Thursday, February 11, 2021

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Don Schmitt: Part Two (Socorro, Abductions, and Tony's Theory)


This was the second half of the interview with Don Schmitt. It began, however, with a quick monolog from me about Tony Bragalia’s recent posting about the government admitting that they had been analyzing UFO crash debris and a suggestion that it relates to the Roswell crash. You can read about it here:

John Greenewald, of Black Vault fame, provided an analysis of the article that reached a somewhat different conclusion. You can watch it here:

Don and I touched briefly on this. To give away the ending, we are both somewhat skeptical about Tony’s conclusions. John is more than a little skeptical, but if you read Tony’s article and watch John’s video, I think you’ll be in a position to make up your own mind.

Don Schmitt

I asked Don for some of the best UFO cases. We talked about the Socorro UFO landing and how the case has been strengthened over the years. Not only were there other witnesses who called the police, but there were other sightings around the area within hours of Zamora’s. These include another landing in La Madera, New Mexico, which is north of Socorro around the Santa Fe area, but other sightings including one by a military NCO. You can read the whole tale of my investigation in Encounter in the Desert. We also discussed Philip Klass’ explanation. You can also find more information about all this here:

Of course, we did talk about abductions and a couple of other cases that are interesting. Don suggested there were only a handful of cases that seem interesting including Villa-Boas in Brazil, Betty and Barney Hill ad Travis Walton. You can listen to the show here:

For those interested, we both agreed that the earliest cases are probably the best, simply because they were not influenced by cases that came before them and by the abduction researchers who often promoted their own agendas. Russ Estes, Bill Cone and I developed the theories surrounding abduction in The Abduction Enigma, which was published more than twenty years ago.

Don did mention a case he had investigated that involved a family and a lifetime of strife that resulted in all sorts of terrestrial problems. Although I had hoped to be able to supply a link to that information, there isn’t much that has been published about the case. I’ll try to get additional information.

Next week, David Marler is up, to discuss his investigation and findings about triangular UFOs. If you have questions, append them here.

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RWE said...

I was wondering if there is any correlation between the shapes of UFOs and what they are observed doing, and when and where. Disks seem to appear in all kinds of circumstances, day and night, from stationary to going maybe 300 mph to moving so fast they can hardly be seen. Do triangles, cigars, etc. tend to be seen under certain circumstances and not others?