Friday, February 19, 2021

Coast to Coast: UFO Sightings Compilation


The assembled compilation of sightings is from a variety of sources including Fran Ridge and NICAP, Peter Davenport and his National UFO Reporting Center and of course, MUFON.

First up is a video that shows a cigar-shaped object that was recorded on a home video camera over Montana. Although this is probably a meteor, it is flying in a fairly flat trajectory and if you look closely, you can see the turbulence in the air behind it. I first spotted that when I paused the video. I’ll note here that meteors can look as if they are flying in a flat trajectory but there is usually an ionized trail behind them that is visible to the unaided eye. You can watch the video here: 

In an unrelated sighting on June 19, 2018, the witness was driving on Gravens Road in Moscow Mills, Missouri, when he saw an object hovering to his right. He thought it was a gray and white blimp. He wanted to pull over to get a picture, but there was no safe area to do that. The object then started to move off to the right rapidly. He lost sight of it when a jet flew up next to it and the object shifted rapidly to the left and disappeared.

The next sighting, also from Missouri, was made just under thirty minutes later. The witnesses, were traveling on Stracks Church Road when they spotted a large, blimp-like object over a tree line. Upon reaching the top of a hill they slowed to get a better look, again just a brief glimpse before a nearby tree line obstructed view. The passenger confirmed the sighting. They both agreed it appeared to be in the area of the baseball fields to their northwest. The blimp, or what once would have been called a cigar-shaped craft, was a dull, metallic color and was estimated to be between 400 and 600 feet long and about 100 feet tall. When they reached the ball fields their view was now unobstructed. They spotted the object which was now due west of them at a considerable distance. The passenger was able to zoom in maximum with his phone’s camera and took one photo just prior to the object pitching to about 40 degrees and disappearing behind the tree line a few hundred yards away. The object was never more than slightly above the tree line on the horizon of their view so witness had to assume it was less than 500 ft off the ground. The profile never changed despite the noticeable changes in direction of travel. The object finally disappeared. The sighting lasted between four and five minutes.

As similar sighting took place in Camel, New York, on June 16, 2018. The witness described the object as thinner than a blimp but fatter than cigar-shaped craft. There were no wings visible, no windows or portholes and was flying low enough that such features should have been visible. The witness said that he could see ribbed features and that he thought it was something man-made, but that it was primitive looking. He watched as it flew over his car and he said that it was flying slowly and was quite low. He could hear no noise and had even turned down the volume on his radio and opened the windows to hear better. All he heard were the normal highway noises.

On December 9, 2020, just a couple of months ago, the witness, driving in Greenfield, Indiana, said that he spotted some bright lights northeast of him. The object had five lights in a rectangular shape across the front, and was about 300 yards across. The object was hovering over a barn. Once he arrived at home, he decided to try to see if he could spot the craft again. He walked to a trail and came to a point, near where he had last seen the object. It came back in view but this time he said the lights were white and behind what looked like dark glass in a vertical orientation rather than the rectangle. He said it just faded until it was invisible. There was a MADAR sighting in the area, but it was more than nine hours earlier, which means it might not be related to the sighting.

In an interesting, if not somewhat confusing sighting on March 12, 2020, the witness in Troy, Ohio, reported that he had taken pictures of a UFO, but wasn’t happy with the results. He said he gave chase in his car but object picked up speed. He said when first seen it was flying at about 50 mph and under 1000 feet in the air. It had a definite, sharp edge and was triangular shaped. He said the pictures don’t do justice to it.

Others have suggested Ohio as a UFO hot spot and there have been many UFO videos that have been taken there recently. Three people were interviewed by local television who said they have seen and videoed lights overhead that were not easily identified. One of them, Leon Ellis, used his cell phone to video the lights over his house in 2018. You can see the whole video and that of others here:

We often talk about so many cell phones out there and so few videos of UFOs. Here are several examples of interesting lights recorded by men who seem to have nothing to gain by jumping on the UFO bandwagon. Some of the photographs aren’t very good, and the videos show lights in the sky without any real detail to them. Of course, additional research is necessary.

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RWE said...

You mentioned the problem of the viewing angle of the object affecting its perceived shape. I think this is a much more challenging aspect of sightings than we usually realize.

Several years ago I was driving through a very rural area of Georgia, part of a shortcut off the Interstate highways I usually take when on the way to visit relatives. I looked over to the left and beheld an incredible sight through the gaps in the trees. I wish I'd had a camera ready because it would have been the best flying saucer photo ever taken.

But I knew it was not a flying saucer. The huge gray object was directly over a USAF bombing range and as I got further down the road my suspicions were confirmed. Two USAF B-2A bombers were making repeated low altitude passes at the bombing range.

As you point out, the B-2A is more or less a Flying Triangle. But when I first saw it I was looking right up the wing, along the sweepback angle, so that all I saw was the end of the wing and the smooth thickened center area. And it sure looked like a Flying Saucer. It is not an angle you normally see when pictures of the B-2A are shown.

How many saucer shapes actually are something quite different?