Thursday, January 16, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Year End Wrap Up (belated)

This week I wanted to wrap up some of the things from last year, provide a little more information about some things for the new year, and talk about some items that were allegedly found in President Ronald Reagan’s diary in years gone by. You can listen to the program here:

I did break from my tradition of refusing to engage in political commentary but
Nineteen-year-old Kevin
Randle as a helicopter pilot.
(Note the peace symbol on the
only to point out that those of us who live in states that have early caucuses or primaries have been bombarded by political ads for more than a year. I did announce that I would run for president in 2024 but only to get a jump on those who are thinking of running then. I can start annoying people right away with this.
I also brought up the “cancel culture” in the UFO field in which you are required to buy into every subset imaginable. You have to accept cattle mutilations, abductions, crop circles, MJ-12, contactees, UFO crashes… everything that comes down the pike because, well, who would make up this stuff. I advocated for a little bit of evidence before we leap off the support cliff.

And yes, I did tell a war story or two, but only because I have had some requests to talk a little bit about my military experiences. I thought that some might have been confused by my service in the active duty Army including a tour in Vietnam, taking AFROTC in college after that, active duty in the Air Force, participation in the Air Force Reserve, and finally my service with the Iowa National Guard which included a tour in Iraq. Given I was a pilot in the Army but only had ground assignments in the Air Force, all of this might have been somewhat confusing. You can verify my Vietnam service and my hitting the land mine with a helicopter at the 187th AHC website found here:

and here (look for May 16):

I worried about bringing up some of the dark side of Stan Friedman, but thought that these were some things that needed to be mentioned. Yes, I do have documentation to support all this. You can learn about the “Black Sergeant” episode here, for example:

Finally, I talked about my research into the Deep State and specifically about some information about a diary kept by Ronald Reagan, or for Reagan or something like that. While I found the information entertaining, I didn’t find much to believe. You can read it here:

Next week I’ll be joined by Tom Whitmore.  Tom is a MUFON board member and has been researching the history of MJ-12. That alone might provide for some interesting exchanges. We’ll look at other aspects of the UFO phenomenon as well. If you have questions, send a comment and I’ll get to them during the show.


Bob Koford said...

In regards to your "cancel culture" idea, I would have to say this:

Ignoring valid and important evidence to support a theory is just as bad as excepting poor or shoddy evidence to support a theory.

This is exactly where we stand with both the Aztec story and the Chiles/Whitted story.

Although, at first, I referred to my "Aztec" findings as the 25 March 1948 case. This was because none of the documents mentioned a landing or recovery. At this stage, though, I don't see any reason to ignore the testimony from the witnesses, since it is clear, from the documented evidence, that some type of Flying Disc/Unconventional Aircraft incident or incidents occurred on that date.

The funny thing about the Aztec case, today, is that the ACTUAL evidence that supports the witnesses also destroys the supposed DIA documents that are still being touted, by some, as having been "authenticated." Also, when they first were released, Scott Ramsey discussed them with Bill Steinman, to get his take. Mr. Steinman confirmed that the Aztec information was a cut and paste job, pulling the words directly out of his book. The attempt by some to call these documents authentic is clear evidence of the "cancel culture" to which you refer to in your article.

You also say you require some evidence to back up any claim. This I have attempted to present in published articles that I have written, as well as in the comments section, here. To continue referring to the Aztec case, for instance, as a hoax, without reviewing the evidence that is now available to us, is just the same type of "cancel culture" reverse.

There were only 3 people, on 25 March 1948, that believed the Russians were about to launch a surprise attack on the United States: Colonel Ryley Ennis (Chief/Intelligence Group), General Spaatz (CS/Air) and Lt. General Chamberlin (Army ID). This idea was preposterous, to say the least. Even the CIA, after careful and numerous investigations, called the Air Force "alarmists" and saw nothing to indicate the Russian would do such a thing (see for instance several ORE reports conducted because of the added alarm, during the "March Crisis", as it is referred to). It would have been suicide for them to do so. The final proof of this is in how the conflict with Russia played out over time: a "Cold War"and yet, General Spaatz was sufficiently alarmed, on 25 March 1948, that he ordered our meager air defense organizations, world-wide, on 24-hour a day alert, beginning that Thursday morning. He called for anything and everything we had to be brought out of mothballs and put into service, because the ADC was barely a thing, at that point. This even though General Seville had been doing his best to put it together, before that time (he had been thwarted at every turn before then, in favor of the SAC plan). The question is still a marvel, as to why General Spaatz was so convinced the Russians were about to attack. All the official issuances produced on 25 March 1948 dealt not with the Russians but instead with Unconventional Aircraft and Flying Disc sightings.

As for the Chiles Whitted incident, Captain Chiles was interviewed immediately and said the object passed within 700 feet of them and that he observed a double-decker row of windows that ran down both sides of the object. He said he could see right through, to the other side. Clearly he was not describing a Bolide. A prototype unconventional aircraft, maybe, but not a Bolide.

These are just two examples of ignoring evidence to support a theory.


Lorna Hunter said...

You got my vote, Kevin! Let's start texting people now!

KRandle said...

Bob -

I have reviewed the evidence for the Aztec case and find it lacking. The story began with a couple of con men and was exposed by J.P. Cahn. When it resurfaced in the 1970s, I looked at it again but it suffered from the same lack of evidence. I have read Scott's book, and looked at the new evidence and have not found anything persuasive. Monte Shriver, for example, who lived in Aztec in 1948 seems to have done a good job of exposing the weaknesses. I have invited Scott on the show several times to discuss the evidence but he has declined the opportunity.

As for Chiles-Whitted, your case seems to ride on the fact that Chiles said the object passed within 700 feet of him, an estimate based on nothing what so ever, meaning that he didn't know the size of the object, there was nothing for him to measure the distance against, and the drawings by Chiles and Whitted are somewhat different. Stack that up against the Zond IV reentry in which people saw a cigar-shaped craft with windows on the side, suggests that Chiles and Whitted were fooled by a bolide that was breaking up.

Bob Koford said...

Thank you for replying to my comment but I have to say that I physically cringed reading some of it.

The story did not begin with “a couple of con men” at all. This is the kind of blanket, cookie-cutter-statement that people would be given, perhaps by some program head, when providing their guy with talking points; like they did with Hector Quintanilla -something akin to, ”…here, say this.”

Stories which all seemed to have at least some component of what we would now consider the Aztec case began to emerge in mid to late 1949. Before Scully wrote any article or addressed it in any interviews, information was “leaking” out from several, not one or two, sources. From Wilkie Conner, in Arthur Rapp’s SPACWARP, to the Wyandotte Echo, there were rumblings in the background. The OSI even did their best to track down the person or persons responsible for the information given to the newspaper. All for a bunch of nonsense?

More importantly, you again demonstrated the ignoring of important information that supports the notion that something akin to a Flying Disc landing could have occurred on that date. I have spent the last few years investigating this, with countless hours searching through documents and reading through several sources for air defense history, much of it from the Air Force historical holdings.

I am always willing to provide any breadcrumbs on anything I mention here. Just say the word and it is a done deal. This would include my web page address, where many of the documents are available to read. To finish up this part on Aztec, the documents I have do not relate to Russia. Instead, they relate to Unconventional Aircraft and Flying Discs. In other words, the air alert was most assuredly in response to Flying Discs, not fears about Russia. There are even press reports detailing that the Danish government put their citizens on high alert for unknown flying objects, as well as strange things seen around harbors, etc. on 25 March 1948. To mention Mr. Cahn and the “two con artists” trope, while stepping over the important information provided about the air alert, called by General Spaatz, is remarkable!

Kevin, you skipped over a very important detail. I didn’t say 700 feet alone (actually it was 750 feet). I also mentioned that he was clear about the object containing two rows of windows that traveled down both sides of the fuselage of the object. To quote the Press article:
The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America)
26 Jul 1948, Mon · Page 1
Downloaded on Oct 31, 2018

“…the windows were all lighted up from inside…You could see right through the windows and out the other side”

You avoided this, for some reason. This alone demonstrates that there was no confusion, regarding his being fooled by distance. He didn’t just think it might have had windows, running down the sides. He saw actual windows…on both sides!

Thank You, again, for allowing me to leave comments here. I look forward to a reply

Paul Young said...

Kevin Randle... "I did announce that I would run for president in 2024 but only to get a jump on those who are thinking of running then. I can start annoying people right away with this.

Some time back on this blog, when discussing who might become the "disclosure President", someone mentioned that UFO/alien activity known to "certain people at the top" (my words, because I forgot where the thread is) would probably tell the President, if he started snooping, that he doesn't have a "need to know"

I asked you if this was feasible, considering the POTUS is a democratically elected head of state. Would anyone dare flatly refuse him?

You told me something along the lines that you (if "Prez") would get your relevant secretary of state...ask him to give you a full SITREP on the phenomenon and if he told you that you haven't a need to know ...then you would sack him on the spot and go to the next guy, ad infinitum, till you got answers.

Obviously, being a Brit, I can't vote for you...but if I could, I would. Then I'd hold you to it. (naturally)

BTW...(if you're being serious) best of luck.
Disclosure President Randle has a certain ring to it.

KRandle said...

Bob -

I'm not sure that you have the chronology exactly right and I'm not sure that you have the information about the first leaks right but I don't have the time right now to devote to this. HOWEVER, if you'll email me at, maybe we can set it up so that you and I can discuss it on my radio show/podcast and come to some sort of understanding on Aztec.

And, I have, of course (as does anyone with a computer and Internet access today) the Blue Book file on the Chiles-Whitted case, and there are some things in there that suggest a bolide. Jerry Clark and I disagree on this. He rejects the bolide answer, but given the Zond IV retry in 1968, I think the bolide answer makes sense.

Anyway, let me know about doing the show and we'll get something arranged.

Bob Koford said...

OK, here we go, Blue Book ahoy. 🤡😀

Bob Koford said...

Woops,sorry wrong thread but I thought it was the worst episode yet. It was all over the map. Not sure I'll be watching much more of it.

FAdamsXII said...

I know I'm late but that "briefing" was all over the place.

Unless things have drastically changed since the early 80's in terms of how the security around classified information works its pretty clear whoever wrote that has no actual idea what they're talking about, and has watched a few spy movies too many. Calling an SAP name "codeword" made me laugh, I'm sure it probably got a chuckle out of you too Kevin. I mean it is, but nobody refers to it like that, especially not the DCI/DCIA.

About the only thing in the more fantastic parts of UFOlogy that got it pretty close to right was the guy who wrote "Above Black" talking about how ECI (VRK more recently) works and about one of the courses at the Friendship Annex near Fort Meade leading me to believe the ELINT stuff he wrote about was legit as well as the care he took not to go anywhere near TTPs related to it, while the alien stuff was (probably) pure BS.