Friday, July 31, 2020

Awakening Sleeping Dogs - Or Billy Meier Again **

Michael Horn appended a comment to post that was a couple of years old. I had grown tired of the whole Billy Meier mess. Given the state of the world today, I really couldn’t care less about Meier and his claims of alien contact. To me, it just isn’t worth the effort.

I would have posted Horn’s comment had he not made some rather snarky comments and then descended into profanity… not to say that I haven’t said a

Michael Horn
profane word now and again. I just try to class things up periodically and have attempted to be the voice of civility in the world; sort of a mission to civilize. *

Anyway, Horn has talked about Meier’s uncanny ability to predict the future and one of the references sometimes cited are the books published by Wendelle Stevens on Meier’s contacts called Messages from the Pleiades: The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier. In the copy that I have, there are ten copyright dates going back to 1979 and continuing up to 1989.

Here’s the problem. It is very easy to predict the future from that future. In other words, here in 2020, I could say that in 1990, I said that in thirty years, there would be a global pandemic, that there would be civil unrest in the United States, and that the presidential nominating conventions for the two parties would be thrown into turmoil. Nothing really specific here, but close enough to the situation today that it is an impressive list. And, if I produce any sort of document with a date attached showing it was “created” in 1990, that helps prove the point.

But what if there was a book that had a series of copyright dates in it suggesting that it had been updated over the years? What if we could check one of those 1979 versions with what was published in 1989 to see if the predictions had been updated at some point? And if there had been no changes to the earlier predictions to make them conform to our shared reality, then haven’t we moved into an arena that suggests that Meier’s predictions were as accurate as Horn and others have claimed.

All this boils down to the fact that I need to find a copy of Stevens’ book with a lone copyright date of 1979… though the same thing can be done with one that has a 1980 or even a 1981 date as long as it doesn’t have the 1989 date. The best situation is, of course, to compare the first edition with the one I have from 1989. If anyone has access to one of these earlier copies, I would certainly like to borrow it. Contact me through the comments section with a good email address and we’ll try to work out the details… and yes, Michael Horn, this applies to you too. If you have one of those earlier copies, might I borrow it for comparison?

*I bow to Will McAvoy and The Newsroom as the originator of the Mission to Civilize.

**I changed the “Kicking sleeping dogs,” to “Awakening sleeping dogs,” to not offend those care about animal.


SugarRayTaylor said...

Oh Kevin. What have you done? You just know what's coming your way now.....

albert said...


I'll be interesting to see if your plan works out. I hope it does.

Personally, I wouldn't trust any copyright date printed in a book. The best bet is a document registered at the USPTO. Anything else is questionable.

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TheDimov said...

The only thing worse than over-the-top UFO photos is having a lackey do all the selling for you. What's even worse than WORSE is claiming future predictions.

Whats worse than worse than worse are those who actually believe him!

Unknown said...

Talk about a ”mess”. Among the problems plaguing forums and contributors such as these is that, at their very foundation, they are weak, uneducated, unqualified and of course, equally unaware that their “expertise” exists solely in their own minds. The question they should be asking themselves is:

"Why do I feel even remotely qualified to comment on the evidence, information and authenticity of the Billy Meier contacts?”

If these dabblers were truly honest with themselves, they’d realize that, apart from curiosity, boredom and the need to have some kind of a hobby, they lack the education, demonstrable research and investigative abilities, thinking skills and accomplishments, etc., to be participating in such discussions at a serious level.

As is consistently the case, this assessment is further supported by the lack of any kind of available, credible presentations, by any of these people - including Kevin Randle - in which they actually demonstrate evidence to the contrary. Babbling on podcasts is no substitute for making qualified, substantiated presentations focused on one’s own research, investigations, interactions, as well as those from people who have real expertise and established credibility, etc.

For instance, in one of my many presentations on the Billy Meier UFO contacts, I generously provide information (including clear visuals) identifying some of the very numerous quacks, poseurs, charlatans and frauds in UFOlogy ( - see: 1:15).

So, before we get into the astounding, incomparable, prophetic accuracy of Billy Meier’s scientific information, let’s consider a few things.

One of the most glaringly ignored pieces of information and instruction that any serious investigator should study is the article from Joe Tysk ( Perhaps I should first, modestly, state that Mr. Tysk’s article confirms my own conclusions, from 10 years earlier, and presents a comprehensive development of the salient points (

Mr. Tysk’s article is deceptively simple, because it’s written by an actual professional military investigator, who is head and shoulders above the amateurs and self-styled “experts” here who would like to exalt their ignorance in the service of defaming a good and honest man, Billy Meier. Meier’s character, life experience, evidence, information, etc., far exceed that of any of the snide wannabes who populate Kevin’s forum…and virtually all the rest of the ones with their useless UFO, paranormal, conspiratorial, etc., theories, etc.

If should be remembered that Joe Tysk approached me as a somewhat hostile...skeptic. But, instead of being motivated by the kind of pettiness, envy, ignorance, etc., of those here, he pursued the questions and issues about the Meier case objectively, methodically, scientifically and with some things really lacking here…decades of real world experience, integrity and intellectual honesty.

Because he was trained to be able get to the core facts in the cases he investigated, and the investigations he would supervise on behalf of this country in service to protecting its security, he used tried and true methods, especially utilizing a standard protocol for investigating criminal matters, i.e. MMO (Means, Motive and Opportunity).

Now, at this point the amateurs here may be growing impatient for me to provide the easy rebuttals to their foolish claims and baseless conclusions. But there’s time enough for that, First though, we must go through the basics that help to discard the irrelevant and focus on the essential questions. Joe clearly showed that the burden of proof is on the skeptics to establish the means, motive and opportunity for Meier to have produced his seminal evidence, from India in 1964, in a fraudulent manner. Such does not exist, so the skeptics have to invent implausible theories, double-talk and mumbo-jumbo in their place.

Unknown said...



Without belaboring the point, the fact remains that while Kevin is making his foolish pronouncements about Meier’s prophetic/predictive information, which is delightfully easy to substantiate beyond any reasonable doubt in abundance, he has leap-frogged over the foundational requirements - also asked of him by Tysk - that he present evidence to show the means, motive and opportunity for Meier to have hoaxed this early evidence.

All that Kevin - or any of the skeptics - can do is try to bluster through with their ridiculous, unsubstantiated theories, for which zero evidence has ever been found, presented, etc. In other words, from the very beginning, while Kevin is trying to jump ahead into territory that he will woefully regret entering, he can’t meet the basic requirements for proceeding, as carefully laid out by a real, professional, expert investigator.

And of course neither can any of the people who really are nothing more than clowns and armchair experts who are laughably inept and in way over their heads. If anyone thinks not, then let them solve the first piece of the puzzle. They can’t. They won’t even try, lest their obvious ineptitude disqualifies them as soon as they open their mouths.

Once again, let's spell it out clearly:

How and where did Billy Meier, in 1964, get 80 UFO photos, some of multiple objects, about a dozen of which remain today? And one of them is of a...hologram projected into the sky, taken with the same 1940s, Kodak bellows type camera. Please, peciselyand credibly tell us how - and substantiate it with evidence.

Since only double-talk, silly evasive comments, etc., will usher forth from Kevin and/or the participants here, pointing out that Kevin is way behind in terms of Meier’s verifiably prophetically accurate scientific information also won’t be appreciated. It should be pointed out that Wendelle’s books do contain some of that info, as even a judge I presented it to agreed.


But there’s not only a long page full of such info, that we catalogued up into 2015 ( but the recent COVID info that Meier VERIFIABLY began publishing in 1989 and 1995 is unambiguously clear ( However, when one starts with the newer, also very specific info we began posting on February 25th - and continue to post - we notice a rather interesting thing: Not only is the information corroborated by the CDC, the WHO, etc., but we ALWAYS publish the accurate facts and details…BEFORE ALL “OFFICIAL SOURCES”. ALWAYS.

Because the hobbyists and amateurs here can’t figure it all out entirely on their own, I’ll give a big clue. The information under number 2. here ( is IRONCLAD proof of exactly what I stated, i.e. that in publishing the information from Meier and the plejarenaboyt COVID, we are VERIFIABLY ahead of ALL “official sources”, iwhthte most accurate information and it also further establishes the singular authenticity of the Meier contacts.

We’re all ignorant of many things. But we’re not all as willfully stupid as those people who claim to be interested in the truth about UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc, but arrogantly revile the truth when it’s patiently presented and explained to them.

So, the “mess” that Kevin alludes to was, is and will always be, the one he’s made out of his irrational desire to discredit the only actual, scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO case. But maybe it’s not completely irrational, just motivated by envy, greed and being frustrated that he can’t make any money from it.

Imagine that, a guy who claims to be among those people who really want to know the truth about UFOs but when confronted with it…simply can’t handle it.

Pretty "messy”, eh, Kevin?

KRandle said...

Well, Unknown -

Meier's prediction of the in 1984, etc. might not be all that impressive. There is information that Scientists first identified a human coronavirus in 1965. It caused a common cold. Later that decade, researchers found a group of similar human and animal viruses and named them after their crown-like appearance.

During the late 80s and into the 1990's, there was a great deal of talk about world pandemics. The Hot Zone, published in 1994, talked about a world pandemic, but, of course, it wasn't about the coronavirus, but still, it suggested the idea and fear of just such a happening. And coronaviruses have been around for a long time and have been responsible for other pandemics.

But here's the real point. I just thought that if we could compare a copy of Steven's first book about the Meier contacts and his predictions with later editions, we might find that impressive corroboration that we kept hearing about. Here is an opportunity to compare the records, which if what has been said about Meier's uncanny predictions is true, should be proven by this simply exercise. And if Meier's predictions are true, then what can he or his supporters lose?

Graham said...

A blogger/poscaster named Stuart Robbins looked into some of Meier's claims of astronomical prediction and found that the information was out there in the public record before Meier made his claims. His investigation can be read at his blog.

KRandle said...

Michael Horn -

You needn't have kept sending the same thing over and over. We were clobbered by a massive storm that took down the power grid and the Internet with it. Only in the last few days have I had access to both electricity and the Internet. However...

The point was to compare the original predictions from the earliest of the books with those in the last. The point was to see if they had been alter to determine if they had been made more accurate. The point was not to engage in the tired and never ending arguments about what a Swiss farmer might have heard and when.

If everything said in the first volume is in line with everything in the last, then the point is proven. If not, then additional questions might be asked. The easiest resolution is to locate an early volume and compare it to the latest.