Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Treasure Quest - Snake Island: A New Height of Nonsense

This is becoming like shooting fish in a barrel and in the last episode they provided so many set ups that I couldn’t resist just one more commentary on the show.

But first, I missed a bet with the week three show entitled, “Treasure Found.” This was a lie since they found no treasure. Oh, sure, they were shown a silver bar that seemed to have been created by the Jesuits, but there was nothing to prove that it had a thing to do with the Treasure of the Trinity. Then they paid the black market guy a thousand bucks to tell them where it came from and he pointed them to Argentina.

Jesuit Santa Ana Mission in Argentina.
So now we’re in Argentina, and they have arrived at the Santa Ana mission where that silver bar was allegedly made. They’re standing in the center of the compound and one of the guys talking about the pile of silver said, “We could be standing on a big pile…”

And I’m thinking, yeah, a big pile of crap…

Later, as they explore the area, they’ve split into teams and while one team is studying a wall, they hear a shout and realize their South American guide has fallen. They all jump up and start yelling, “Emilio! Emilio!” and all I can think of is the Batabi brothers from A Night at the Roxbury telling the story of Emilio Estevez using the telephone and one of them starts screaming “Emilio!”

Emilio has apparently fallen into a hole and badly injured his ankle. They spend time carefully lifting him out and getting him some first aid… but not much later it doesn’t look as if he has hurt himself at all. He healed very quickly.

They head back to their boat which they had apparently left unattended while they traipse around the jungle for hours and hours. It appears to them that someone has broken in. They find the place trashed but oddly, nothing was stolen. The electronic equipment is left behind because the people who broke in didn’t know the value. Their fishing gear is left behind suggesting it wasn’t some random fishermen. In fact, it just looks as if someone broke in just to make a mess because they could find no evidence of anything missing. One of then asks, “Why would they do this?” Another says, “Intelligence,” meaning, of course, that someone had been looking for information on the Treasure of the Trinity… but it doesn’t seem any of their papers were stolen either. The break-in makes no sense, unless, of course, you need some drama for your South American adventure and proof of how dangerous it is.

But to me this is proof that this whole thing is staged and they will never find the treasure, just the clues they tell us prove they are on the right trail… though the things they find prove no such thing… and found so they can keep us tuning in. The treasure they seek are ratings so the production company can continue to fund these fake adventures. They will never get to the end of the rainbow for the pot of gold unless the ratings dip and they decide there is no pot of gold.


albert said...


It's all good fun, as long as we understand the meaning of 'reality television': Real people (as opposed to ??) doin' stuff on TV)

Some Reality TV is fun and enlightening, like the moonshiners shows. I now know how to make moonshine. Or the Bigfoot shows, where I learned how NOT to search for Bigfoots. The characters are more interesting as well. How about the 'Hunting Hitler' series, or the 'High Hitler' show? It seems unusual how popular that character is, even today. The UFO conspiracy shows seem tired and dull in comparison.

. .. . .. --- ....

Reliure said...

I fell on this episode. Enjoyed it. But tend to believe kevins take. I m not into them constantly luring eyeballs but no treasure. It only makes sense. And finding would b something the finder may want to keep hush hush

Anonymous said...

Makes you look dumb right? Probably shoulda waited till season finale to bitch

Tony Thomas said...

FAKE. Way too many set ups. Did you see the scene where a guy leaves his backpack on the edge of a waterfall, the camera man catches it fall into the water, then Jeramy blindly dives into the raging river to save the pack while the lady is waiting downstream with a big stick to rescue Jeramy. FAKE