Saturday, February 27, 2021

Yes, I'm Annoyed Again...


More annoyance at the ignorance that is published in the world today. Sure, I could go off on a political rant here, but that’s not necessary. I saw a magazine a few minutes ago called The Complete Guide to Unsolved Mysteries. No, I didn’t buy it because it was nearly fourteen bucks but I also wondered about the accuracy of their analysis of these “Unsolved Mysteries.”

I searched for a publisher and a list of writers but couldn’t find it. I looked it up on Amazon and the publisher is listed as “Generic.” That means, at least to me, that the publisher was somewhat ashamed of the magazine and didn’t want to be identified with it.

But that’s not what set me off. Naturally, as you would expect, I looked at the few

Frank Kaufmann (left) receives an award at the RAAF in 1947,

hundred words that dealt with Roswell. Not a particularly astute analysis and one that is flawed. According to them, the book I wrote with Don Schmitt, the Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell claimed that the bodies had been shown to President (wait for it) Dwight Eisenhower. I defy them to find any place that either of us has made that claim. We wouldn’t do it because we both know that Harry Truman was president in 1947 and that Eisenhower wouldn’t become president until January 1953.

We did have testimony that one of the flights out of Roswell took bodies to Washington, D.C. so that the president could be brought up to speed. But, as I say, that president was Truman. That information, BTW, was provided by Frank Kaufmann, who has since been discredited by the work of Mark Rodeghier, Mark Chesney and Don Schmitt. Rodeghier and I wrote an expose of Kaufmann a number of years ago in the International UFO Reporter, providing the proof that Kaufmann was not who he claimed to be.

True, we all make mistakes and mine was believing that Kaufmann was telling the truth. But, I was a participant in exposing his lies so that he could be removed from the tale, other than as a footnote. And, of course, that demonstrates that I, as well as my colleagues, continue to search for the truth about Roswell. The real point is that the publisher of the magazine had so little faith in the product that the company name appears nowhere in the magazine. That, I believe, says it all about the reliability of the information contained between the covers.


John Steiger said...

Publisher appears to be Centennial Media LLC in New York. Per D&B their annual revenue is $12 million (or a million buck$ a month) ...

P.S. Lamentably, this is what we're left with following the demise of Batboy and the late, great Weekly World News!

TheDimov said...

yes I also find this sort of this extremely annoying, its why Jim Penniston decided to finally write his own book about the Rendlesham Incident, because it infuriated him how documentary makers got facts wrong, made things up, etc. You either do it properly or not at all in my opinion. But I guess sensationalism trumps truth for some, their intentions are different. Or, they're just too lazy.

RWE said...

Found an interesting book available for free on line that people may be interested in.

Dr. James McDonald was a scientist that attempted to conduct an actual scientific study of UFOs. He had extensive files on the subject and they were used in writing the book, which is 787 pages long.