Thursday, January 23, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Tom Whitmore

This week I talked with Tom Whitmore, a member of the MUFON broad of directors and a man who has been interested in the UFO phenomenon for decades. I had approached him because I knew that he had an interest in MJ-12 and I thought
Tom Whitmore
that we’d have an interesting discussion on that topic. You can listen to the program here:

I had mentioned the fatal flaw in the Eisenhower Briefing Document that proves that both the document and MJ-12 are hoaxes. You can read that analysis here:

MJ-12, of course, was not the only thing that we discussed. We actually began with the travesty that is known as Project Blue Book airing on History. Of all my colleagues in the UFO community, I don’t know of one who approves of the show… it is doing a great disservice to UFO research with its suggestions of cover-up, threats, and adding details that never happened to cases we all know. The post following this one goes into the reasons that this show has taken a nose dive.

After exploring this, we did talk about the real oversight committee and how it would have been formed. You can read about that here:

We eventually got around to President Jimmy Carter and his desire to declassify, or in the world today, disclose, the hidden information about UFOs. Daniel Sheehan, a lawyer who worked with Marcia Smith, had some inside knowledge about this. We did talk about Linda Moulton Howe who had seen a document that was alleged to have been used to brief President Carter about UFOs. I covered this at length in Case MJ-12. You can find the updated version of the book here:

Next week, I’ll be talking with Peter Davenport about his UFO Reporting Center. If you have questions, let me know in the comments section here. I’ll try to get them asked during the show.


Tom Whitmore said...

Kevin, Thanks was a privilege to be a guest on your program.

Seth said...

The project blue book show if you had listened to the people who produced it said it was fiction based loosely on true events not sure how it's a disservice. I think you both are blowing way out of proportion lol

Tom Whitmore said...

Seth - You are correct about the Blue Book show being fiction based loosely on true events. What I meant to say during Kevin’s program (and didn’t), was that the producers/directors were most kind and gracious to MUFON, both in their remarks and in providing pre-viewing opportunities. Having been at both events (Maryland MUFON and Virginia MUFON), I can say honestly that the reaction of the audiences to the program seemed to be positive. My remarks about the content are solely my own and were the result of my gut reaction to the presentation. Being pretty familiar with UFO history myself. I tend to react that way if the story line doesn’t follow the historical record as I understand it. On the other hand, the complete story of “Roswell” is not available. It’s possible that the show pointed to incidents that had not yet been made public.

jim bender said...

I completely agree with you seith

mouseonmoon said...

Why no mention here of Daniel Sheehan’s “debriefing” in the tunnels of the library of Congress where
he was shown photos and film that all pointed to ‘alien crash at Roswell’.
It seems to be the same ’stuff’ found by Chase Brandon at CIA Headquarters - iow a story fully documented - and most likely total disinformation/spy games.
But no discussion of this coincidence ?

KRandle said...

Because there were other issues to discuss and because I plan to have Daniel Sheehan on a later show. I have, actually, less than 48 minutes with the guest, and I have to pick and choose where we go based on what I believe the audience wishes to hear.

William Pullin said...

Thank you for your insights Kevin. I am in total agreement concerning the illegitimacy of the MJ-12 documents and the troubling content being presented on "Project Blue Book."