Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Ramey Memo

For those of you who watched History’s Greatest Mysteries and want more information on the Ramey Memo, I am posting a list of my blog entries that will provide some of that information. You must remember that the attempts to read the Memo go back into the 1980s, with, I believe Brad Sparks making the first attempt. I also outlined all this in Roswell in the 21st Century, which contained the latest data until the analysis conducted in February 2020 for this documentary. Anyway, you can read those blog postings here:

If you are interested in the side event of my conversations with J. Bond Johnson, the man who took the photograph, you can find it here. I don’t believe that it adds anything to the discussion of the Memo, but might of some historical interest.

Finally, for those who wish to read a shorter version of all this, I again suggest Roswell in the 21st Century. You can even get the ebook version and begin reading it, well, almost immediately right here:


Bamm Bamm Bahama said...

I will state the following comments as my opinion:

Watched the show last night. Amazing stuff! The Roswell UFO story went down in flames faster than the UFO itself, followed closely by royalties from book and website sales from those retelling a UFO story.

I really enjoyed the part of the show where it appears some are tossing anything on the fire in an attempt to keep the story going. Wow! That show achieved something others wanted to do for a longtime, but couldn’t figure out how. That is, how to put the nail in the coffin of the Roswell story, and dead end the careers of many ufologists, and third party witnesses. In my opinion, that was done last night.

Now, when people tell their UFO story, or someone else’s, they will need to provide solid physical evidence which will be hard to do. The reason, the pictures will continue to remain fuzzy even as camera technology advances.

TheDimov said...

Forget about the Ramey memo palaver, the biggest mystery to me is when the voiveover guy stated, "Kevin Randle has written over eighty books...". EIGHTY??! How on earth do you come up with enough ideas for 80 books??! This is the biggest mystery to me. I am not concerning myself anymore over trifles like Roswell Oak Island, I now have bigger fish to fry.

09rja said...

I may have missed it....but as far as I can tell....nothing in this episode changed the status of the memo at all. (I.e. nothing new was revealed that proves anything.)

William Strathmann said...


Just curious, Kevin, if you know whether or not a future episode is going to show the use of a deblur program on the new superscan of the Ramey memo.

I was also curious if you know who was involved in writing the script for the show, because as I understood from your book, _Roswell for the 21st Century_, both Sgt Kaufman and the undertaker Glenn Dennis had largely been discredited, but there they were in the program being used to prop up the show's narrative. And it is still ridiculous to me that they dramatize Maj. Marcel with USMC corporal's stripes on his khaki shirt. History anybody?

KRandle said...

TheDimov -

Yes, that figure was inaccurate and is decades old. I stopped counting at 125... this includes action/adventure novels, science fiction, and UFOs. There is a list published here, somewhere, but it too, is now out of date. BTW, back, in the early 1970s, I wrote down three ideas for magazine articles or books to do because I was worried about running out of ideas. No, I have never used those three ideas.

09rja -

All they showed was our preliminary work on the Memo while we were in Fort Worth. The latest scan of the negative is the best and most detailed ever. There is nothing more that can be done (unless there is some revolutionary breakthrough). In the last segments, there should be more information about the Memo.

b"h -

I don't believe they are going to use a deblur program because I'm not sure that it will do anything to clear up the test. I'm not sure what all Gene Cooper has done once he left Fort Worth, but I'm sure we'll find out on Saturday.

And I was as surprise as anyone that they would trot out Kaufmann who clearly lied and forged documents. His testimony (or should I say his story) has been discredited. He had no special training nor special status that would have seen him included in any military project of a classified nature.

Yes, Glenn Dennis is in the same boat as Kaufmann. I don't believe Dennis had any role in this until the 1990s as we all began to search for credible witnesses... Walter Haut pointed us to both Kaufmann and Dennis, which I think, hurts Walter's credibility as well.

And I just don't know why the used someone wearing a Marine uniform and corporal stripes to "dramatize" Marcel holding the debris when they have the actual pictures of Marcel.

Louis Nicholson said...

While the History program was very well produced, so far it appears to be too one-sided. They trotted out a lot of info about the Mogul Theory but, so far, nothing about how you thoroughly debunked that theory with the government's own documentation. The program made it obvious that Marcel's journal (with someone else's handwriting in it per the handwriting expert) states nothing about the Roswell incident, either in encrypted form or not. Instead of dramatically over-emphasizing those points they could have just said part of the journal was written by someone else and it contains no mention of the incident. The analysis of the Ramey Memo seemed to debunk the notion that it says "victims of the wreck" when it was mentioned that the purported "v" looks like a "p" with the new technology. It would have been nice to have had more discussion about that. They mentioned how Lt. Col. Cavitt was with Marcel at the debris field and disputed that there was anything unusual and that the total amount of debris could be placed in a box in a car trunk. They produced nothing to refute or at least cast doubt on that assertion, thus making Marcel look like either a liar or a serious mental case. They present the testimony of Frank Kaufmann who is well known not to have any credibility.

Maybe in the next installment there will be more pro-extraterrestrial theory info to counterbalance what has been presented so far. But at this point, if he was alive, Philip Klass would have been very proud.

09rja said...

They mentioned how Lt. Col. Cavitt was with Marcel at the debris field and disputed that there was anything unusual and that the total amount of debris could be placed in a box in a car trunk. They produced nothing to refute or at least cast doubt on that assertion, thus making Marcel look like either a liar or a serious mental case.~Louis Nicholson

By the same token, they also omitted any of the various things that have come out about Marcel. Things that cast doubt on his credibility. (I.e. his claims about his education, service record and so on.)

Jur said...

If this new technology can't even manage to resolve the "victims/viewing"-issue, or the signature question for that matter, we must conclude that the source material simply doesn't allow for more answers. The good news is that it DOES allows for more interpretations.

Clarence said...

Since nothing else looks like it will work, I would suggest this: I'm assuming the make of the camera and film are known. Why not try to recreate the scene, as close as possible, except in this case, use a memo that we actually know what it says? Send the new scans to the folks currently making educated guesses on the Ramey Memo, and see if they can discern how the new, known memo reads. If they come back with say a 25% success rate, it likely means the original memo can say anything you want it to say. On the other hand, if the rate is higher, we can place a little more confidence in the current reading. Basically, this experiment would serve as a type of "control" over the process...

Fendrich said...

I was also really disappointed to see the show chasing down stories and figures long ago debunked by Kevin and others. There were some intriguing leads however, and while I realize that second person testimony pales to first it doesn't seem beyond the pale that Marcel would have felt some relief sharing small pieces of his story with his family. If we are to take their tales at face value, it also doesn't seem strange that Marcel might have found a kindred spirit in Calvin Parker given their similar geographic backgrounds and extraordinary experiences. I wish a production company could come up with some meaningful budget for Roswell and partner with KR as Executive Producer, giving him final cut. Wouldn't it be great to watch a documentary that didn't pull punches on this topic?

Louis Nicholson said...

I just watched the last installment of the History Channel Roswell series.

This episode was riveting!

Without giving any spoilers, I will just say that, in my opinion, they presented a lot of NEW evidence which I have never seen before in my 55 years of studying the case. I will reverse what I said before on this blog that the series appeared to be too one-sided against Roswell being an extraterrestrial event after watching the first two episodes. The ENTIRE series was as balanced as it could possibly be. It was very refreshing to see new testimony and evidence on both sides of the controversy after all this time, although, as I stated before, I wished they would have presented Kevin Randle's argument against the Mogul explanation. All in all, the History Channel should be highly commended.

Louis Nicholson said...

I wanted to add the program has prompted me to re-read Kevin's excellent "Roswell in the 21st Century."

Unknown said...

Hello Kevin, I have a question- Have you ever found the name James Lyons as someone in the military that was at Roswell? He was my uncle and as I understand it he was in the OSS. The family stories include him being there. I've looked online. Some of his children (my cousins) are still alive. Just curious. Thank you!

KRandle said...

Unknown -

PFC James J. Lyons was assigned to the 1027th Air Materiel Squadron. Given that he was a PFC in 1947, I do find it difficult to believe that he had been assigned to the OSS, which, BTW, was dissolved at the conclusion of WWII. Of course, I would appreciate learning about any information you learn.

Unknown said...

His full name was James Corbett Lyons. Born 1/6/1918. Died 4/10/1977. So, the James you mentioned is not my uncle. Does this James Lyons come up anywhere in your research? I know my question is a longshot. My cousin (his daughter) just had surgery so I'll also try her soon.