Tuesday, November 06, 2018

My Latest Outrage - Bielek, Allende and Several Other Things

I’m outraged… outraged, I say. In the last couple of days, I have been bombarded with nonsense in books, on the Internet and on television. Just when I think we have heard the last of some of the nonsense out there, someone feels the obligation to resurrect it with another half-baked, ignorant theory.

Let’s start with the book. I had ordered, through Kindle, a book on conspiracies, not that I’m enamored with them, but because the book was free and it touched on a couple of topics I find interesting. So, I plowed through the Kennedy assassination stuff, some of it, in fact, informative, but then I came to two things that I know something about and that I knew were wrong.

First, I was treated to the idea the William Cooper had been assassinated by Arizona deputies because he knew too much about UFOs and the secret studies. Cooper, who claimed that he knew all about MJ-12 because of his position in the Navy, was considered dangerous, according to the theory. He had some sort of gig as a briefing officer on highly classified material, or something like that. MJ-12 was part of it, or was something that he had seen. However, if MJ-12 is a hoax, and the smart money is on that, not to mention that the best evidence shows that, then Cooper’s claims were also a hoax.

There would be no reason for government assassins, in the guise of Arizona deputies, to gun him down. Of course, had he not fired at them first, the outcome might have been different. The point, however, is that the information about Cooper was badly flawed.

Second, in that same book, there was a short mention of the McMartin Preschool scandal of the 1980s. The McMartins were accused of dozens of crimes including child abuse, engaging in Satanic rituals, child porn (I think), and a host of other crimes involving dozens of children. In the end, the vast majority of the charges were dismissed and the case ended in a colossal boondoggle.

Children, for example, had claimed they were flown out of state for the rituals, taken to locations in which Satanists abused them, sexual abuse in a super market, blood sacrifices and other crimes. But investigation showed that most of the crimes and abuse could not have been committed as described because of timing or in the locations mentioned. In fact, most claims of the Satanic abuse faded at the end of the 1980s for the lack of any concrete evidence that there was a national, Satanic cabal that was protected at the highest levels of the government.

To prove the case, however, the book suggested that the children told of underground tunnels below the school. Once it was demolished, there was some sort of old dumping ground found. This was proof of the tunnels, or so it was claimed. The children had been right. The problem was that so many of the tales told by the children were impossible and no evidence in the form of pictures, which the children claimed had been taken, were ever found. That was the sort of thing that the author relied on… a short reference with a suggestion of proof that had been debunked long ago.

In keeping with my chasing footnotes hobby, I chased a number of footnotes in the book and they lead to a right-wing publication and no further. I didn’t find the source material particularly persuasive, and if the source is flawed, then the information is flawed. In these cases, I knew the source was flawed. Given that, I didn’t find much else in the book that was of use.

AOL, once again, treated us to the story of Al Bielek. I don’t know how many times they have recycled this story. It’s always the same one, provides no real analysis, and suggests that Bielek is a real time traveler who knows, or knew, what the future holds. I’m astonished that Bielek didn’t make himself rich with this future knowledge like Marty McFly attempted when he traveled from 1985 to
A young Brad Steiger
2015. A simple check of sports outcomes or trends in the stock market or commodities, should yield millions. Bielek didn’t have any of that information. Hell, a wager on the outcome of the 2016 election, information about the president surely available in the future, would have done the trick, but no, Bielek missed that bet.

I don’t suppose I have to mention that Bielek’s tale is based on the Philadelphia Experiment, the Navy’s alleged attempt to teleport a ship. Of course, that tale is untrue and first surfaced as part of the Allende Letters, another hoax, revealed as such by Robert Goerman. All this has been explored on this blog in the past. I think the best of those articles can be read here:

One other thing about all this. My late friend, Brad Steiger had befriended Bielek in the past. Bielek stayed at his house on a
The late Carlos Allende aka
Carl Allen.
number of occasions and Brad told me that he found Bielek to be a likable chap. Brad said that he was deeply saddened when he realized that Bielek was not telling the truth. Bielek’s story is a hoax… but AOL keeps alerting us to it without telling us that it is a hoax.

Finally, I saw another of the seemingly endless documentaries on alien abduction, telling us the same tired stories with almost no evidence of anything extraordinary happening. I was going to pussyfoot around this topic somewhat, but really, why?

We were told that many of the abductees “remember” some of the event without the use of hypnosis. We learn that Betty and Barney Hill had conscious memories of the event before they were hypnotized by Dr. Benjamin Simon. But what we weren’t told was that there had been no memories until they surfaced in Betty Hill’s dreams. These she shared with researchers such as Walter Webb and, of course, her
The late Budd Hopkins, a leader
in abduction research.
husband. That the memories first surfaced in dreams is, I think, an important part of the case.

And, when we begin to talk of memories prior to hypnosis, we find that many of them are from hypnopompic and hypnagogic hallucinations. These are sometimes terrifyingly real dreams upon waking or going to sleep. These accompany sleep paralysis and are often associated with a belief that some sort of entity is in the room. It is often only after hypnosis that the details begin to mimic those of alien abduction. Rather than go into this at length here, I’ll just point those of you who are interested to the following:

The real problem here, or at least part of the problem, is that those offering some opinion in passing, or creating a documentary, have some sort of agenda. The producers might wish to advance the idea that aliens are abducting people so they stay away from information that might challenge that idea. People writing about Bielek, are convinced that there was a Philadelphia Experiment, and he is confirming their belief. Doesn’t make it true, but they believe because they want to rather than because the evidence supports the belief. And those believe Bill Cooper about MJ-12 for the same reasons.

In our world today, there is so much misinformation available it is a full-time job to keep just a tiny segment of it straight. There is spin to underscore a belief, but spin doesn’t really advance knowledge. In our world we have to fight to keep everything straight. That is why, after several years, we read on various news sites that those who created the alien autopsy have “finally” copped to the truth, as another example from a recent story.


I have known this for years and published information about it in books that are now several years old and Philip Mantel had devoted an entire book to it… but the “news” is provided for us today. Let’s just keep the debate alive rather than acknowledge the truth and move on.

Anyway, we must remain vigilant to the heavily biased information presented as if it is the absolute truth. We must attempt to correct this false and faked information with facts, figures and other information rather than just ignore it. Having ranted long enough, I now return to the football game.


Bryan Sentes said...

"we must remain vigilante"--great slip of the pen, given your irritation! It is all rather tiresome, isn't it...

RedTornado2008 said...

Barney Hill did tell Project Blue Book he saw beings on the craft and drew them at the time of the encounter so he did not need hypnosis to remember that part of the event. The abduction is different but the point is he did see entities.

I agree with your arguments on bringing up long solved cases. However, the internet and YouTube think differently.

Adam S. said...

MJ-12 may be slightly more complex than just a simple hoax (or “real documents” as some believe). Some recent research suggests that it might have been contrived by intelligence agents as part of a means to get the UFO crowd away from some sort of testing at Kirkland in Albuquerque.

Before some people start to roll their eyes and go “surrrreee”…check out some of the recent books (like: “Project Beta”, “X-Descending,”, “Dulce Base”) and then decide.

As far as some of the abduction researchers, perhaps someone should play Woodward and Bernstein. Look where (at least some of) their funding came from. There may or may not be something of interest there…

Just a few thoughts from someone on election night anyway heh :-)

09rja said...

To me, one of the most questionable aspects of these "abduction" cases is how everyone can make it in each other's environment. Numerous stories have the aliens just popping out of the craft and running around with no issues at all. Same thing with the abductees: they get taken aboard their craft and have no trouble breathing their "air", taking their atmospheric pressure, and they notice no difference in gravity.

In other words: wherever these beings are from they've got the exact same conditions as Earth! (Up to and including 14.7 psi atmospheric pressure. They never even say their ears pop.)

On the rare occasion this comes up, the abduction buffs use the technology wild card.....which is great, but these abductees never mention anything being applied to them. (And apparently this invisible force field lets the aliens touch them)

Even more amazing the fact they never bring anything back. I sure wish the aliens would kidnap a kleptomaniac or just your run of the mill shoplifter. :)

Brian B said...


The abduction phenomenon is no doubt some yet to be fully understood (but common) psychological experience with subconscious influencers. This, combined with sloppy or biased hypnotic regression practices which introduce suggestive experiences, only reinforces the notion of “abduction”.

Clearly the prime reason no one ever brings anything back with them. They really aren’t “anywhere” other than their own minds.

Numerous sleep disorders and medical conditions can precipitate such events. Mental and past (or current) psychological trauma can also influence these experiences.

Objects such as tiny stone pebbles, miniature metal fragments, or synthetic micro fragments found in abductees skin can all be explained by medical science, and as a result this “evidence” of implants can easily be discounted.

And yes, why is it that aliens of all kinds can so easily tolerate our atmospheric and gravitational conditions, are immune to allergies or exposure to the common cold, and also appear as humanoid bipedal creatures the same as us?

Makes you wonder....

Author said...


Barney Hill claimed to have seen...something. He drew a large craft that had telescoping wings with red lights on the tips. Through series of large windows on the front he saw what he described as people. One reminded him of an Irishman and the other a Nazi. He didn't describe them as aliens or monsters.

I half wonder if he didn't see a gondola from a blimp or something. Complete conjecture, of course.

Here's a blog post from David Halperin covering the event.

Sugarraytaylor said...

This entry resonated with me, as I find myself increasingly outraged and frustrated by people whose opinions I have held in high regard for years.

Mainly, George Knapp. I respect George, I always have. I respected him so much that his credibility as an investigative Journalist was the only reason why I kept Bob Lazar’s claims in my grey basket. I don’t place much faith in his claims, but Knapp’s insistence that there is some truth to it always stopped me from completely saying the guy was full of shit.

However, his blind support/belief of the tales over at Skinwalker Ranch despite never seeing anything himself and despite none of the study’s by NIDs or BAAS ever turning up any kind of evidence other than 4 seconds of useless footage in Corbell’s awful documentary.....not only his blind support and acceptance of these tales but also his doubling down on the UFO issue not being a nuts and bolts phenomena are quite troubling to me.

Of course, George is free to believe what he wants, but one would think that if Knapp really believed Lazar’s claims in 2018 then why on earth would you be so quick to discount the Nuts and Bolts aspect of the issue?

This also bleeds into the Luis Elizondo headed (supposedly) pentagon program. You can’t have both here, right? I mean if they have recovered these Vehicles then why on earth would they be still in the dark about these things?

If I were George Knapp, and I was responsible for bringing Lazar to the forefront and 30 years later was championing this Pentagon UFO study then I would at least acknowledge the fact that these two areas really don’t jive with each other. Yet not only does George not say anything, but Jesus Christ he had Elizondo and Lazar literally on the same stage together at some conference somewhere recounting their tales.
I sure would love to know what was actually being done on the Bigelow Ranch, though. I used to think there was some very strange true substance to the case, however after so long with such pathetic offerings of proof I no longer place any weight in it at all.

KRandle said...

Author -

Don't forget that Betty accused Barney of watching the Twilight Zone. There was an episode called "Hocus Pocus and Frisby," in which Frisby was abducted by alien creatures who had faces that sort of match what Barney drew.

And, don't forget that Betty Hill, on page 298 of the hardback The Interrupted Journey, said, "...their noses were larger (longer) than the average size although I have seen people with noses like theirs - like Jimmy Durante's."

Remember, much of the information about the abduction came to Betty in dreams...