Thursday, November 17, 2016

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Rob Mercer

Rob Mercer
For those of you keeping score at home, this week, I talked with Rob Mercer. He was the guy who found the Blue Book files for sale on Craig’s List, or rather a box of them. Though we didn’t spend much time talking about the cases found in there, I was more impressed with the investigative lengths he went to finding the original owner of that box. He was able to trace the files to a former member of Project Blue Book, Carmon Marano, who was interviewed here a couple of weeks ago. Just the story about how he found Marano, and as I mentioned, I have found his name in the case file of the Minot UFO sighting, which was detailed in Project Blue Book – Exposed. You can listen to the Rob Mercer interview here:

Next week: Mark O’Connell
Topic: His impressions of his Roswell debate with Don Schmitt

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