidence, intimidating and threatening witnesses, and directing trillions of dollars to US corporations without anyone's consent.

4) Despite all of this, these entities remain elusive and continue to penetrate our airspace, disrupt our military installations, and hamper our ability to defend you.

5) We can't control them. We can't influence them. And we can't defend you from them should they do anything to our security. In fact, they may have infiltrated all aspects of our society, but we are helpless against them.

Good luck, we just thought you should know.

couldbebetter said...

The most honest politician (oxymoron) who tried to give us the truth on the UFO subject was Sen. Goldwater. When asked about "the Blue Room" at WPAFB he would never use that term when answering a question about it. I would deduce the term was classified and knowing this he would not even use that term in his correspondence. Ultimately, he told a researcher by the name of Lee Graham that ven though some information had come out, that this thing had become too highly classified for him to get anthing on it. What info he may have gleened in his tenure as the Chairman of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee we may never know. In public he took the view that when he asked AF Gen Curtis LeMay about it he was told to shut up about it and to never ask for that info again. One story has it that Goldwater was buddies with Gen. Blanchard who told him that Roswell was indeed Alien beings. LeMay also told Goldwater to break off his friendship with Blanchard. This is highly classified area and has been since the 1940's. Sure, we will get sighting reports released from time to time. (We get thrown a bone now and then, sometimes the same old bone over and over.) However, they will never give us the meat. Who they are, what they believe, what they want from us and what we get from them, will never be dislosed. Even if someone gives us the inside story there will always be a bodyguard of lies to confuse.

John's Space said...


You have basically stated what I've been thinking. I agree with your points 1, 4, and 5. Only somewhat with 2 and 3. Unless something happens that force the government's hand such as an overt move by the aliens then the is little to be gained by a change in policy. Potentially a lot to lose.

My hesitation on points 2 and 3 are about doubt that we had the ability to reverse engineer technology of an interstellar capable civilization in the 1950s or 1960s or even now. Also, I don't see the discontinuities in technology that has been claimed by some. I think solid state electronics, lasers, computers, etc. follow a natural evolutionary trend that goes back pre-Roswell.


It would be interesting to know when the Goldwater conversations with LeMay and Blanchard occurred. One would guess that it was before 1964 given that Goldwater was out of the Senate after his failed presidential run. It should also be after 1961 when LeMay was Air Force Chief of Staff.

Terry the Censor said...

Has anyone asked Secretary Clinton who is her favourite UFO author?

If she gave a name, that might suggest she's getting her information from public, not classified, sources. And it would make for a heck of a blurb for the lucky author!

jim bender said...

Like I said John Podesta is a big driving force behind the Clintons for disclosure. Article out today stating his opinion again!!!

Clinton campaign chair: Americans 'can handle the truth' about UFOs.

but I believe the public CANT handle the truth

Unknown said...

Maybe it takes a punkrocker to bring disclosure ( no, not Mr. Redfern)