Thursday, April 09, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Radio - Diane Tessman

This week I spoke with Diane Tessman about her theories of who is responsible for the UFO sightings. Her idea is that they are visitors, not from other planets, but
Diane Tessman
from our own future. You can listen to the interview here (though I must warn you that we do speak about her cat sanctuary for a couple of minutes at the beginning):

During our discussion, we did get into the various theories of time travel. My impression was that she accepted, as reality, specific theories that do allow travel into the past. She cited a number of scientific sources. I thought of them as more speculative than established fact. In the end, we didn’t agree on many of the time travel theories. I did suggest that I found interstellar travel as a more likely scenario than visitors from our future.

Part of the discussion was about why, if they were visitors from the future, they didn’t prevent some of the horrific things that have happened. She suggested that there was a scientific reason that prevented their interference with the course of, well, history. This exchange might have been the most interesting aspect of the discussion.

Next week, I’ll be talking to Bernie O’Connor, one-time editor of Official UFO magazine and now the host of a paranormal website: 

In the weeks to follow, I’ll be talking with two men, on separate shows, who believe that the infamous Flight 19 has been found… or rather parts of it. This includes the story of a man who supposedly survived the flight. If you have questions, as always, email me or append them to the comments section and I’ll try to get them asked.


Mike said...

Hello, this is not a post or anything about this particular blog entry. I am wondering if there is some non public way of sending you a text or email about something related to Roswell/Jesse Marcel? By the way, I just listened to your recent interview on The Unexplained with Howard Hughes and it was great. Please let me know and thank you.

KRandle said...

Mike -

Email me at

John Steiger said...

Thank you for what turned out to be a very spirited debate re: ExtraTerrestrials v. Time Travelers as to whom is more likely to have visited Planet Earth. I felt this was one of your most engaging radio shows -- and you both happen to be from Iowa of all places! What a Small World !!!

One question: I've noticed that the runtimes of recent shows are in the 48 minute range rather than the previous 60 minute runtime ... Is there a reason why we can't have you and your guest for the full hour?

KRandle said...

Thanks, John -

Glad you enjoyed it.

Those of you who access the program through the blog do not get the commercials. That accounts for the other twelve minutes. I can, of course, post the version with the commercials in it, but isn't this really better?

Oh, BTW, I'm originally from Wyoming and grew up in Colorado. Playing softball here in Iowa, the really strange coincidence was one of the other team members was also from Wyoming. Now that is really weird.

George Kanakaris said...

Much better without commercials Kevin.