Saturday, April 04, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Don Schmitt

This week, I spoke with Don Schmitt. My plan since between the two of us we have something like a century of experience investigating UFOs (which, when I look at that, it is horrifying…), I thought it would be interesting for us to talk about our experiences in the field. I thought it would give an idea about the depth that some of those investigations took. You can listen to the show here:

We both talked about the first investigations we had conducted. In my case, I was
Don Schmitt in Roswell.
looking for a single answer. Time and location weren’t all that important to me at that time. I just wanted to learn if one of the ways the Air Force dismissed UFO investigation by claiming that most sightings were of blurry, blobs of light in the distance, was true. According to the witness, that wasn’t the case. She saw a well defined craft not all that far away.

I did ask Don what he thought of the Glenn Dennis tale give all we know today. At one time the Dennis testimony was an important part of the Roswell case. In the world today, not so much. I hadn’t talked to Don about this in a long time and found his answer to be interesting… yes, I am withholding this statement to entice you all to listen to the program.

If you enjoyed this diversion from the normal course of the discussion, please let me know. I believe that these sorts of, well, chats, provide some insight into the way information is developed and investigations are conducted. If you did enjoy it, I will schedule others periodically.

Next week, I will be talking with Diane Tessman and her theories about the origin of the UFOs. It should be interesting, especially if you are interested in time travel. If you have questions, send them along in the comments section here and I’ll try to get them asked.

And, for a brief commercial message… my latest book, The Best of Project Blue Book is available now. It is a look at some of the best cases in the Blue Book files that might have been overlooked in years past. I bring in research that I have conducted, using resources that were unavailable to the Air Force at the time of the sightings. I believe it gives, well, a different perspective on these cases…


Unknown said...

Must say, your conversation {you and Don) was fascinating, better than the UFO issue (always riddled with uncertainty) in that it details an investigation, it's pittfalls and possible successes, a good story in itself of the human attempt to ferret out the truth, where ever it may lead.

George Kanakaris said...

Agree , but again too short.
We want more...

Fendrich said...

Fantastic interview Dr. Randle, please more w/Don