Thursday, January 30, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Peter Davenport

I had invited Peter Davenport on the show because one of my other guests, several weeks ago, had said some unpleasant things about Peter and his UFO Reporting
Peter Davenport
Center. My plan was to ask him about that interaction but we didn’t get to it on the program. However, I already knew the answer because I had mentioned it to him earlier in an email. His response was that he didn’t remember the encounter… which isn’t surprising since he receives, literally thousands of inquiries, reports and communications a year. He did say that sometimes those calling in want to chat about more than their sighting and he just doesn’t have time to go into all that. I understand given some of the email requests I get. The one that made me laugh was someone wanted copies of all the UFO pictures I have. No mention of compensation for the time, effort or money spent to fulfill the request.

Instead, we talked about his first UFO sighting as a youngster in St. Louis, Missouri. By a strange coincidence, I had sitting on my desk a loose-leaf binder that held the first half of the Project Blue Book index to their sightings… It holds maybe 6000 of those reports, and since Peter’s report fit into the time frame of the binder I had, I looked it up. I mentioned on the program that I would report on what I found when I researched the two sightings that fit into his time frame. You can, of course, listen to the program here:

Peter’s sighting didn’t seem to fit the information the Air Force collected, which means only that the Air Force hadn’t collected it. Both files were short and the Project Cards hold the relevant information about those sightings. As I say, these are from the right time frame but are not related to what Peter and many others had seen that night.

Project Cards from the Blue Book files.

We also got around to the first UFO investigation he had made back as a teenager working for a newspaper. While he wasn’t on the scene during the Exeter, NH, sightings, he did interview the principals within days of the events. He talked, in person, with the two police officers, walked the scene of the sighting and talked with the civilian witness over the telephone.

The Phoenix Lights came up next, and we got his perspective on the events that took place in March 1997. I did say something about Mike Rogers providing his take on the sightings and found that while there was disagreement between what Mike had seen and what Peter had learned, there was also points of agreement. Nothing said by Peter contradicted anything mentioned by Mike, though we didn’t get too deeply into that.

I have been looking into the drone sightings in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming recently, and have communicated with some of those doing the ground work in the investigation. Next week, I’m going to try to put all the information into some sort of a cohesive analysis. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to resolve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction, and in fact, not even sure that I’ll be able to resolve anything, but I do hope to provide some solid information. If you have questions, send them through the comments section here and if I have a good answer, I’ll give it on the show.


Bob Koford said...

Good Evening, Kevin.

I finally got a chance to listen to this program and thought it was a good one. Mr. Davenport speaks clearly about the subject and it is nice to hear someone speak about such a touchy subject that has their facts straight.

Plasma radiation with intelligence...not sure if that would be more comforting of an explanation than intelligent "aliens."

Thanks for the good interview.


Unknown said...

My favorite two people in the UFO "world" in one program. Makes me live trough my neighbour's snoring. How did you do it in the military Kevin. All the best