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Coast to Coast - Occupant Reports

  I have a bit of breaking news.  A new Navy photo has been released that shows what I take to be a triangular-shaped object. The picture was taken over the Atlantic in 2008 and was released to the website yesterday. They had received information about the sighting and using FOIA obtained the For Official Use Only information, which is not, exactly a security classification. It’s a small step up from unclassified.

The picture was taken by a Navy pilot using his cell phone and though it has been suggested that the object is something called a GPS dropsonde but those familiar with them say they don’t believe that it shows one.

I have limited information but thought this was interesting enough to mention. You can see the photo here: 

Early on, in 1947, when the first of the public UFO reports were made here, in the US, no one talked much about the possibility that the craft might have a crew. A sighting of an object in the air was fine, but a mention of a crew drew stares, if not outright derision. In fact, nearly every case reported to Project Blue Book that mentioned any sort of crew or creatures was routinely labeled as “psychological,” meaning, of course, that the witness or witnesses couldn’t be trusted and unreliable.

There were three that weren’t labeled that way, which makes them interesting. The first was reported on August 25, 1952, outside Pittsburg, Kansas. The object was described as “airfoil shaped” though Allen Hynek said it was platter shaped. The occupant or pilot was described as basically human.

William Squyres, said that as he was driving to work at about 5:30 in the morning on August 25, 1952.  He was north of Pittsburg, when he saw an “unknown object hovering over a field…” He later told Air Force investigators that he began slowing down and he reached a point where the object could be seen out the right-hand window, so he stopped. He said that the hair on the back of his neck stood straight up when he saw it.


Then veering off into the strange, Squyres said that it looked like an airfoil which suggested it had the shape of an airplane wing, and there were small propellers around the perimeter, each about a foot in diameter and rotating in a vertical position. It was a dull aluminum in color and had a rather weathered look about it. Squyres said that it was oscillating back and forth about twelve feet above the ground.


While he gave good descriptions of the craft and the landing area, there is little mention made of the pilot who, according to Squyres, seemed to be human. Squyres said, “I definitely saw a human being through the window.” He was convinced that the object was “piloted by humans, and not some men from Mars.”


About the only other thing he did say about the man was he seemed to be frenzied in his activities inside the object. He could see the occupant’s head and shoulders through the clear glass of the front of the UFO. He said that in the mid-section, through the blue-tinted windows, there was a lot of activity or movement but he couldn’t tell if that was caused by the occupant because there seemed to be no pattern to the movement.


There was also some physical evidence report. According to the Project Blue Book file:


General area under the exact location was pressed down and form a round 60’ diameter impression, with grass in a recognizable concentric pattern. Loose grass lay over the top of the impression as if drawn in by suction when the object ascended vertically at high speed… Area is extremely dry at present. Grass showed where Squyers (sic) had walked in to a fence and stopped.” Squyers said that as he neared it, the object rose vertically to about the altitude that airplanes fly and then accelerated tremendously, straight up into the broken clouds. The sighting lasted about half a minute.


Robert E. Greene visited the landing site just after 4:00 p.m. that same day. He saw the depression that had been described by the others, though it was now less distinct than it had been. He collected samples of the grass and the soil from where the UFO hovered and from a point some two hundred yards away as controls. He submitted some of it to the Air Force for analysis.


The second case was the Lonnie Zamora sighting in April 1964. He described the beings as the size of twelve-year-old children wearing white coveralls. I have written about the Zamora sighting many times on the blog.

The final case came on March 23, 1966., William E. Laxson. who worked at Sheppard Air Force Base near Wichita Falls, Texas, was driving to work early in the morning when he spotted a bright light off to the right. At first, he believed that it was a truck stopped in the far lanes of the highway, but as he approached, he saw a large, what he called a “fish-shaped” craft that was blocking the road.


Laxson stopped, got out of his car and began walking toward the object which was lighted by both his headlights and four bright lights on its side. He thought he was looking at a C-124 without wings but soon realized that he was not looking at any conventional aircraft. The object, according to him was about seventy or eighty feet long and over twelve feet high.  He could see no sharp edges on it and believed it was resting on some sort of landing gear but could only see a single strut. There was a round window divided into four sections that was located about halfway between the front and rear of the craft. Near the front there was an open hatch that had a ladder leading up into it. Although he could see inside and there were bright lights on, he could see no detail.

The object seen by Laxson. Photo from Project Blue Book files.

Underneath the craft, Laxson saw a single entity who appeared to be wearing a baseball cap. According to Hayden Hewes who interviewed Laxson within hours of the sighting, “He [the being] must have heard my car door slam, because he crawled up the ladder in a big hurry. When the door shut, it sounded like metal hitting metal.”


Laxson provided a description of the “human.” He was about five feet nine and weighted about 180 pounds. “He had a fair complexion and was wearing a mechanic’s cap with the bill turned up. I got the impression he had three strips arching over his shoulder, something like a master sergeant. I got the impression he was 30 – 35 years old… he was wearing either coveralls or a two-piece suit that looked like green-colored fatigues.”


Laxson wasn’t the only witness. Two miles down the road he found a parked truck. He asked the driver, C. W. Anderson, if he had seen anything. Anderson said that the craft had followed him for about twenty miles and he had been watching it in his rearview mirror. He also said that he had pulled over to get a better look at it and that it had then landed. Anderson confirmed the story to both the Air Force investigators and for the local newspaper reporters. A third man reported lights but didn’t see the object or the entity.


Laxson, who worked as a civilian for the Air Force and who knew what sort of aircraft were in the inventory, both military and civilian, said that he had never seen anything like it. He added that he was convinced that it was some sort of terrestrial craft though he could not identify just what conventional craft it might have been. Like so many others it seemed that he believed he had seen something from a black or classified project.


J. Allen Hynek provided some additional information about the case in his book, The Hynek UFO Report. He wrote:


Various organizations were contacted around the Temple area for a possible experimental or conventional aircraft. The observer [Laxson] stated that he thought the object was some type of Army or Air Force research aircraft. All attempts at such an explanation proved fruitless, since there were no aircraft in the area at the time of the sighting. Although there are numerous helicopters and other experimental [aircraft] in the area, none could be put in the area of Temple at approximately 0500, 23 March 1966. Because of this factor the case is listed as unidentified by the Air Force.


Here was a case in which three men, at three separate locations, saw the same object about the same time. Only Laxson reported seeing any sort of crew and he thought that crewman looked to be human. This is another of those cases in the Blue Book files that include a description of an entity associated with the craft that was accepted at face value by the Air Force investigators. Like the Lonnie Zamora case, the main witness thought it would some sort of black project, but no evidence for that has ever surfaced.


I covered these sightings at length in Encounters in the Desert, which focuses on the Zamora sighting. You can find the book here:


Back in 1947, as flying saucers burst on the scene, there were few occupant reports. Those who saw creatures, often suggested they were wearing some sort of diving suit complete with helmets and air tanks on the bank. The beings were mostly human sized.

In the beginning we find that while humanoid, they weren’t human.

For example, on May 15, 1951, in Salzburg, Austria, an American soldier reported a being that had fly-like eyes that stood about five feet tall. It had on some sort of transparent helmet. The case is not part of the Project Blue Book files.

And a final trend is the robotic creatures. Calvin Parker has reported them in 1973 during his abduction experience near Pascagoula, Mississippi. He has recently published a number of very popular books about his experience. I have written about him in the past and spoked to him twice You can access that information here:

William Puckett tells us that just last week, on November 26, in Las Vegas, a man spotted a large UFO and made multiple photographs of it. The witness told Puckett that he had walked to the window to draw the blinds when he spotted the UFO. It seemed to change shape and come closer.  He said that it was hovering low, was about the size of a football field but didn’t look as if it was going to land.

Using his cell phone, he took fifteen pictures. It was then that a robot-like creature appeared in front of him. He said that the being was somewhat transparent, bipedal, and that the joints did not appear to be connected. The creature levitated. It seemed to be almost invisible, and then turn into something that was clearly visible. Lights were seen on the robot-like creature.

He added that he had taken the pictures of the incident with what he called a twenty-dollar flip phone. He said that he took pictures of the being as well. You can see two of the pictures of the craft here:

These are some of the trends that I have noticed over the last many years. An evolution of the way the alien creatures have been described, moving from what you would expect based on the pop culture of the time. Aliens in spacesuits, then aliens in flight suits, until we get creatures in form fitting clothes.

We also see a number of reports in which the witnesses talked about robots as opposed to actual, living beings. I haven’t addressed the emergence of the grays as the predominate creature in the last twenty or more years. I just wanted to point out some of the trends that have developed over the years. And sure, you can find multiple reasons to argue the point, but as I say, this is nothing hard and fast. It is merely my observations of the UFO trends.

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