Thursday, November 22, 2018

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Special Edition, Steve Bassett

In what I think of as a “Special Edition” of the radio version of “A Different Perspective,” I spoke with Steven Bassett, he of the Paradigm Research Group, and a driving force behind Disclosure. That means, simply, that he believes the government is wrong to withhold the information they have about alien visitation, and they should disclose it immediately.

The show was two hours long, but was broken into two one-hour segments. You can listen to both of them here:

and here

I did begin the show with a bit of a tribute to my old friend, Brad Steiger. He had
Brad Steiger
died recently, and I wanted to say a few words about him.

And, I sort of went off-script (though there really isn’t a script) by asking Steven what he thought about the original MJ-12 documents. He was unaware of the book that Bill Moore, Richard Doty and Bob Pratt had written a couple of years prior to the MJ-12 documents surfacing. I did explain all that in Roswell in the 21st Century.

We then moved onto the USS Nimitz “tic tac” video of something near the carrier group. Two fighters, already airborne, intercepted the object, recorded it using their onboard equipment, and returned to the carrier. I asked Steve (eventually, it comes in the last segment) if the Pentagon had offered an identification of the object.

This led to a discussion of Disclosure, the idea that the government would eventually tell what it knows about UFOs, or as Steve and many others prefer, UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). While that it probably a more apt description of what is going on, it just doesn’t have the zip of UFO (and yes, I said
Steve Bassett
zip on purpose).

We do talk about the history of UFO investigation, showing that it has been ongoing since, at the very least, 1947, though there is evidence that it began, unofficially, in the United States in late 1946. We do get into some of the history that is hidden behind a thick veil of secrecy. Although we didn’t have the time to get into it in depth, there were hints of where to search for more information. This is a topic that demands more information but too much of it is guesswork, speculation, or a reliance on uncorroborated insider information.

For more information on Steven Bassett and the Paradigm Research Group see:


Paul Young said...

If he thinks Hilary Clinton was a guarantee to be the "disclosure" President, then I reckon his champagne would still be on ice. I'm glad KR explained to him that we've heard all about disclosure promises from presidential candidates before.

Louis Nicholson said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kevin. I didn't know you were broadcasting again. I loved your show before and was sad when you decided to take a break from it. Steve Bassett is always an interesting guest. Is there a way we can find out ahead of time who you guests are gong to be?

RedTornado2008 said...

Very interesting show. Mr Bassett is very compassionate of his beliefs. I do wish him well in disclosure although I don't know if anyone has anything to truly disclose at this point.

Sugarraytaylor said...

Kevin, did you manage to watch that 20 minute recreation video of the 2004 Nimitz “encounter”? As mentioned previously, I am very interested in hearing your opinion on that event from a pilots standpoint. I would also like to hear your views about it as to how it stacks up in terms of documentation.

I listened to the two part episode of ADP with Steven, but with all due respect the man remains as delusional as ever. He is also damn near impossible to listen to. Throughout the interview you kept asking him to explain such things as the Tom DeLonge and To The Stars Academy saga, to which he gave delusional answers that were chock full of the most wildly speculative nonsense that would make David Hatcher Childress blush.

Every year the same drivel about “The Disclosure President”, always following the same formula ;
Before an upcoming election then we hear about why the next guy up is positively gonna be the one to do it.

A year or two after new president is sworn in, we hear ridiculous excuses as to why he has to “hold off”. The “logic” of which usually centres around some political snafu such as Trump’s never ending controversies.

Perhaps the most delusional belief Bassett seems to cling to, is his insistence that the “ET issue” is the single most important issue the “powers that be” are wrestling with. As much as I am fascinated by this topic which I believe to have SOME substance to it, I simply cannot believe that this is even on Trump’s radar, no pun intended. Or the super secret cabal government if you must.

Sugarraytaylor said...

Can we PLEASE stop with the BULLSHIT regarding these new terms for UFO?!
Bassett seems to think that by calling it a UAP then it removes all the stigma attached to UFO. Does he really believe this BS? Whenever someone hears UAP for the first time and ask “What’s that mean?” they are then going to be told “Ah it’s just a UFO”.

Yes, let’s heap more confusion onto a term which already has at least 3 different interpretations to it already. Exactly what we need.

KRandle said...

Louis -

There is currently no regular schedule. Rob McConnell and the XZBN allow me to schedule these things at my convenience when I have something that believe others will find interesting.

SugarRay -

THe term, UAP, has been around for decades. Coral Lorenzen at APRO was using it in the 1970s. There are documents in Blue Book that either use it or something close to it.

UFO implies there was an object and that it was flying. UAP implies there were something seen in the sky that could have any number of explanations. And flying saucer means, in the world today, alien spacecraft.

Sugarraytaylor said...

I understand that, but my point is that Bassett and others do not seem to think that using the term alongside UFO will differentiate between one that is flying and one that is just something in the sky we can’t explain...that’s not the way they’re looking at it. Bassett and others think this is a way to remove the “stigma” from the word so people won’t immediately associate it between UFOs and tin foil hats. When in reality people are always to source UAP back to UFO.

It’s laughable.

KRandle said...

SugarRay -

I have a huge file of video clips of the Nimitz encounter but have not had the time to properly review it. Other activities have taken precedence. When I get the information reviewed, I will post something about it.

FAdamsXII said...

Good luck to Mr. Bassett and anyone else thinking they'll eventually get something out of the Government about UAP.

I've recently been reading "Raven Rock" by Garrett Graff and I've been left thinking the same thing I did when I was a kid growing up on a Naval submarine base, when the USG doesn't want to discuss something for whatever reason, they're pretty good about making information really difficult to obtain. Whether it's something like Continuity of Government, Nuclear Weapons, or whatever they think or know about whatever it is that people see in the skies, if they don't want it known unless you know exactly what and who to ask with the exact phrasing it is a near impossible task to get anywhere without help from insiders that they're not willing to provide in most circumstances.

Case in point with Continuity, we know about Mount Weather, Raven Rock, Olney, and the Federal Regional Centers but there have to be other Enduring Constitutional Government facilities both past and present and the only one that anyone even hints about openly is Manzano Base/WSA #1/Site Able here in Albuquerque which started life as a continuity facility for Truman and Eisenhower but changed to being a nuclear weapons storage and maintenance facility because it was considered vulnerable to a hydrogen bomb, though Raven Rock and Mount Weather are as well but for some reason Manzano wasn't good enough. It's not possible to find out where and why any others exist because they don't want them found. Something like UFO/UAP projects is very likely the same, and despite breadcrumbs like the FEMA-USFA firefighter manual and Blue Book they're keeping whatever they know or don't know very close to their chest.

My point is that while I hope someone makes a meaningful disclosure eventually, I don't hold out a whole lot of hope for it, especially with so much fraud and utter bullshit like the SOM 1-01 forgery and all the Dulce Base garbage designed to distract people away from the mountain that at the time was full of nukes in Albuquerque's backyard being the standard MO.